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    ` Court Set-up to Investigate Assassination of Rafiki Hariri Summons Al-Akhbar Editor over Obstruction of Justice ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices – BEIRUT – April 24 – An international court set up to investigate the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minsiter Rafik Hariri has summoned Al-Akhbar’s editor-in-chief and a journalist for Al-Jadeed Television over two counts of Obstruction of Justice, the body announced Thursday.

    The Hague-based Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) said there are “sufficient grounds to proceed against” Ibrahim al-Amin of Al-Akhbar and Al-Jadeed’s Karma al-Khayat “for the publication of names asserted to be those of alleged confidential witnesses in the Tribunal’s proceedings,” a statement said.

    The charges against Amin relate to the decision of Al-Akhbar in January 2013 to publish the names of 32 witnesses belonging to the STL’s prosecution.

    The summon against Khayat, Deputy Head of News and Political Programs, involves material broadcast on Al-Jadeed in August 2012.

    “There is prima facie evidence that the publication of information relating to the identity of alleged confidential witnesses entailed knowing and wilful interference with the administration of justice” in breach of court rules, the statement, authored by contempt judge David Baragwanath, said.

    The summons were issues on January 31, but only publicized Thursday.

    The court set May 13, 2014 as the date for Amin and Khayat to appear before it, either in person of via video link.


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    Ebola – Time to Panic? 



    Originally posted on Going Viral (and other Pathogens):

    Science and health blogs are going wild. An Ebola epidemic originating in Guédeckou in southern Guinea, West Africa, is causing concern even for those many thousands of miles away. Why is this outbreak any different to the 14 other outbreaks that have occurred since the beginning of the new millenium? Is it true that the outbreak has reached Italy? Should we be worried? I’d like to think that I can help shed some light on each of these questions.

    Before I dive into any speculation, it’s worth spending a moment to bring everyone up to speed about Ebola. As the name suggests, Ebola virus disease (EVD) is caused by the Ebola virus (1). Advanced symptoms of infection include vomiting, diarrhoea, and in some individuals, internal and external bleeding. This usually results in organ failure and severe dehydration, and can be fatal in up to 90% of cases.

    The fatality rate of…

    View original 882 more words

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    ` Police Clash with Protesters in Indian Controlled Kashmir Valley over Last Stage of General Election’s ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices – KASHMIR – April 24 – Police in the Indian-controlled Kashmir have clashed with protesters, as the last stage of India’s general elections is held amid separatist calls for a poll boycott in Kashmir valley.

    Indian forces used tear gas and batons to disperse scores of demonstrators shouting anti-India slogans.
    Protesters threw stones at the security forces and attacked some polling stations.

    According to Press TV, despite the violence, polling is under-way in the restive region and police say the voting process has not been disrupted.

    The turnout in the region – which has only six seats in the Indian parliament – has reportedly been very low, with only two or three percent of eligible voters casting their ballots.

    The voting in the region is part of the sixth stage of India’s parliamentary election, in which over 180 million voters are casting their ballots in 12 states.

    Altogether, more than 814 million Indians are eligible to vote.

    The nine-phase election marathon began on April 7 and will come to an end on May 12. The final results are expected to be announced on May 16.

    Activists of Kashmir’s top group, Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front, have held a torch rally as part of their election boycott campaign.

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    #AceNewsServices – US/UKRAINE – April 24 – Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Morteza Jabbari with Tighe Barry—co-director of Code Pink in the US about the latest developments regarding Ukraine and that the interim government in Kiev continues to blame Russia for the situation in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.


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    ` Turkish PM Erdogan Sends 300 Troops to Syria to Guard the Tomb of Turkish of Suleyman Shah ' 

    #AceNewsServices – ANKARA – April 24 – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent troops to Syria to guard the tomb of a Turkish figure in the Arab country, local media report.

    Erdogan sent some 300 forces and several armoured vehicles to the neighbouring country to protect the tomb of Suleyman Shah, who was the grandfather of the founder of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey’s Today Zaman daily said on Wednesday.

    The convoy also consists of six tanks and a food truck.

    Turkey considers the tomb of Suleyman Shah as sovereign Turkish territory under a treaty signed with France in 1921.

    The Tomb of Suleyman Shah (Turkish: Süleyman Şah Türbesi) is dependent, forming a sort of exclave of the Republic of Turkey situated in Aleppo, Syria. It is the burial place of Suleyman Shah, the grandfather of Osman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire.

    He is believed to have drowned in the Euphrates River in modern-day Syria, and an Ottoman tomb in or near Qal’at Ja’bar has been associated with Suleyman Shah. In accordance with Article 9 of the Treaty of Ankara (1921) signed between France and Turkey, the tomb “shall remain, with its appurtenances, the property of Turkey, who may appoint guardians for it and may hoist the Turkish flag there

    The tomb is located in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo.

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    ` Islamic State of Iraq and Syria Takes Control of Village in Dagestan ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – ALEPPO – April 24 – A tank belonging to the rebels’ Islamic Front is pictured in the middle of a street during reported clashes with government forces in the Hanano district of the northern city of Aleppo on April 17, 2014.

    A tank belonging to the rebels’ Islamic Front is pictured in the middle of a street during reported clashes with government forces in the Hanano district of the northern city of Aleppo on April 17, 2014. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed al-Tayb)

    The village of Deir Foul is the last remaining gathering of Syrians of Dagestani descent.

    Prior to the crisis, the small village had a population of less than 2000. Most of them left, but the number remained the same.

    They were replaced by refugees from nearby villages and Homs.

    Today, the village has fallen under the control of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and their brutal policies.

    Alkabar – Suhaib Anjarini


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    ` Algerian Blogger Jailed in September for Posting Cartoons on Internet Mocking President Granted Bail ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices – ALGIERS – April 24 – A young Algerian blogger, jailed since September for posting cartoons on the Internet mocking the president, has been granted bail ahead of his trial, his lawyer said on Thursday.

    Abdelghani Aloui “was freed on bail on Wednesday by the indictment division of the court of Sidi M’Hamed in Algiers,” Amine Sidhoum told AFP.

    The trial date has not yet been fixed.

