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    UNITED STATES: ‘ CIA Director John Brennan Admits Agency Hacked Senate Computers ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 31 – CIA Director John Brennan admitted that the agency did hack into the computers of Sen. Dianne Feinstein and other Senate staffers — an allegation he denied in March.

    ​The CIA denied charges Tuesday that they broke into Senate Intelligence Committee computers staffers used to investigate the use of harsh interrogation techniques by agency personnel.

    "As far as the allegations of the CIA hacking into computers, nothing could be further from the truth," CIA Director John Brennan said at a Council on Foreign Relations event March 11. "That’s beyond the scope of reason."

    Brennan’s denial came after committee Chairwoman Diane Feinstein (D-Calif.), earlier in the day, gave a 40-minute speech on the floor accusing the CIA of violating the Constitution in January by removing key documents from the committee’s computer that staff were using in a five-year-long review the CIA’s interrogation programs during Bush administration.


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ Guam District Court Waives Attorney’s Appeal for Release of Russian Suspected Cyber Hacker ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 31 – The Guam District Court waived away an attorney’s appeal for release of Russia’s hacking suspect Roman Seleznyov, who was arrested earlier this month in Maldives on US warrant and relocated to a jail on Guam, his defence lawyer Patrick Civille said on Thursday.

    ​Seleznyov, 30, was detained at the international airport of the Maldives’ capital Male on July 5 and taken to a jail on the island of Guam on cyber fraud charges.

    Defense lawyers of the Russian nationals filed the documents on the release of their client with the court last week claiming that he was arrested overseas illegally.

    Civille said that as U.S. District Court of Guam Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood declined release for his client she said that the same appeal can be again submitted if Seleznyov was transferred to the state of Washington, where charges against him were filed.

    American investigators suspect Seleznyov of having intended to steal, and then sell, information about the credit cards of US citizens between October 2009 and February 2011. In all, he is suspected of theft of some 200,000 credit card numbers of American people.

    Contribution and Additional Report – Itar-Tass


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    RUSSIA: ‘ Sergei Neverov Advises Russian’s to With-Draw All Their Money and Assets from Western Banks and Offshore Jurisdictions ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – July 31 – Deputy Speaker of Russia’s State Duma Sergei Neverov on Thursday advised Russians to take their money and assets back home from Western banks and offshore jurisdictions speaking to Tass.

    ​“Today we must advise everyone who is trying to keep something there in Western banks to bring it back to his own country,” Neverov, one of the leaders of the ruling United Russia, told the Rossiya 24 television channel.

    The experience of Cyprus and Greece showed how much trouble one could experience if he kept money in the West and thought he should not worry about it, the deputy said.


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    RUSSIA: ‘ Sanctions Tighten On Food Imports with Ban on Juice Products From Ukraine ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – MOSCOW, July 31. /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s consumer rights watchdog (Rospotrebnadzor) has banned the import of juice products from Ukraine, the agency said on Thursday.

    ​The ban on the imports of juice products, including baby foods from Ukraine into Russia was imposed on July 29.

    The agency said on its website that the ban was imposed because Ukraine’s juice products did not pass state registration as compliant with the Customs Union technical regulations. Such products should have Customs Union’s common market sign.

    Russia’s juice imports from Ukraine in 2013 decreased by 12% to 50 tonnes, compared to 2012.

    In the first half of 2014, Russia imported 16,400 tonnes of Ukrainian juice products.


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    FINLAND: ‘ Sensors Link to Your Mobile Phone in Helsinki Airport Track Your Movements ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices (Exclusive) – FINLAND (Helsinki) – July 31 – A recent press release has confirmed that a state owned technology company called Finavia is pioneering a new way to track you by updating your mobile phone in real-time, thus allowing Helsinki airport to track your every move. This is the first airport to pioneer this system and more may follow, should it prove to be successful, this has raised concerns among data privacy groups.

    ​Helsinki Airport Tracking Supplied by State Owned Finavia

    Though the decision to install sensors which will be linked to mobile phones turned on to the wi-fi mode has raised concerns with civil liberty groups. This has been portrayed across the web as Big Brother watching your every move.

    ​Airport officials insist the system does not store or reveal the personal information of mobile phone users

    The system is the first in the world which will track passengers’ movements in real-time from the car park to the departure gate updating them with information.

    “For us the main point is how to improve the customers’ experience, to improve the enjoyment factor as well as improving the fluency of movement inside the airport,” said Heikki Koski, deputy manager, Finavia the company which operates the airport.

    Around 15 million passengers a year use the airport, Finland’s largest and each one will be able to receive advertisements and marketing information if they choose to.

    “Well it would interest and benefit me to know how much time I have to make it to the gate, but I can live without the advertisements,” said one passenger.

    The operators say all data which is gathered is in aggregated form and cannot be passed on.

    ​Tuomas Wuoti, CEO and co-founder of Walkbase, told Bloomberg passengers’ details will not be put at risk.

    However, privacy watchdogs are not entirely convinced.

    Antti Tikkanen, director of security response at software maker F-Secure, told Bloomberg: ‘The fact that my movements are tracked is a scarier thought than someone knowing which websites I visit.’


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    MALAYSIAN AIRLINES MH17: ‘ Aviation Expert Opinion Over Shooting Down Plane Raises Questions Over Whether it Was A Missile ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices (Exclusive) – UKRAINE – A recent article on Global Research interviewed an expert in aviation Peter Haisenko this is what was revealed. At the bottom of this post l have attached a photo/pdf link to download.

    Any comments and opinions welcome as some or more of this maybe pure speculation. Please note this is a copyrighted article and cannot be changed or altered in anyway. Thank you Editor.

    Peter Haisenko

    First, I was amazed at how few photos can be found from the wreckage with Google. All are in low resolution, except one: The fragment of the cockpit below the window on the pilots side. This image, however, is shocking. In Washington, you can now hear views expressed of a “potentially tragic error / accident” regarding MH 017. Given this particular cockpit image it does not surprise me at all.