    Aloui, 24, faces several charges, including “attacking the person of the president” and “contempt”, for publishing cartoons on his Facebook page ridiculing Bouteflika and then prime minister Abdelmalek Sellal.

    (GVA) – Aloui was first charged with insulting the president, a charge of glorifying terrorism was added later on. In this French-language video, one the Aloui’s lawyers explains that he believes his client is innocent of the charges against him. The lawyer states that he took his case because he believes Aloui is being harassed because of a political agenda and not because he broke any laws:

    (HRW) – “The Algerian authorities like to talk about openness and reform, but the reality is different,” said Eric Goldstein, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “Algeria needs to stop arresting people for peaceful commentary, and that includes criticism of the government or president.”

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    Ebola outbreak: Death toll rises to over 140 in Liberia, Guinea, Congo 

    With Rumors of this in Europe, Canada and the USA we can only hope it’s false news. I know it’s in Italy as I have friends there, as you can imagine nobody wants to panic the public. The BIG difference between this outbreak and others in the last 20 years is it has went past 1 Country (WHO) World Health Organisation are being asked if they did enough here, when it hit Liberia WHO should have closed shop, but with a 21 day incubation time, it is hard to know as yet how far this has traveled, and this kills 90% of who it infects, also it’s a new strain, people are being told they have FLU as Dr’s are were not picking up then new strain, as you can see, historically this thing NEVER has crossed 2 borders before, so we are in new territory

    Year Country Ebolavirus species Cases Deaths Case fatality
    2012 Democratic Republic of Congo Bundibugyo 57 29 51%
    2012 Uganda Sudan 7 4 57%
    2012 Uganda Sudan 24 17 71%
    2011 Uganda Sudan 1 1 100%
    2008 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 32 14 44%
    2007 Uganda Bundibugyo 149 37 25%
    2007 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 264 187 71%
    2005 Congo Zaire 12 10 83%
    2004 Sudan Sudan 17 7 41%
    2003 (Nov-Dec) Congo Zaire 35 29 83%
    2003 (Jan-Apr) Congo Zaire 143 128 90%
    2001-2002 Congo Zaire 59 44 75%
    2001-2002 Gabon Zaire 65 53 82%
    2000 Uganda Sudan 425 224 53%
    1996 South Africa (ex-Gabon) Zaire 1 1 100%
    1996 (Jul-Dec) Gabon Zaire 60 45 75%
    1996 (Jan-Apr) Gabon Zaire 31 21 68%
    1995 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 315 254 81%
    1994 Cote d’Ivoire Taï Forest 1 0 0%
    1994 Gabon Zaire 52 31 60%
    1979 Sudan Sudan 34 22 65%
    1977 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 1 1 100%
    1976 Sudan Sudan 284 151 53%
    1976 Democratic Republic of Congo Zaire 318 280 88%

    A total of 142 deaths have been reported from the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Liberia, the World Health Organization said.

    The virus is still limited to the two nations, the World Health Organization said Tuesday, despite rumors of it spreading to other countries.

    Nineteen suspected cases reported in Sierra Leone tested negative for the virus, it said.

    In a statement on its website, WHO said Guinea has reported a total of 208 clinical cases of Ebola, including 136 deaths. Liberia has reported 34 cases, including six deaths.

    Ebola is one of the world’s deadliest viruses and kills up to 90% of those infected. It spreads in the blood and shuts down the immune system, causing high fever, headache and muscle pain, often accompanied by bleeding.

    It’s the first emergence of Ebola in western Africa, which means doctors and health officials in the region don’t have any experience with the virus.

    The aid organization Doctors Without Borders has called the outbreak unprecedented because previous cases have been limited to a small area.

    The virus is named after the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    We’re aliens in Ebola’s world

    A swift, effective and bloody killer

    Why does it kill?

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      How do your friends know that Ebola has reached Italy? It’s certainly a controversial subject – I have made contact with people in Italy who are adamant that it is simply not the case. You might be interested to read my perspective on my latest post, “Ebola – Time to Panic?”, here:

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        Please note that this was added by a person who is a fellow blogger, and as a news services l will expect him to reply as #shaunynews in the near future. Thanks for you comment – l am personally following your excellent blog and reblogged the post to give a correct overview of the situation. Please visit the posts l have personally added and any additional information you can add, will be gratefully received. Editor Ace News Group.

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    ` Heartbleed Open SSL Virus Leads Companies to Take Action Under Multi-Million Dollar Project ' 

    #AceSecurityNews – WWW – April 24 – The Core Infrastructure Initiative is a multi-million dollar project housed at The Linux Foundation to fund open source projects that are in the critical path for core computing functions. Inspired by the Heartbleed OpenSSL crisis, The Initiative’s funds will be administered by the Linux Foundation and a steering group comprised of backers of the project as well as key open source developers and other industry stakeholders.

    The steering group will work with an advisory board of esteemed open source developers to identify and fund open source projects in need. Support from the initiative can include funding for fellowships for key developers to work full time on the open source project, security audits, computing and test infrastructure, travel, face-to-face meeting coordination and other support.

    Early supporters include: Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Dell Fujitsu, Google, IBMIntel, Microsoft, NetApp, Qualcomm, Rackspace, vmware

    We expect more to follow suit in the coming weeks and months.

    Members of CII will evaluate open source projects that are essential to global computing infrastructure and are experiencing under-investment. These companies recognize the need for directed funds for highly critical open source software projects they all consume and that run much of modern day society.

    They also value and invest in developers and collaborative software development and want to support this important work.

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    Giant Antarctica Iceberg Puts Nasa On Alert 

    An iceberg bigger than Chicago is being monitored by Nasa after breaking into the ocean off Antarctica. The sheet, known as B31, is one of the biggest on the planet at 255 square miles (660 sq km). Nasa has been monitoring Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier since a crack was spotted in 2011, amid fears any iceberg could contribute to rising sea levels. B31, which is about a third of a mile (500m) thick, is not currently on any major shipping routes. However, with winter approaching in the area, it could become difficult to track. “The iceberg is now well out of Pine Island Bay and will soon join the more general flow in the Southern Ocean,” Grant Bigg, from the University of Sheffield, said in the Nasa statement.

    “We are doing some research on local ocean currents to try to explain the motion properly. It has been surprising how there have been periods of almost no motion, interspersed with rapid flow.” An iceberg this big could take a year or more to melt, Robert Marsh, a scientist at the University of Southampton, said in an interview last year. The largest iceberg ever recorded was called B15 and had an area of 4,250 square miles (11,000 square kilometres) – about the size of Jamaica. It broke off Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf in March 2000 and still exists in several parts around the Antarctic.

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    ` Armenian President Accuses Turkey of Utter Denial in Failing to Recognise WWI Genocide ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – April 24 – ARMENIA – Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian on Thursday accused Turkey of an “utter denial” in failing to recognize World War I mass killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as a genocide, after Ankara for the first time offered condolences for the tragedy.

    “The Armenian Genocide… is alive as far as the successor of the Ottoman Turkey continues its policy of utter denial,” Sarkisian said in a statement marking the 99th anniversary of the massacres.


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    ` Al-Qaeda Militants have Seized Hospitals in Southern Yemen to Treat Wounded Comrades after Air Strikes ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews- SANAA – April 24 – (ALKABAR) – Al-Qaeda militants have seized hospitals in southern Yemen to treat wounded comrades following blistering air strikes that killed scores of gunmen in two days, medics said Thursday.

    An intensive aerial campaign by US drones and Yemeni jet fighters on al-Qaeda bases in the rugged mountains of nearby Abyan province killed some 70 people over the weekend, many of them believed to be militants.

    On Sunday, militants stormed the hospital of Azzan, in Shabwa province, as well as two smaller medical centres in nearby districts, the sources said.


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    ` Israeli Forces have Shot a Fisherman and Destroyed Crops in Gaza Strip after PLO and Hamas Pact Signed’ 

    #AceWorldNews – TRIPOLI – April 24 – Israeli forces on Thursday shot at fishermen and destroyed crops in the Gaza Strip, Ma’an news agency reported, one day after Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Organization announced that they had signed a unity pact.

    Israeli troops also raided several homes in the West Bank overnight Wednesday and arrested four people.

    Israel’s navy opened fire at two fishermen off the coast of northern Gaza, locals said.


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    ` Man Who Throttled 12-year old Girl Until Unconscious Gets Unpaid Community Service of 200 Hours ‘ 

    #AceUKNews – INVERNESS – April 24 – A man who throttled a 12-year-old girl until she collapsed unconscious has been ordered to carry out unpaid community work.

    Paul Flint-Elkins, 20, of Inverness, assaulted the girl after she called him “chicken”, an earlier hearing at Inverness Sheriff Court was told.

    The child was among a group of girls jumping between walls near Ashie Lane in Inverness in March last year.

    Flint-Elkins said he could do the same before refusing a dare to do so.

    Sheriff Margaret Neilson agreed with a submission by defence lawyer Duncan Henderson that Flint-Elkins could be dealt with by a community-based disposal.

    He was ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid community work as an alternative to prison.

    BBC News


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    ` US Intelligence Satellites Failed to Inform Law Enforcement When Some Employees and Contractors Admitted During Lie Detector Tests to Child Abuse Crimes' 

    #AceNewsServices – UNITED STATES – April 24 – The agency that controls US intelligence satellites failed to inform law enforcement when some employees and contractors admitted during lie detector tests to child abuse crimes, according to the intelligence inspector general.

    The US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), which operates surveillance satellites for the US intelligence community, was also found in other cases to have delayed reporting to authorities admissions of criminal activity uncovered during security clearance polygraph tests.

    Two inspector general reports released Tuesday found these delays possibly imperilled evidence in investigations or even endangered children.

    In one case, an NRO legal counsel advised employees against reporting admissions by a government contractor of child molestation, viewing child pornography, and sexting with a minor, according to the Office of the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

    “Doubt we have enough to interest the FBI,” the NRO’s then-assistant general counsel told another agency official in an email, adding, “the alleged victim is fourteen years old and fully capable of calling the police herself.”

    The NRO employee reported the confession anyway, revealing that the girl was still in contact with the contractor who had admitted to the crimes. The US Department of Justice was not informed of the confession for nearly five weeks, according to McClatchy news service.

    Overall, 30 individuals of the 30,000 who took the NRO polygraph tests from 2009 to 2012 confessed to child abuse or possessing child pornography, the inspector general found.

    The inspector general’s office referred for investigation seven confessions related to child pornography or child abuse that the NRO failed to report.

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    #AceWorldNews – TOKYO – April 24 – Japan and the United States have reaffirmed the inadmissibility of the use of force in Ukraine for changing the status quo, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said after talks with US President Barack Obama on Thursday.

    Abe said he and Obama agreed the two allies would not tolerate any attempt to alter the status quo by force or coercion. Abe added that the parties affirmed “the importance of assistance to the Ukrainian side”.

    Obama for his part stressed that during the talks the sides held a very substantive dialogue on the situation in Ukraine.


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    #AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 24 – The people’s self-defence fighters in Ukraine’s Sloviansk city together with a reinforcement that arrived from Krasny Liman, have rebuffed an attack of the Ukrainian military who are engaged in a special operation at the entrance to Sloviansk, local media reported on Thursday.

    “The convoy of armoured vehicles has yielded ground.

    The people’s police have got reinforcement from the city of Krasny Liman.

    Volunteers – even unarmed – continue to arrive at the strategic post,” according to a local report.

    According to the media, the people’s policemen are currently sweeping the nearby forest belt.

    According to some information, the armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian special task force have been moved away, but the military themselves could have massed not far from the block post.

    The Ukrainian Interior Ministry for its part claims that the law enforcers have taken under control three self-defence block posts in Sloviansk.

    The ministry says on its official website that the ministry officers and Ukrainian Defence Ministry servicemen have killed five protesters during the operation.

    One of the participants in the “active phase” of the operation has been wounded.


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    #AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 (INTERFAX.RU) – Ukrainian military carried out a military operation under the Slavonic in the Donetsk region. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the destruction of five fighters self-defence. Authorities called dead “terrorists.”

    “In the course of the anti-terrorist operation units and the Defence Ministry of Internal Affairs released and destroyed three checkpoint illegal armed groups in the north-eastern part of Sloviansk. During combat engagement to five terrorists were killed. From the parties to the transaction, one fighter was injured,” – said the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs .

    Security Service of Ukraine recognizes that the situation Slovyansk is uncontrolled . Head of the press centre of the SBU Marina Ostapenko, commenting on the event, said that everything that happens in the city – “the conscience of those who are terrorizing the local population.”

    “And these shots, and these explosions – it all comes from saboteurs, separatists, people with weapons, and now they have no influence on,” – said Ostapenko.

    However, she stressed that the military operation in the south-east of Ukraine continues, and more detailed information concerning the action until security forces can not articulate.

    Meanwhile, defence forces Sloviansk stated that Ukrainian troops recaptured one of the checkpoints at the entrance to the city. They claim that they were able to deploy three APCs. According to the channel “Russia-24″, this checkpoint is a key: it can be to head directly to the centre of Slavic. Checkpoint is 3 km from the city.

    Earlier in the Self-Defence Forces of Donbass reported that on Thursday afternoon were shot at checkpoints on the outskirts Sloviansk, mobile phones in the city is not working.

    “Around 12:00 MSK on the outskirts of the battle began Sloviansk, verified information about one death and one injured. Bombard other checkpoints located at the exits of the city” – “Interfax” one of the leaders of Self-Defence Forces of Donbass Miroslav Rudenko.

    As the channel “Russia 24″, Ukrainian troops are slow offensive in Slavic. They use armored vehicles that cover special forces. “Special Forces enter the city, supported by helicopters. Along the roadside mined roads, and special forces snipers cover. They are also here in the territory,” – says the correspondent channel.

    Translation from Russian to English may contain error’s (Смотрите оригинал материала на)


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    ` Earthquake Magnitude 6.6 Has been Registered South of Port Hardy Muncipality of British Columbia ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews- PORT HARDY – April 24 – A 6.6 magnitude earthquake has been registered 94km south of Port Hardy municipality, British Columbia, western Canada, according to the US Geological Survey.

    The quake occurred at 03:10 GMT at a depth of 11.4km.

    No tsunami danger has been issued for potentially affected US and Canadian areas, including Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California, according to the US tsunami warning office.

    Currently there is no information on possible casualties or damage.


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    ` Afghan Security Guard Opens Fire at ` International Hospital ‘ Killing Three American’s ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – KABUL – April 24 – An Afghan security guard who opened fire at an international hospital in Kabul on Thursday killed three Americans, the US embassy said.

    “We can confirm three Americans were killed,” Reuters quoted an embassy official as saying.

    At least one other person, a female nurse, was wounded, according to an Interior Ministry official.


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    Death Row Inmates Won’t Be Told the Source of the Drugs Used to Kill Them 



    Originally posted on TIME:

    The Oklahoma Supreme Court has rejected two inmates’ demands to know the source of the drugs that will be used to carry out their death sentences, enabling the executions to take place as early as next week.

    The issue of secrecy regarding the sourcing of drugs used in lethal injections has come to a head, after several major drug makers, whose names had been made public, decided over the past year to stop selling such substances to prisons and corrections departments. This has led states that have the death penalty to scramble for substitute drugs, and to institute provisions to protect drug makers’ anonymity.

    Oklahoma death row inmates Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner’s petition for the public naming of the manufacturer of drugs to be used to execute them was seen as a threat to these provisions.

    The Supreme Court decided Monday to stay their executions until a judgment had…

    View original 38 more words

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    Afghan Security Guard Kills Three U.S. Doctors at a Kabul Hospital 



    Originally posted on TIME:

    Three doctors working for a charity in Afghanistan were killed in Kabul on Thursday after being gunned down by a local security guard at a hospital.

    The assault occurred at the Cure International Hospital on Thursday morning, according to the New York Times.

    According to the U.S. embassy in Kabul, all three of the victims in the shooting were American citizens. The security guard behind the attack was reportedly shot and injured during the melee.

    The assault comes weeks after an Afghan police officer opened fire on two AP journalists in the eastern city of Khost in early April. AP photographer Anja Niedringhaus was killed during the shooting and correspondent Kathy Gannon was injured.


    View original

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    Exclusive: Meet the Pro-Russian Separatists of Eastern Ukraine 



    Originally posted on TIME:

    Spend a few days riding around the separatist badlands of eastern Ukraine, and you’d have a good chance of running into Alexander Mozhaev, the fighter suspected of being a Russian government operative. He’s hard to miss, and not just because photographs of him — or claiming to be of him — have been made available by the Ukrainian government in recent days. His beard, which juts out of his face like a spade, has made him something of a mascot for the local separatists.

    Perhaps aptly, Mozhaev’s nickname among them is Babay, the Russian word for bogeyman, which is exactly what the Ukrainian government has tried to make him. Over the past week, authorities in Kiev have released photographs that purport to prove that Mozhaev is an agent of the Russian military intelligence service known as GRU, and they have shared that information with senior Western diplomats and some reporters…

    View original 1,624 more words

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    #AceBreakignNews – SLAVYANSK – April 24 – Fighting has erupted just outside Slavyansk, a town in east Ukraine where population voiced their protest against Kiev authorities. Ukrainian troops on tanks and armoured vehicles are trying to break into the town.

    According to the witnesses reporting on Twitter, Slavyansk self-defence forces are now burning tires to hamper the entrance of infantry vehicles from Kiev into the city.

    Police has announced the beginning of the crackdown via loudspeakers and a special vehicle is currently patrolling the streets warning local people about the crackdown.

    The local citizens in the city are preparing for the Kiev crackdown. The majority of shops, kindergartens and schools have been closed in the city.

    Only the shops selling bread and water remain open.


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    #AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

    Thursday 24

    14.10 GMT:
    #AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 (INTERFAX.RU) – Ukrainian military carried out a military operation under the Slavonic in the Donetsk region. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the destruction of five fighters self-defence. Authorities called dead “terrorists.”

    11.35 GMT:
    #AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 24 – The people’s self-defence fighters in Ukraine’s Sloviansk city together with a reinforcement that arrived from Krasny Liman, have rebuffed an attack of the Ukrainian military who are engaged in a special operation at the entrance to Sloviansk, local media reported on Thursday.

    “The convoy of armoured vehicles has yielded ground.