    Entry and exit impact holes of projectiles in the cockpit area.

    I recommend to click on the little picture to the left. You can download this photo as a PDF in good resolution. This is necessary, because that will allow you understand what I am describing here. The facts speak clear and loud and are beyond the realm of speculation:

    The cockpit shows traces of shelling! You can see the entry and exit holes. The edge of a portion of the holes is bent inwards. These are the smaller holes, round and clean, showing the entry points most likely that of a 30 millimeter caliber projectile.

    The edge of the other, the larger and slightly frayed exit holes showing shreds of metal pointing produced by the same caliber projectiles. Moreover, it is evident that at these exit holes of the outer layer of the double aluminum reinforced structure are shredded or bent – outwardly!

    Furthermore, minor cuts can be seen, all bent outward, which indicate that shrapnel had forcefully exited through the outer skin from the inside of the cockpit. The open rivets are are also bent outward.

    In sifting through the available images one thing stands out: All wreckage of the sections behind the cockpit are largely intact, except for the fact that only fragments of the aircraft remained . Only the cockpit part shows these peculiar marks of destruction. This leaves the examiner with an important clue. This aircraft was not hit by a missile in the central portion. The destruction is limited to the cockpit area. Now you have to factor in that this part is constructed of specially reinforced material. This is on account of the nose of any aircraft having to withstand the impact of a large bird at high speeds. You can see in the photo, that in this area significantly stronger aluminum alloys were being installed than in the remainder of the outer skin of the fuselage. One remembers the crash of Pan Am over Lockerbie. It was a large segment of the cockpit that due to the special architecture survived the crash in one piece. In the case of flight MH 017 it becomes abundantly clear that there also an explosion took place inside the aircraft.

    Tank destroying mix of ammunition

    Bullet holes in the outer skin

    So what could have happened? Russia recently published radar recordings, that confirm at least one Ukrainian SU 25 in close proximity to MH 017. This corresponds with the statement of the now missing Spanish controller ‘Carlos’ that has seen two Ukrainian fighter aircraft in the immediate vicinity of MH 017. If we now consider the armament of a typical SU 25 we learn this: It is equipped with a double-barreled 30-mm gun, type GSh-302 / AO-17A, equipped with: a 250 round magazine of anti-tank incendiary shells and splinter-explosive shells (dum-dum), arranged in alternating order. The cockpit of the MH 017 has evidently been fired at from both sides: the entry and exit holes are found on the same fragment of it’s cockpit segment!

    Now just consider what happens when a series of anti-tank incendiary shells and splinter-explosive shells hit the cockpit. These are after all designed to destroy a modern tank. The anti-tank incendiary shells partially traversed the cockpit and exited on the other side in a slightly deformed shape. (Aviation forensic experts could possibly find them on the ground presumably controlled by the Kiev Ukrainian military; the translator). After all, their impact is designed to penetrate the solid armor of a tank. Also, the splinter-explosive shells will, due to their numerous impacts too cause massive explosions inside the cockpit, since they are designed to do this. Given the rapid firing sequence of the GSh-302 cannon, it will cause a rapid succession of explosions within the cockpit area in a very short time. Remeber each of these is sufficient to destroy a tank.

    What “mistake” was actually being committed – and by whom?

    Graze on the wing

    Because the interior of a commercial aircraft is a hermetically sealed pressurized chamber, the explosions will, in split second, increase the pressure inside the cabin to extreme levels or breaking point. An aircraft is not equipped for this, it will burst like a balloon. This explains a coherent scenario. The largely intact fragments of the rear sections broke in mid air at the weaker points of construction most likely under extreme internal air pressure. The images of the widely scattered field of debris and the brutally damaged segment of cockpit fit like hand in glove. Furthermore, a wing segment shows traces of a grazing shot, which in direct extension leads to the cockpit. Interestingly, I found that both the high-resolution photo of the fragment of bullet riddled cockpit as well as the segment of grazed wing have in the meantime disappeared from Google Images. One can find virtually no more pictures of the wreckage, except the well known smoking ruins.

    If you listen to the voices from Washington now who speak of a “potentially tragic error / accident”, all that remains is the question of what might have been the nature of this “mistake” perpetrated here. I am not given to hover long in the realm of speculation, but would like to invite others to consider the following : The MH 017 looked similar in it’s tricolor design to that that of the Russian President’s plane. The plane with President Putin on board was at the same time ”near” Malaysia MH 017. In aviation circles “close” would be considered to be anywhere between 150 to 200 miles. Also, in this context we might consider the deposition of Ms. Tymoshenko, who wanted to shoot President Putin with a Kalashnikov.

    But that this remains pure speculation. The shelling of the cockpit of air Malaysia MH 017, however, is definitely not speculation.

    Photo/PDF Download Link

    By Peter Haisenko @ Global Research 30/07/2014

    Copyright © Peter Haisenko, anderweltonline.com, 2014


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ Major Donor to a Secretive Club of Democrat Financiers Hosts Fund-Raiser at Her Manhattan Home for Barack Obama ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – July 31 – A major donor to a secretive club of wealthy Democratic financiers hosted President Barack Obama at her home last week for a fundraiser benefittng one of that club’s most politically active organizations.

    ​Randi Weingarten, Larry Cohen, Amy Golbman / AP

    The event came as the president faced withering criticism for raising money as international crises proliferate, and just days ahead of a hearing of Democrat-backed legislation to force “dark money” political donors to disclose more information about their finances.

    House Majority PAC is one of the most nakedly political recipients of cash from the Democracy Alliance, a shadowy network of liberal millionaires and billionaires that doles out tens of millions of dollars to top left-wing groups each year.

    The Super PAC has spent millions in efforts to win House seats for Democrats in an election cycle that experts predict will not be friendly to the party’s efforts to retake the lower chamber.

    ​The president was likely a major draw for high-dollar donors when he headlined a House

    Majority PAC fundraiser on Thursday at the home of Amy Goldman Fowler, a major Democracy Alliance donor who has given millions to Democratic and liberal groups over the past decade.


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ Money Talks in the Billionaires Club and Can Sway, Lobby and Persuade Environmental Groups Under Guise of Charity ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 31 – A sprawling network of left-wing foundations, non-profit groups, and individual donors and activists may be flouting federal law in advocating an anti-fossil-fuel agenda, according to a major Senate report released on Wednesday.

    ​Tom Steyer – Hank Paulson – Michael Bloomberg

    The 92-page report details how those individuals and organizations have disbursed tens of millions of dollars, often shielded from public scrutiny, to sway elections and public policy toward environmentalist goals.

    Much of the money behind the effort, the report claims, is laundered through non-profit groups prohibited from engaging in political activity.

    The report, released on Wednesday by the Republican staff of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, dubs this network the “Billionaire’s Club.”

    The club, it says, is “adept at converting charitable donations into political outcomes by taking advantage of loopholes in the tax code.

    Numerous examples raise questions as to whether the charitable donations are indirectly supporting political activity.”

    Read More: TWFB


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ Emergency Border Spending Package in Trouble ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES(Washington) – July 31 – An emergency border spending package backed by the House GOP leadership appeared to be in trouble Wednesday evening after Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) met with a group of House conservatives.

    House conservatives emerging from a late evening meeting in Cruz’s office said they would oppose the $659 million legislation and warned it might fail on the House floor, an embarrassing prospect for the new GOP leadership team.

    “It doesn’t sound like the Granger bill has the votes to pass,” said Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), who plans to vote against the border package endorsed by his leadership.

    By Alexander Bolton @ The Hill


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ House Votes 420-5 Approving $17 Billion Overhaul of Veterans Affairs Department ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 31 – The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a $17 billion overhaul of the troubled Veterans Affairs Department.

    The 420-5 vote sends a conference agreement worked out by negotiators in both chambers to the Senate, where it is also expected to be approved. It will then be delivered to the White House for President Obama’s signature.

    The three-year bill provides $10 billion in funding to pay for veterans to get healthcare at private facilities.

    Another $5 billion would go toward allowing the Veterans Affairs Department to hire more doctors, nurses and other medical staff.

    By Martin Matishak and Cristina Marcos @ The Hill


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ House Votes 225-201 to Authorise a GOP Lawsuit Against Use of Executive Power ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 31 – The House voted Wednesday to rebuke President Obama by passing a resolution authorizing a GOP lawsuit against his use of executive power.

    The 225-201 vote fell along party lines, with just five Republicans voting against the measure.

    No Democrats supported it.

    By Cristina Marcos @ The Hill


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    ‘ Russia Retaliates Against EU/US Economic Sanctions Threatening Higher Energy Prices ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – July 31 – Russia on Wednesday (30 July) reacted angrily to the EU economic sanctions, threatening to increase energy prices.

    “Obsessed with sanctions, Brussels is itself creating barriers for further cooperation in such a key sector as energy industry,” the Russian foreign ministry said in statement.

    “It is a senseless and irresponsible step, which will inevitably cause European energy market prices to rise,” the statement said.

    The ministry added that the economies of Russia and the EU are interlinked and that the "stage three" sanctions will affect the economic situation in the EU "not less than in Russia".

    Some 30 percent of the overall EU gas consumption is covered by Russian gas imports, but some eastern member states are up to 90 percent dependent on Russia.

    The possible retaliation in the energy sector was factored in when the EU decided to adopt economic sanctions, which will enter into force Friday.


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    RUSSIA: ' Strategic Missile Forces Reports Vladimir Putin Issues Feared Dead Hand Early Warning System Order ' 

    #AceWorldNews – RUSSIA (Moscow) – July 30 – A grim report issued by The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF), which is the main component of Russia’s Strategic Nuclear Forces (SNF), states that President Putin earlier today issued a feared “Dead Hand” order not used since 26 September 1983 when the nuclear early warning system of the Soviet Union twice reported the launch of American Minuteman intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) from bases in the United States reported EU Times.

    The issuance of the 1983 “Dead Hand” order, this report says, was in response to a five-day North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command post exercise called Able Archer 83 that Soviet military officials feared was a “ruse to war”.

    A “Dead Hand” order, it should be remembered, is a Cold-War-era nuclear-control system developed by the Soviet Union and remains in use today and is controlled from the massive and highly secretive underground military city at Mount Yamantau located in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

    “Dead Hand” is an example of fail-deadly deterrence as it can automatically trigger the launch of the Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) if a nuclear strike is detected by seismic, light, radioactivity and overpressure sensors. By most accounts, it is normally switched off and is supposed to be activated during dangerous crises only; however, it is said to remain fully functional and able to serve its purpose whenever needed, such as today.

    To Putin’s ordering the “Dead Hand” protocols today, this report continues, is in “direct response” to President Obama’s plan to send US military forces into Ukraine, a hostile war move Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov warned last month would lead to an immediate Russian response by his stating:

    “We cannot see such a build-up of the alliance’s [NATO’s] military power near the border with Russia as anything else but a demonstration of hostile intentions. It would be hard to see additional deployment of substantial NATO military forces in central-eastern Europe, even if on a rotational basis, as anything else but a direct violation of provisions of the 1997 Founding Act on relations between Russia and NATO. We will be forced to undertake all necessary political and military measures to reliably safeguard our security.”