    11.09 GMT:
    #AceNewsServices – US/UKRAINE – April 24 – Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Morteza Jabbari with Tighe Barry—co-director of Code Pink in the US about the latest developments regarding Ukraine and that the interim government in Kiev continues to blame Russia for the situation in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine.

    09.33 GMT:
    Unknown gunmen have attacked a checkpoint near Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine. Two people were killed, local self-defence forces spokesperson Stella Horosheva told RT.

    “Unfortunately, the reports of a shooting have been confirmed,” Horosheva said. “Every night some sort of an incident takes place at one of our checkpoints. This time suspicious armed people were passing by and the self-defense members approached them to check their IDs. But the gunmen opened fire.”

    09.58 GMT:
    #AceBreakingNews – SLAVYANSK – April 24 – “Around 40 minutes ago fighting started on the outskirts of Slavyansk,” one of the leaders of self-defense forces, Miroslav Rudenko , told Interfax. We are checking reports of one dead and one injured.

    There are shootings at a number of checkpoints at some of Slavyansk exit-roads.”

    Ace Related News – Previous days of Conflict.
    1. April 23 –
    2..April 22 –
    3. April 21 –
    4. April 20 –
    5. April 19 –
    6. April 18 –
    7. April 17 –
    8. April 16 –

    With thanks for the help and news from journalists, media, press reports, bloggers and websites including: BBC – Ria Novosti – Tass – RT – NATO – Twitter – AP – Al-Jazeera – OSCE – RADA – Reuters – Ukrainian and Russian News and Media


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    Tags: , ,   

    ` Fighting has Started in ` Slavyansk ' Reports one Dead and one Injured with Shooting at some Check-Points ' 

    #AceBreakingNews – SLAVYANSK – April 24 – “Around 40 minutes ago fighting started on the outskirts of Slavyansk,” one of the leaders of self-defense forces, Miroslav Rudenko , told Interfax. We are checking reports of one dead and one injured.

    There are shootings at a number of checkpoints at some of Slavyansk exit-roads.”

    Rudenko said it was impossible to reach self-defence leaders in Slavyansk by phone, suspecting that mobile phone connection could have been switched off.

    Rossiya 24 TV channel reported there was a slow offensive by Ukrainian troops on Slavyansk.


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    Tags: , ,   



    Originally posted on Chainsoff's Blog:

    Here is the video in which Shekau claims responsibility for the attack on the Giwa barracks in Maiduguri. Unsure if it has been uploaded here already. Whats most interesting about this video is that Shekau not only threatens attacks in Abuja but also warns that a mass kidnapping of Nigerian girls, as recently witnessed in Chibok, was going to happen… See excerpts of communique below “Western education is totally forbidden. Girls, you should return to your homes. In Islam it is allowed to take infidel women as slaves and in due course we will start taking women away and selling in the market… “My brethren wherever you are, in Abuja, Lagos, or the south-south, wherever you are, commence attacks. Even as an individual, take up your swords and slaughter anyone you come across in his sleep. Here is full English transcript below “The word ‘Giwa’ in Hausa means elephant…

    View original 526 more words

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    Tags: , Discoveries Challenge Beliefs, Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas, Humans’ Arrival in the Americas, Kennewick Man, Niede Guidon, SERRA DA CAPIVARA NATIONAL PARK Brazil, the Americas   

    Discoveries Challenge Beliefs on Humans’ Arrival in the Americas 

    SERRA DA CAPIVARA NATIONAL PARK, Brazil — Niede Guidon still remembers her astonishment when she glimpsed the paintings.

    Preserved amid the bromeliad-encrusted plateaus that tower over the thorn forests of northeast Brazil, the ancient rock art depicts fierce battles among tribesmen, orgiastic scenes of prehistoric revelry and hunters pursuing their game, spears in hand.

    “These were stunning compositions, people and animals together, not just figures alone,” said Dr. Guidon, 81, remembering what first lured her and other archaeologists in the 1970s to this remote site where jaguars still prowl.

    Hidden in the rock shelters where prehistoric humans once lived, the paintings number in the thousands. Some are thought to be more than 9,000 years old and perhaps even far more ancient. Painted in red ocher, they rank among the most revealing testaments anywhere in the Americas to what life was like millenniums before the European conquest began a mere five centuries ago.

    But it is what excavators found when they started digging in the shadows of the rock art that is contributing to a pivotal re-evaluation of human history in the hemisphere.

    Researchers at Serra da Capivara National Park unearthed stone tools last year that they say prove that humans reached what is now northeast Brazil as early as 22,000 years ago. Their discovery adds to the growing body of research upending a prevailing belief of 20th-century archaeology in the United States known as the Clovis model, which holds that people first arrived in the Americas from Asia about 13,000 years ago.
    Researchers at Serra da Capivara National Park unearthed stone tools last year that they say prove that humans reached what is now northeast Brazil as early as 22,000 years ago. Their discovery adds to the growing body of research upending a prevailing belief of 20th-century archaeology in the United States known as the Clovis model, which holds that people first arrived in the Americas from Asia about 13,000 years ago.
    Researchers here say they have unearthed stone tools proving that humans reached what is now northeast Brazil as early as 22,000 years ago. Their discovery adds to the growing body of research upending a prevailing belief of 20th-century archaeology in the United States known as the Clovis model, which holds that people first arrived in the Americas from Asia about 13,000 years ago.

    “If they’re right, and there’s a great possibility that they are, that will change everything we know about the settlement of the Americas,” said Walter Neves, an evolutionary anthropologist at the University of São Paulo whose own analysis of an 11,000-year-old skull in Brazil implies that some ancient Americans resembled aboriginal Australians more than they did Asians.

    Up and down the Americas, scholars say that the peopling of lands empty of humankind may have been far more complex than long believed. The radiocarbon dating of spear points found in the 1920s near Clovis, N.M., placed the arrival of big-game hunters across the Bering Strait about 13,000 years ago, long forming the basis of when humans were believed to have arrived in the Americas.