    Critical to note about Putin’s issuing a “Dead Hand” order today was that nearly immediately after it had been issued,Vladislav Surkov, one of the most powerful men in the Kremlin, and the Russian leaders top aide, in essence, confirmed its existence when during a private interview with the Financial Times News Service on the sham US$50 billion ruling against Russia in a European arbitration proceeding (called The Fine That Rang Out Across The World) relating to the Yukos case stated why the Kremlin was not responding by simply stating: “There is a war coming in Europe. Do you really think this matters.


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    PROTECTIVE EDGE DAY 23 and 24: ' News from the Front As Dead Toll Rises and Children are at Centre of Bombings Including a School ' 


    • Since July 7, Israel has killed at least 1088 Palestinians in Gaza, including at least 229 children. Approximately 6500 others have been injured.

    • On Monday (July 28), 10 people, including eight children, were killed and 40 others wounded by an explosion in a park near the beach in the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City. Although the Israeli military denied responsibility, as it has done on several other similar occasions previously during the current conflict before reversing itself, eyewitnesses stated that the explosion was caused by an Israeli air-strike.

    • According to the United Nations, as of yesterday (July 28) at 8 AM ET:
    • At least 795 Palestinian civilians have been killed in Gaza, including at least 229 children and 118 women. (Note: these figures do not include the death toll for attacks on Shifa hospital and Shati refugee camp on Monday, which killed numerous children and other civilians.)

    • As of July 27, more than 6200 Palestinians have been injured, including more than 1900 children and 1100 women.

    • Twenty-two hospitals, clinics and medical centers have been hit by Israeli airstrikes or shelling since July 8. At least one doctorand two medics have been killed.

    • At least 194,000 children require specialized psychosocial support (PSS) due to trauma caused by the death or injury of someone they know or loss of home.

    • 215,000 internally displaced people (IDP) are sheltering in United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and government schools, informal shelters or host families. UN schools are sheltering almost 179,000 people, which amounts to 10% of the population of the Gaza Strip, and is triple the number who took refuge with UNRWA during Israel’s devastating assault on Gaza in the winter of 2008-2009, Operation Cast Lead.

    • Israel has destroyed or severely damaged approximately 685 residential properties, including numerous multi-story buildings, causing hundreds of civilian casualties.

    • Since July 7, 133 schools have been damaged. At least six teachers are known to have been killed.

    • The Israeli army has declared 44% of the tiny Gaza Strip a military “buffer zone.”


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ Treasury Department Releases List of Russian Banks Blocked from Conducting Transactions by Americans ‘ 

    #AceFinanceNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 30 – Earlier sanctions were more symbolic in nature, and "were sort of the bare minimum the EU had to do in order to pass the laugh test," said Mark Dubowitz, an analyst at the Foundation for Defence of Democracies reported by USA Today, in that these are sectors of the Russian economy."

    ​The Treasury Department released a list of large Russian banks that are blocked from transactions with Americans, including the Bank of Moscow, the Russian Agricultural Bank and VTB Bank.

    Obama made his announcement shortly after the European Union unveiled its new sanctions package, one that "will limit access to EU capital markets for Russian State-owned financial institutions, (and) impose an embargo on trade in arms," according to a statement.

    While previous sanctions have focused on specific businesses and individuals, the new set is designed to hit sectors that are foundations of the Russian economy, including oil and gas supplies and technology, banking and finance, and arms sales.

    Close associates of Putin are also targeted.

    PRESS RELEASE: The Treasury Department 29/07/2014


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    President Obama: ‘ GOP Back-Off From Suing Him and Do Their Jobs ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 30 – President Obama asked Republicans to stop “hating” and “being mad all the time” during a Wednesday speech in Kansas City focused on the economy.

    The president accused GOP lawmakers of needlessly suing him instead of doing their jobs.

    He said they should be more focused on the economy.

    “They have not been that helpful,” Obama told a crowd in a local theatre.

    “They have not been as constructive as I would have hoped and these actions come with a cost.”

    By Amie Parnes @ The Hill


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ DHS’s Abandon’s Plans for Fifty Surveillance Towers in Arizona Over Contractual Differences ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES (Arizona) July 30 – According to Homeland Security News Wire the DHS’s plan to deploy fifty surveillance towers across southern Arizona is temporarily on hold, following a protest by Raytheon that the agency improperly awarded the work to rival EFW.

    In a decision released last Thursday by the Government Accountability Office(GAO), DHS has been asked to re-evaluate the competitors’ proposals, saying that it is possible Raytheon was “prejudiced by the agency’s errors” during an evaluation of proposals.

    In February Worsley proposed his solution: a series of mobile, wide-area radar surveillance towers stretching nearly 400 miles along Arizona’s border with Mexico according to the Verge. The proposal is essentially a shadow border, meant to evaluate the US Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) performance — and then improve it. “My argument,” he tells me from his high-ceilinged corner office, about 20 miles east of down-town Phoenix, “is that you can’t get anywhere without securing the border once and for all.”

    This shadow border is his way of beginning that process, and would cost $30 million to set up.

    Reactions to the proposal have been mixed. Senators in border states — and Worsley’s constituents — are listening. But no one’s clamoring to throw him money to get it started. And two big questions remain: Why is a surveillance program the best alternative to a problematic immigration law?

    And what makes Worsley think he can change the debate with a new kind of radar?


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ NYPD Detective Shot in Greenwich Village Gun Battle ‘ 

    Ace Breaking News – UNITED STATES (Greenwich) – July 30

    NYPD Detective Shot in Greenwich Village Gun Battle With Fugitive Child Abuse Suspect to Be Released From Hospital
    The NYPD detective who went into a Greenwich Village smoke shop on a tip that an accused child molester on the run for two years was working there and was shot, along with two U.S. Marshals, when the officers tried to apprehend the suspect, will be released from the hospital Wednesday.
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    PROTECTIVE EDGE DAY 23: ‘ UN School Hit in Northern Gaza Under the Guise of Routing-Out Displaced Fighters Sheltering in the Building ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – GAZA CITY – July – At least 50 Palestinians were killed today, including 20 at a UN school, in relentless Israeli bombardment in Gaza, a day after one of the bloodiest days in the fighting between Israel and Hamas, taking the death toll to 1,283 early on Wednesday.

    (Before the Bombing) ​

    Israeli military shelled the UN school based in Gaza’s Jebaliya refugee camp early on Wednesday.

    ​(After the Bombing)

    At least 20 people killed in the attack, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. The shell slammed into the school in northern Gaza as the conflict between Israel and Hamas entered its 23rd day.

    The school was being used as a shelter for those displaced by fighting, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said.

    The incident occurred early morning, and a couple of hours after Israeli tanks had begun heavy shelling in the area. It is the second time this month that a UN school in Gaza has come under attack.

    On Thursday, 16 people were killed and hundreds wounded when a UN-run school in northern Gaza was struck reported by IBN Live


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    NIGERIA: ‘ Suicide Bombers Attack Two Mosques Killing at Least Six People and Injuring Others ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – NIGERIA (Kano) – July 30 – Suicide bombers have attacked two mosques in northeast Nigeria’s Yobe state killing at least six people and injuring several others, witnesses told AFP blaming the Boko Haram Islamists.

    The first explosion rocked an open air mosque belonging to a Shiite Muslim sect in the Dogo Tebo area of the town of Potiskum around 7:55pm (local time) leaving four people dead yesterday.

    The second blast five minutes later at a mosque within the compound of the chief imam in the town’s Anguwar Bolawa area killed at least two worshippers.

    "A suicide bomber we believe was from Boko Haram blew himself up at the open air mosque used by Shiites which they name Saqafa shortly after saying their evening prayers there," witness Balarabe Dahiru said.

    "We took four dismembered bodies of the victims to the hospital along with five others who were injured," said Dahiru who was sitting outside his house when the blast happened.

    The body of the suicide bomber was left untouched by residents in protest, he said.

    Resident Awwal Maikusa who gave a similar account said a second blast occurred five minutes later.

    "They are obviously the handiwork of Boko Haram," Maikusa said of the two attacks.


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    INDIA: ‘ Five Killed and at Least 150 People Feared Buried Under Landslide Caused by Torrential Rains ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – INDIA (Pune District) – July 30 – An Indian official says that more than 150 people are feared buried under a landslide that hit a village in western India following torrential rains reported Associated Press.

    ​Prabhakar Deshmukh, the local commissioner of Pune district in Maharashtra state, says Wednesday’s landslide in the village of Ambe has buried about 40 houses.

    ​Deshmukh told CNN-IBN TV station that federal rescue workers are on their way to the area but have been hindered by poor roads leading to the village and continuing rain.

    He says residents have begun the work of clearing the debris

    Few other details are immediately available.


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    ‘ Kidnapping Hostages and Handing Over Millions for Their Release Bank-Rolls Terrorism ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices (Exclusive) – EUROPE – July 30 – European governments are bankrolling Islamist militants by handing over millions to release hostages, reports the International New York Times.

    ​"Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for Al Qaeda, bankrolling its operations across the globe," says the paper.

    The group has made $125 million since 2008.

    NYT Opinion February 2013 stated – But little was said about the most important factor: Europeans have knowingly bankrolled Islamist radicals with ransom payments since at least 2003.

    ​Sixteen years before the 9/11 attacks, the United States sold Iran weapons indirectly in the hopes of freeing American hostages held by Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah. The Iran-contra debacle taught America, among other things, that paying ransom money only emboldens terrorist groups and their backers.

    Yet when confronted with the same challenge, European leaders have failed to heed that lesson, and have filled the coffers of terrorist groups for at least a decade.

    The so-called global war on terror has been hobbled by these pay-off’s. The same nations that until very recently had troops in Afghanistan fighting terrorism have been turning over cash to terrorists in Africa.

    Over the past decade, Britain, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands have paid more than $130 million to terrorist groups, mostly through mediators, to free European hostages.

    Then courting the social media war machine allows these militant organisations to grow in popularity and thus spread their words far and wide, allowing recruitment of followers and increasing the spread of radical fundamentalism.


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    ‘ Chief Prosecutor Members of Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Behind Campaign of Persecution and Should be Tried for War Crimes in Special Court ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – July 30 – Chief prosecutor Clint Williamson said on Tuesday (29 July) members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) were behind a campaign of persecution against ethnic Serb, Roma, and other minority populations of Kosovo.

    ​“We believe that the evidence is compelling that these crimes were not the acts of rogue individuals acting on their own accord, but rather that they were conducted in an organised fashion,” said Williamson, who was appointed to lead the Special Investigative Task Force (Sitf) in October 2011.

    Sitf was set up to probe allegations of KLA crimes following a 2011 report by Dick Marty, an investigator at the human rights watchdog, the Council of Europe. Similar allegations were made in a separate report by Human Rights Watch, an NGO.

    The Kosovo Albanian military outfit disbanded in 1999 but is implicated in the death and disappearance of around eight hundred people after the war’s official end in June of the same year.

    Murder, abductions, enforced disappearances, illegal detention in camps in Kosovo and Albania, sexual violence, and violence against political opponents to obtain power and personal wealth is among the list of crimes linked to high-ranking people inside the guerrilla outfit.

    Other serious allegations involve a handful of organ trafficking cases.


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    ‘ David Cameron Attempts to Destabilise UKIP’s Rise in Popularity Polls with New Benefits Bill Targeting Unemployed Migrants ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – July 30 – The British government announced on Tuesday (29 July) it will tighten benefits for unemployed migrants from the EU in plans the European Commission has said it will examine closely reported EUobserver.

    • Cameron visits staff at British supermarket chain (Photo: gov.uk)

    Under the proposals, London is to reduce to three months – down from six months – the time EU migrants without realistic job prospects can claim welfare.

    Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Prime Minister David Cameron said it was about "addressing the magnetic pull of Britain’s benefits system".

    Other measures include banning "overseas only recruitment" and "massively" restricting the number of jobs automatically put on an EU jobs portal. "This is about putting British residents first," he said.

    The move comes on top of changes announced last year under which EU migrants may only claim unemployment benefits after three months of being in the UK.

    The new measures are seen as an attempt to try and counter the popularity of the UK Independence Party ahead of next year’s general election.

    The party topped the polls in the May EU vote and has been positioning itself as the only party willing to tackle immigration.

    The European Commission, for its part, said Cameron’s proposals will be "scrutinised" carefully once the details are clear.


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    ‘ EU Joins US in Major Economic Sanctions on Russia Thus Creating Wide-Ranging Affects ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – BRUSSELS – July 30 – The US on Tuesday (29 July) announced a widening of its own Russia sanctions to match the EU’s economic sanctions adopted just a few hours previously.

    "Today, and building on the measures we announced two weeks ago, the United States is imposing new sanctions in key sectors of the Russian economy: energy, arms, and finance," US President Barack Obama said at a press conference in Washington.

    He said exports of "specific goods and technologies to the Russian energy sector" will be banned, and more Russian banks and defence companies added to an existing blacklist.

    "And we’re formally suspending credit that encourages exports to Russia and financing for economic development projects in Russia," he added.

    He said the sanctions regime "will have an even bigger bite" as it was widened in close co-operation with the EU.

    EU ambassadors earlier on Tuesday adopted the so-called stage three of the sanctions regime, banning trade in Russian bonds and stocks issued by state-owned companies, as well as arms, technology for oil exploration and high-tech items imported by Russian military companies.

    "The European Union is joining us in imposing major sanctions on Russia – its most significant and wide-ranging sanctions to date," Obama said reported by EUobserver


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    CHINA: ‘ Several People are Killed and Tens Wounded in Terrorist Attack ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 29 – Several people were killed and tens were wounded on Monday in a terrorist attack in the Kashgar Province in China’s north-western Xinjiang-Uyghur autonomous region, the Xinhua news agency reported.

    Developing story …………………………. more soon


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    UNITED STATES: ‘ Internal VA Documents Show Depth of Fraudulent Scheduling and Manipulation of Data ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 29 – Internal VA documents show the depth of fraudulent scheduling, manipulation of data and in some cases, intimidation of staff, to hide delays in medical care to veterans in in the 6-million patient national system, according to documents provided to USA TODAY.

    Workers at the Department of Veterans Affairs out-patient clinic in Wilmington, N.C., told auditors that they "were fearful of retaliation" if they manipulate appointment data.

    Secret lists on veterans whose care was delayed were kept by VA hospitals or clinics in places like Richmond, Va., Washington, D.C., and Lebanon, Pa.

    Results of this audit were provided to President Obama on May 30, the day former VA Secretary Erik Shinseki tendered his resignation.


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    ‘ Mother of Two Killed in Her Own Home Man Charged with Second-Degree Murder ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED STATES – (Long Island) – July 29 – A mother of two was killed in her Long Island home Sunday, a "victim of violence," according to police, though it’s not yet clear how she died reported NBC

    ​’ Charles Pray and Monica Lino ‘

    Monica Lino, 36, was found dead by a relative on the first floor of the house on Berkshire Drive in Farmingville, police say. Charles Pray, 34, of Bay Shore, was charged Monday with second-degree murder in the woman’s death.

    Police would not elaborate on the circumstances of Lino’s death except to say she had been the victim of a violent crime.

    Pray’s relationship to Lino wasn’t immediately clear.


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    CHINA: ‘ Communist Party Investigates Former Politburo Zhou Yongkang For Party Violations ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – CHINA (Beijing) – July 29 – China’s Communist Party has launched an investigation into a former domestic security chief, AP said. Zhou is being investigated for serious violations of party discipline, Xinhua reported, without giving further details.

    ​If he goes to trial, Zhou Yongkang would be the highest-level official to be prosecuted since the 1981 treason trial of Mao Zedong’s wife and other members of the "Gang of Four," who mercilessly persecuted political opponents during the chaotic 1966-76 Cultural Revolution.

    ​(Politburo Standing Committee)

    Until his retirement in 2012, the square-jawed, granite-faced Zhou was one of nine leaders in the party’s ruling inner circle — the Politburo Standing Committee — whose incumbent and retired members had been considered off-limits for prosecution in an unwritten rule aimed at preserving party unity.

    However, Xi, who is party leader as well as president, has vowed to go after both low- and high-level officials in his campaign to purge the party of corruption and other wrongdoing that have undermined its legitimacy in the public eye.

    The party’s anti-graft watchdog, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, said on its website Tuesday that it is investigating Zhou, 71, for serious violations of party discipline.

    Although it gave no details, such an announcement typically paves the way for the official to be ousted from the party and face prosecution.


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    AFGHANISTAN: ‘ Suicide Attack Kills Hamid Karzai’s Cousin ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – AFGHANISTAN (Kandahar) – July 29 – A suicide attacker killed a cousin of outgoing Afghan President Hamid Karzai near the southern city of Kandahar Tuesday, AFP said.

    “A suicide bomber disguised as a guest came to Hashmat Karzai’s house to greet him on [the religious festival of] Eid,”said Dawa Khan Minapal, the provincial governor spokesman in Kandahar.

    “After he hugged him, he blew up his explosives and killed Hashmat Karzai.”

    The attack could raise tensions during a struggle over the contested presidential election result.


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    JAPAN: ‘ Heatwave Leaves 15 People Dead and 8,000 Hospitalised ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – JAPAN (Tokyo) – July 29 – A heat wave in Japan has left at least 15 people dead over the past week, officials said Tuesday. More than 8,000 others were hospitalized with heatstroke symptoms, AFP reported.