    More recently, numerous findings have challenged that narrative. In Texas,archaeologists said in 2011 that they had found projectile points showing that hunter-gatherers had reached another site, known as Buttermilk Creek, as early as 15,500 years ago. Similarly, analysis of human DNA found at an Oregon cave determined that humans were there 14,000 years ago. But it is in South America, thousands of miles from the New Mexico site where the Clovis spear points were discovered, where archaeologists are putting forward some of the most profound challenges to the Clovis-first theory.

    0328-web-BRAZILmap-artboard_1Paleontologists in Uruguay published findings in November suggesting that humans hunted giant sloths there about 30,000 years ago. All the way in southern Chile, Tom D. Dillehay, an anthropologist at Vanderbilt University, has shown that humans lived at a coastal site called Monte Verde as early as 14,800 years ago. And here in Brazil’s caatinga, a semi-arid region of mesas and canyons, European and Brazilian archaeologists building on decades of earlier excavations said last year that they had found artifacts at a rock shelter showing that humans had arrived in South America almost 10,000 years before Clovis hunters began appearing in North America. “The Clovis paradigm is finally buried,” said Eric Boëda, the French archaeologist leading the excavations here.

    Exposing the tension over competing claims about where and when humans first arrived in the Americas, some scholars in the dwindling Clovis-first camp in the United States quickly rejected the findings. Gary Haynes, an archaeologist at the University of Nevada, Reno, argued that the stones found here were not tools made by humans, but instead could have become chipped and broken naturally, by rockfall. Stuart Fiedel, an archaeologist with the Louis Berger Group, an environmental consulting company, said that monkeys might have made the tools instead of humans. “Monkeys, including large extinct forms, have been in South America for 35 million years,” Dr. Fiedel said. He added that the Clovis model was recently bolstered by new DNA analysis ancestrally connecting indigenous peoples in Central and South America to a boy from the Clovis culture whose 12,700-year-old remains were found in 1968 at a site in Montana. Such dismissive positions have invited equally sharp responses from scholars like Dr. Dillehay, the American archaeologist who discovered Monte Verde. “Fiedel does not know what he is talking about,” he said, explaining that similarities existed between the stone tools found here and at the site across South America in Chile. “To say monkeys produced the tools is stupid.”


    Having their findings disputed is nothing new for the archaeologists working at Serra da Capivara. Dr. Guidon, the Brazilian archaeologist who pioneered the excavations, asserted more than two decades ago that her team had found evidence in the form of charcoal from hearth fires that humans had lived here about 48,000 years ago.

    While scholars in the United States generally viewed Dr. Guidon’s work with skepticism, she pressed on, obtaining the permission of Brazilian authorities to preserve the archaeological sites near the town of São Raimundo Nonato in a national park that now gets thousands of visitors a year despite its remote location in Piauí, one of Brazil’s poorest states.

    Dr. Guidon remains defiant about her findings. At her home on the grounds of a museum she founded to focus on the discoveries in Serra da Capivara, she said she believed that humans had reached these plateaus even earlier, around 100,000 years ago, and might have come not overland from Asia but by boat from Africa.

    Professor Boëda, who succeeded Dr. Guidon in leading the excavations, said that such early dates may have been possible but that more research was needed. His team is using thermoluminescence, a technique that measures the exposure of sediments to sunlight, to determine their age.

    At the same time, discoveries elsewhere in Brazil are adding to the mystery of how the Americas were settled.

    In what may be another blow to the Clovis model of humans’ coming from northeast Asia, molecular geneticists showed last year that the Botocudo indigenous people living in southeastern Brazil in the late 1800s shared gene sequences commonly found among Pacific Islanders from Polynesia.

    How could Polynesians have made it to Brazil? Or aboriginal Australians? Or, if the archaeologists here are correct, how could a population arrive in this hinterland long before Clovis hunters began appearing in the Americas? The array of new discoveries has scholars on a quest for answers.

    Reflecting how researchers are increasingly accepting older dates of human migration to the Americas, Michael R. Waters, a geoarchaeologist at Texas A&M University’s Center for the Study of the First Americans, said that a “single migration” into the Americas about 15,000 years ago may have given rise to the Clovis people. But he added that if the results obtained here in Serra da Capivara are accurate, they will raise even more questions about how the Americas were settled.

    “If so, then whoever lived there never passed on their genetic material to living populations,” said Dr. Waters, explaining how the genetic history of indigenous peoples links them to the Clovis child found in Montana. “We must think long and hard about these early sites and how they fit into the picture of the peopling of the Americas.”

    Kennewick Man is the name for the skeletal remains of a prehistoric man found on a bank of the Columbia River in Kennewick, Washington, on July 28, 1996. It is one of the most complete ancient skeletons ever found; bone tests have shown it to date from 7300 to 7600 B.C.[2] A stone projectile was found lodged in the man’s hip bone. His anatomical features were quite different from those of modern Native Americans and his relationship to other ancient people is uncertain.

    The finding of the skeleton triggered a nine-year legal clash between scientists, the US government and Native American tribes who claim Kennewick Man as one of their ancestors. In February 2004, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that a cultural link between any of the Native American tribes and the Kennewick

  • shaunynews 02:15 on April 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: All over Earth now, children die, Fukushima disaster, Fukushima nuclear plant, ill from radiation, Tokyo hides truth   

    Fukushima disaster: Tokyo hides truth as children die, become ill from radiation – ex-mayor 

    With all the bad news just now, Ukraine, missing planes, Ebola in Europe and USA for starters, WWIII about to start, I thought I would remind everyone this thing is killing us slowly. Want to know, these 2 videos below by ex Major will let you know

    Part 1

    Part 2

    The tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster took place almost three years ago. Since then, radiation has forced thousands out of their homes and led to the deaths of many. It took great effort to prevent the ultimate meltdown of the plant – but are the after effects completely gone? Tokyo says yes; it also claims the government is doing everything it can for those who suffered in the disaster. However, disturbing facts sometimes rise to the surface. To shed a bit of light on the mystery of the Fukushima aftermath, Sophie Shevardnadze talks to the former mayor of one of the disaster-struck cities.

  • shaunynews 01:56 on April 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Disabled kids tortured, In Court, Judge Rotenberg Center,   

    Footage of Judge Rotenberg Center torturing a person with a disability aired in court (Graphic) 

    At LONG last we get to see the video that was oppressed from us for 8 years or so, sick, barbaric and wrong. Don’t watch if you don’t like bad things.