    On Saturday alone, at least six people died, when temperatures had topped 35 degrees Celsius, with dripping humidity in certain areas.

    Last year, Japan experienced its hottest summer on record, with the mercury hitting a record 41C in some parts of the country.


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    ‘ Three People Die in Illegal Experiments on Human’s Carried Out by John Podesta’s Financial Backers Firm ‘ 

    #AceNewsServices (Exclusive Report) – United States (Washington) – July 29 – John Podesta, one of President Obama‘s closest White House advisers, counts among his key financial supporters Hansjorg Wyss, a reclusive Swiss billionaire whose company conducted illegal human experiments that resulted in the deaths of three elderly patients.

    Justice Department attorneys negotiated a $23.8 million plea deal in 2011 with Synthes Inc., and Norian Corporation, its wholly owned subsidiary, and sent four of its U.S. executives to prison.

    The money was paid to the federal government.

    Two of the victims died in a California hospital and the third perished in a Texas medical facility. One of the California victims was Ryoichi Kikuchi, 83, who died on the operating table at John Muir Hospital in Walnut Creek on Sept. 19, 2009.

    He was a prize-winning physicist who analysed the thermodynamic behavior of liquids and gases and worked at scientific centers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California at Berkeley, the Max Planck Institute in Germany and the National Bureau of Standards.

    The federal judge who heard the case said the company’s "pattern of deception is unparalleled.”

    Synthes was a Swiss medical device firm with U.S. corporate offices in West Chester, Pa. Wyss opened the U.S. office in 1974 and was CEO until the company was bought by Johnson & Johnson in 2012 for $21.3 billion.

    The Washington Examiner asked a White House spokesman whether the president was aware of Podesta’s relationship with Wyss or of the three deaths when Podesta was invited to join the chief executive’s inner circle.

    The spokesman declined to respond.

    Podesta, who was White House chief of staff under President Bill Clinton, and Wyss have been financially linked for years.

    ​Among the Swiss billionaire’s largest gifts in recent years have been those made to the Center for American Progress.

    ​According to SourceWatch – The Center for American Progress was begun in 2003 with funding from philanthropists Herbert M. Sandler and Marion O. Sandler[1] It is a Washington, DC-based liberal think tank created and led by President and Chief Executive Officer John D. Podesta, the head of Barack Obama‘s presidential transition team after the 2008 election and former Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton.

    John Podesta, former chief of staff to President Bill Clinton and the head of Obama’s first transition team, founded the Center for American Progress in 2003. Last year, Podesta stepped down as CAP’s president—he remains its chair and counselor—and was replaced by Neera Tanden, who served in both the Obama and Clinton administrations. Former Virginia Congressman Tom Perriello heads the CAP Action Fund, an advocacy unit, which operates out of the same offices and shares personnel.

    In 2009 CAP’s Progressive Media project emerged as a major communications war room on behalf of Obama’s domestic and foreign policy agenda and CAP became a strong advocate for escalation in Afghanistan. Progressive Media is run through the Center for American Project Action Fund, the more political 501(c)4 arm of CAP.

    It co-ordindates closely with the Common Purpose Project, an effort to create message discipline among the pro-Obama organizations, with a direct tie to the White House.

    Ace Related News:

    1. John Podesta, Shepherd of a Government in Exile

    2. The Secret Donors Behind the Center for American Progress and Other Think Tanks


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    PROTECTIVE EDGE DAY 22: ‘ News From The Front-Line Returns As Gaza Crisis Explodes Into Chaos ‘ 


    • Since July 7, Israel has killed at least 1034 Palestinians in Gaza, including at least 226 children. More than 6200 others have been wounded.

    • On July 27, the Israeli military admitted that it opened fire on the courtyard of a UN school three days earlier in Beit Hanoun, where 16 Palestinians sheltering from the fighting were killed and scores more wounded. However, contrary to evidence supplied by eyewitnesses, journalists, and UN officials, Israel denied that its shelling of the school caused any deaths.

    • Since July 7, at least 44 families in Gaza have lost at least three or more members killed by the Israeli military in the same incident, totaling more than 250 people. During the 12-hour ceasefire on July 26, 11 members of the Hilo family were pulled from the rubble in the Shejaiya neighborhood of Gaza City. Earlier in the day, before the ceasefire came into effect, approximately 20 members of the Al-Najar family were killed, including 11 children, and many others were wounded when their home was attacked by the Israeli military in southern Gaza.

    • According to the United Nations, as of yesterday (July 27) at 8 AM ET:
    • At least 760 Palestinian civilians have been killed in Gaza, including at least 226 children and 117 women.

    • More than 6200 Palestinians have been injured, including more than 1900 children and 1100 women.

    • 215,000 internally displaced people (IDP) are sheltering in United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) and government schools, informal shelters or host families.

    • At least 194,000 children require specialized psychosocial support (PSS) due to trauma caused by the death or injury of someone they know or loss of home.

    • Twenty-two hospitals, clinics and medical centers have been hit by Israeli air-strikes or shelling since July 8. At least one doctor and two medics have been killed.

    • Israel has destroyed or severely damaged approximately 685 residential properties, including numerous multi-story buildings, causing hundreds of civilian casualties.

    • Since July 7, 130 schools have been damaged. At least six teachers are known to have been killed.

    • The Israeli army has declared 44% of the tiny Gaza Strip a military “buffer zone.”


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    GAZA CITY: ‘ Two Thousand Children Die in Bloody Conflict ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – GAZA CITY – July 29 – Almost 2,000 Palestinian children in Gaza have been injured since the start of the Israeli offensive, according to figures published on Sunday by the UN Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

    ​Also 999 Palestinians have died, including at least 760 civilians, of whom 226 are children and 117 are women.