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    ` EU Commissioner Urges first Tripartite Meeting with Russia and Ukraine over Energy Issues ‘ 



    Originally posted on Ace Finance News 2014 :

    #AceFinanceNews – BRUSSELS – April 23 – EU Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger offered Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak and Ukrainian Minister of Energy and Coal-mining Yuriy Prodan to participate in a first tripartite meeting on gas issue, a source in the European Commission told ITAR-TASS on Wednesday.

    Earlier, the press service confirmed the conceptual readiness of the European Commission to hold multilateral talks over the gas issue at the political level.


    View original

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    Tags: , ,   

    ` Beijing Smog will be turned into Clean Air and then the By Product of Smog turned into Jewellery ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices – BEIJING – April 23 (Rferl) – Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and engineers are developing a safe, energy-friendly installation to capture smog and create clean air.

    As Roosegaarde puts it, the smog-clearing method is like a giant “electronic vacuum cleaner” that produces a column of clean air.

    How does Roosegaarde’s “SMOG project” work? Copper coils buried underground create a positively charged electrostatic field. Particles of at least 10 nanometres become positively charged, and thus attracted to the grounded earth, where they are collected.

    A small-scaled prototype is currently being tested near Rotterdam, and Roosegaarde’s team will spend this year scaling up the installation.

    Roosegaarde says he has reached an agreement with the authorities in China’s notoriously polluted capital to test a prototype of his invention in a city park in 2015.

    The version planned for Beijing is expected to have a cleaning diameter of 50 meters.

    And Roosegaarde has taken his idea one step further, by planning to turn the collected pollutants into jewellery.

    Traditional rings will be mounted with a clear stones containing compressed smog particles extracted from Beijing’s air. The black dust will be configured in a cube of about a millimetre in width, symbolizing a cubic kilometre of smog cleaned from the skies.

    Roosegaarde says he also plans a version of the ring with a manufactured diamond produced by presses capable of transmuting the particles of dirty air into the valuable stone.

    Written by Antoine Blua with reporting by Reuters and “The New York Times”


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    Tags: , , , , Kalashnikov, , , , ,   

    ` Russia Looking at Cache of US Weaponry in Ukraine as they Expected Russian Manufactured Weapons ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – April 23 – Russia insists on investigation of reports on involvement of the U.S. private military organization Greystone in the current events in Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday in an interview with the Russia Today television channel.

    He said the military observers dispatched to Ukraine by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) had admitted the absence of any evidence of the presence of Russian military observers in eastern Ukraine.

    They noted only a possibility of the presence there of some kind of military advisers but he said they should continue watching the situation to understand the situation better.

    “The only fact the Americans made references to was that the fighters (in eastern Ukraine – Itar-Tass) was the people there were using the weapons of Russian manufacture but everyone in Ukraine uses Russian weaponry, for instance the Kalashnikov assault rifle or the Makarov handgun,” Lavrov said.

    “This means a proof of this sort can scarcely be called sufficient.”

    He also said reports had come several days ago on discovery of a cache with U.S. weaponry in Ukraine, adding: “

    This should necessarily be investigated.”

    Tass – VoR – Ria Novorsti


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    ` US Joseph Biden's visit to Kiev Had More than One Reason Including Agreement to Supply Nuclear Fuel ' 

    #AceGuestNews – KIEV – April 23 – Ukraine has allocated land for the construction of storage facility for spent nuclear fuel in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The decision was taken at a cabinet meeting. Now Ukraine has four nuclear power plants, which provide half of the electricity consumption. Spent fuel is sent to storage in Russia, for which Ukraine pays each year from 150 to 200 million dollars.

    Now Kiev wants to store their waste at home.

    Immediately there is a feeling of deja vu, as the construction plans of the “nuclear burial” near Kiev were studied during the time of Viktor Yushchenko.

    Moreover, the need to clarify a very important point. The fact that Russia is now under the agreement on the supply of nuclear fuel waste takes that produce nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

    Ie Russia supplies the fuel rods, which are used to produce electricity.

    Once when they perform their tasks, they returned to Russia and there is already utilized. In this case, it is not just the fact that Ukraine will store their waste yourself: if this is built, “burial”, then here will bring their waste and other locations. The fact that Ukraine is planning to replace the fuel rods at the Russian American.

    This, apparently, one of the results of visit to Ukraine by U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden, that is, during his visit, it was agreed that the Americans are here to supply nuclear fuel.

    Incidentally, a similar agreement was reached under Yushchenko, but then due to the fact that he lost the election and lost real power, these plans have not been implemented. Thus, the situation is as follows: The United States will supply the fuel elements here, and Ukraine itself after use will also store them.

    Accordingly, this means that in the vicinity of the capital of Ukraine, from the metropolis of five million, will be located storage of nuclear waste, which is contrary to all safety standards.

    That is, any accident would be an environmental disaster for the capital, and all the surrounding regions. Nowhere in the world do not exist, but Ukraine, as always, is unique – the world experience it does not decree.

    Courtesy of Author: Vladimir Sinelnikov of VestiRu

    Ace Related News:
    1. U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden at the meetings in Kiev will call for the speedy implementation of the Geneva agreement on Ukraine and Russia warns of possible new sanctions in case of non-structural actions, a senior U.S. official.

    1. MOSCOW, April 23 (RIA Novosti), Nikita Alentyev – The current geopolitical tensions in Ukraine could impact the construction of a safe confinement system at Chernobyl, Lisa Carmody, a spokesperson for the Ireland-based Chernobyl Children International, told RIA Novosti Wednesday.
      “We have been following what’s going on and tracking anything that has to do with the sarcophagus. We have concerns that it could be delayed, although we are not saying that it will be delayed,” Camrody said.


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    Tags: , , , , , , , ,   

    #AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – April 23 ( INTERFAX.RU ) – The State Duma on Wednesday passed in the second and third readings in the law on criminal responsibility for public rehabilitation of Nazism, setting a fine for it to 500 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to five years.

    Appropriate amendments are made to the Criminal Code and the Code. The Criminal Code is complemented by Article “Rehabilitation of Nazism.”