    Contribution by EUoserver


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    ‘ EU Says Economic Sanctions on Russia Will Hurt the European Union for Years ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – July 29 – EU diplomats on Monday (28 July) are to pour over the legal texts drafted by the EU commission for imposing sectoral economic sanctions on Russia for its role in the Ukrainian conflict. The sanctions are expected to be approved on Tuesday.

    According to an EU source familiar with the legal texts, the economic effect of the sanctions will hurt the Russian economy by €23 billion this year (1.5% of its GDP) and €75 billion in 2015 (4.8% of its GDP).

    The Economist meanwhile has calculated that the pain Russian firms will suffer from these sanctions could go up to one trillion US dollars (€744bn).

    But the EU will also be hurt by the capital markets restrictions and trade bans for defence, high technology and goods that can be used both for military and defence purposes.

    The EU commission expects the EU to lose €40 billion (0.3% of GDP) this year and €50bn in 2015 – the equivalent of 0.4 percent of the EU GDP – as Russia is expected to retaliate with trade bans of its own against EU countries, the source said.

    This has already caused concern in southern member states – notably Russia-friendly Italy – where economic growth is meagre and recession may kick in again due to the Russian sanctions regime.


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    ‘ EU Leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and US Hold Conference Call to Impose Economic Sanctions on Russia . 

    #AceWorldNews – BRUSSELS – July 29 – The leaders of Britain, France, Germany, Italy and the US held a conference call on Monday (28 July) and agreed to impose economic sanctions on Russia as it continues to support the war in eastern Ukraine.

    In a press statement after the call, the office of British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the five leaders "agreed that Russia has failed to take the steps necessary to de-escalate the crisis, such as ceasing support for the separatists; stopping the flow of weapons across the border; and using its influence to ensure the release of hostages."

    Even after the downing of Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight, in which 298 people died, "Russia continues to transfer weapons across the border and to provide practical support to the separatists."

    "Leaders agreed that the international community should therefore impose further costs on Russia and specifically that ambassadors from across the EU should agree a strong package of sectoral sanctions as swiftly as possible," Downing Street said.

    EU ambassadors on Monday agreed to extend the sanctions list to the inner circle of Russian President Vladimir Putin and were set to meet again on Tuesday to agree on economic sanctions.


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    LIBOR SCANDAL: ‘ Lloyd’s Banking Group Agrees to Pay Fines Totalling $370 Million to US and British Authorities for Manipulation and False Reporting ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – BRITAIN – July 28 – Britain’s Lloyds Banking Group has agreed to pay fines totalling $370 million to U.S. and British authorities investigating its part in a global interest rate rigging scandal and manipulating fees for a government lending scheme.

    ​’ Helping Lloyd’s Banking Group Prosper’

    The settlement is the seventh joint penalty handed out by U.S. and British regulators in connection with the attempted manipulation of the London interbank offered rate, or Libor, and other similar benchmarks, which are used to price around $450 trillion of financial products worldwide.

    ​Lloyds’ settlement follows British rivals Barclays and Royal Bank ofScotland, which agreed to pay fines of $453 million and $612 million respectively in 2012 and 2013.

    The penalties comprise a fine of 105 million pounds ($178 million) by Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority, $105 million by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission and an $86 million fine by the U.S. Department of Justice.

    The FCA said the total UK fine of 105 million pounds include 70 million pounds for attempting to manipulate fees payable to the Bank of England for the firm’s participation in the special liquidity scheme, a taxpayer backed government scheme to support British banks during the financial crisis.


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    UN SECURITY COUNCIL: ‘ Call for Immediate and Unconditional Humanitarian Ceasefire ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – UNITED SECURITY COUNCIL – July 28 – The UN Security Council called on Monday morning (Israel time) for "an immediate and unconditional humanitarian cease-fire" in the Gaza war between Israel and Hamas, joining a similar call by U.S. President Barack Obama on Sunday evening reported Haaretz.


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    Malyasian Airliner MH17: ‘ Cameron Conference Calls the Four to Support his Stance over Russia ‘ 

    #AceWorldNews – BRITAIN (London) – July 28 – David Cameron Conference call rallies the leaders to support his stance against Russia and as his spokesperson said:

    ​“The Prime Minister spoke to President Obama, Chancellor Merkel, President Hollande and Prime Minister Renzi in a joint call this afternoon.

    “The discussion focussed on the international response to the MH17 disaster and Russia’s ongoing efforts to destabilise Ukraine. They agreed that the immediate priority must be to secure unrestricted access to the MH17 crash site, both to recover any remaining victims and to allow an unimpeded investigation of the site. They noted their support for Dutch and Australian efforts to secure such access.

    “On the broader conflict in Eastern Ukraine, they agreed that Russia has failed to take the steps necessary to de-escalate the crisis, such as ceasing support for the separatists; stopping the flow of weapons across the border; and using its influence to ensure the release of hostages.

    Indeed the latest information from the region suggests that even since MH17 was shot down, Russia continues to transfer weapons across the border and to provide practical support to the separatists. Leaders agreed that the international community should therefore impose further costs on Russia and specifically that Ambassadors from across the EU should agree a strong package of sectoral sanctions as swiftly as possible.

    They agreed that the EU and United States should continue to work together to exert pressure on Russia to change course and to engage in a political resolution to the crisis before more innocent lives are lost.

    Press Release: UK GOV


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    ‘ Social Security and Medicare Heading for Bankruptcy ‘ 

    #AceBreakingNews – UNITED STATES (Washington) – July 28 – Social Security and Medicare are marching steadily toward bankruptcy, though not quite as speedily as before, according to a report released Monday by the trustees for the two entitlement programs.

    Medicare will avoid insolvency until 2030, the program’s trustees said, a longer projected life span fuelled by drops in healthcare spending.

    The latest projections push the life of the Medicare trust fund back four years later than a year ago.

    By Bernie Becker @ The Hill


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