    It reads: “The denial of the facts established by the verdict of the International Military Tribunal for the trial and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, the approval of the offences established by the said judgement, as well as dissemination of false information on the activities of the Soviet Union during World War II, coupled with the accusation of committing offences established by the said judgement, committed publicly, punishable by a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles, or imprisonment for up to three years. “

    Tougher sanctions proposed to install for the same acts committed by a person using his official position or media, “as well as fabrication of prosecution evidence.” For this set a fine of 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles; as an alternative – imprisonment for up to five years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years.

    Also makes it an offence to five years imprisonment for defiling days of glory and anniversaries Russia associated with the Great Patriotic War.

    Corresponding norm provides for sanctions for “spreading expressing clear disrespect for society information about the days of glory and anniversaries Russia related to the protection of the Fatherland, as well as the desecration of symbols of military glory of Russia, committed in public.” For it shall be fined up to 300 thousand rubles; as an alternative – compulsory work for a period of up to 360 hours, or correctional labour up to one year.

    RF Code of Administrative Offences with the norm, introducing penalties for “public dissemination of expressing clear disrespect for society information about the days of glory and anniversaries Russia related to the protection of the Fatherland, or the public desecration of the symbols of military glory of Russia, including those committed with the use of media and information and telecommunications networks, including the Internet. “

    These offences entail the imposition of an administrative fine on legal entities in the amount of 400 thousand to 1 million rubles.

    The investigation of these crimes will be within the competence of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

    The law was passed by the State Duma in the first reading on April 4. He was supported by all factions of Parliament.

    The draft law on the responsibility for rehabilitation of Nazism was initiated by a group of deputies headed by Irina Spring.

    Apologies for the Translation from Russian to English (Смотрите оригинал материала на)


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    Tags: , , , , , , , , , , ,   

    #AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 23 (Interfax) – Moscow will not recognize the May 25 election in Ukraine, unless it is held on the basis of a nationwide, inclusive dialogue, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

    “We will recognize something that would be based on the all-inclusive process,” he said in an interview with the Russia Today television channel, when asked whether Russia will consider the May 25 elections in Ukraine to be legitimate.

    “To call an election without finding some common ground with the east and the south of Ukraine I think is very destructive for the country,” the minister said.

    At the same time, initially it was expected that the country will not hold the presidential election before conducting its constitutional reform, and this understanding was reflected in the February 21 agreement between Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition, the minister recalled.

    Lavrov drew parallels with the situation around the Syrian settlement process. The United States and its Western allies insist that the Syrians hold presidential election after conducting constitutional reform, and this is stipulated in the Geneva communique on Syria, the minister said.

    The same is written in the Ukraine agreement signed on February 21, Lavrov said.

    Meanwhile, Western countries will consider the May 25 elections in Ukraine legitimate without the prior constitutional reform, he said.

    The same people who are saying that the presidential election in Syria will not be legitimate without a constitutional reform will recognize the legitimacy of the May 25 elections, Lavrov said.

    The U.S. is trying to make Russia responsible for settling international crises, and not just the Ukrainian one, he said.

    “The Iranian issue depends on Russia alone, Syria depends on Russia alone… Now Ukraine depends entirely on Russia. I would say it is an absolutely unrealistic approach and an attempt to hide your own responsibility,” said the Russian foreign minister.

    kk mk


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    Tags: , , , ,   

    ` New Head of the `Security Services of the Ukraine is Appointed in Donetsk Region ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews- UKRAINE – April 23 (RN) – The First deputy internal troops commander of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Valery Rudnitsky is appointed by the head of department of Security service of Ukraine in Donetsk region.

    About appointment the acting president of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov signed the decree on April 19, reports “Interfax”.


  • #AceNewsGroup 18:35 on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , ,   

    ` Presidential Candidate Leader ` Dmitry Jarosh of the Right Sector ‘ Announces Formation of Special Battalion ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – DONBASS – April 23 – (Interfax) – Ukrainian presidential candidate, leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros announced the beginning of the formation of the representatives of the Donetsk region spetsbatalona “Donbass”.

    “All the actions we agree with the leadership of the NSDC, the Interior Ministry and SBU” – said D.Yarosh Wednesday at a press conference in Dnipropetrovsk.

    According to him, activists and organizations trained fighters are ready to help intelligence agencies.

    D.Yarosh also noted that he has no fear that the participation of members of the “right sector” in the Interior Ministry and SBU raid in eastern provoke a wave of clashes with the population of Donbass.

    He also announced the postponement of its stakes in Dnepropetrovsk.

    D.Yarosh reported that shoot his candidacy from the presidential election does not intend to, despite the fact that he refused to conduct the election campaign.


  • #AceNewsGroup 16:37 on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , Gorlovka, ,   

    ` Aleksandr Sapunov Proclaimed the Mayor of Gorlovka by Anti-Government has Announced his Resignation’ 

    #AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Aleksandr Sapunov, who was proclaimed ‘People’s mayor’ of the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka by anti-government protesters there, has announced his resignation.

    “Following an attack, of which my close circle and I became targets, taking into account a threat to my life, I am no longer going to fulfil duties of the ‘People’s mayor’ and also of the MP of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’,” he told RIA Novosti.

    He said he will still be the leader of the local ‘City order’ movement and an active participant of the city’s self-defence.

    Sapunov said unknown people blocked a car driven by his friend on April 16.

    When the assailants found out there was no ‘People’s mayor’ in the car, they drove away.


  • #AceNewsGroup 16:20 on April 23, 2014 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , ,   

    ` Chief of the Donetsk for Kiev Appointed Authorities has Called for Referendum on Russian Language ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 23 – Sergei Taruta, Chief of the Donetsk regional administration appointed by the Kiev authorities, has called to conduct a referendum on the status of the Russian language and decentralization of bodies of power in Ukraine, the press service of the Donetsk regional administration said on Wednesday.

    “Once people want a referendum they should have an opportunity to hold the referendum,” Taruta said. He said that May 25 — the date of presidential election scheduled in Ukraine, is the right time for the referendum.

    Questions for the referendum should be formulated as soon as possible to ensure that all the interested parties reach accord, Taruta said.

    The heads of town administrations, regional councils and state administrations of the Donetsk region have backed Taruta’s initiative.


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