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About 400 elite mercenaries from the notorious US private security firm Academi formerly Blackwater are taking part in the Ukrainian military operation against anti-government protesters in southeastern regions of the country, German media reports.The Bild am Sonntag newspaper, citing a source in intelligence circles, wrote Sunday that Academi employees are involved in the Kiev military crackdown on pro-autonomy activists in near the town of Slavyansk, in the Donetsk region.On April 29, German Intelligence Service BND informed Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government about the mercenaries’ participation in the operation, the paper said, RIA Novosti reported. It is not clear who commands the private military contractors and pays for their services, however.In March, media reports appeared suggesting that the coup-imposed government in Kiev could have employed up to 300 mercenaries.That was before the new government launched a military operation against anti-Maidan activists, or “terrorists” as Kiev put it, in southeast Ukraine.

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‘Russia withdraws troops from Ukrainian border’
President Vladimir Putin also said that Russia has withdrawn its troops from the Ukrainian border.
“We have been told that our troops on the Ukrainian border are a concern – we have withdrawn them. They are now not on Ukrainian territory, but at locations where they conduct regular drills at ranges,” he said.

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – MEETING with OSCE – May 07 – Ukrainian right-wing groups are behind the recent events in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said, adding that Kiev has not disarmed them.

#AceWorldNews -SIMFEROPOL – May 07 – Ukraine is building a dam on the North Crimean Canal in the Kherson Oblast about 40km from the border with Crimea, Crimea Inform news agency reported citing witnesses’ reports.

The dam is built from bags with sand on the side of the Armyansk – Kherson highway near a bridge in the town of Kalanchak.
“With the help of cranes and other construction equipment, the dam in the canal is being built right from the bridge,” eyewitnesses said.
Earlier, Ukrainian officials said Crimea was illegally taking water from the North Crimean Canal.
Crimean authorities, in turn, have repeatedly stated their readiness to sign a contract on water supply to the peninsula, but received no answer.

DONETSK, May 07. /ITAR-TASS/. The self-defense forces of the Donetsk Oblast have exchanged three officers of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) for “people’s governor” Pavel Gubarev, co-chairman of the government of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic Denis Pushilin told ITAR-TASS.
Pushilin confirmed the information regarding the exchange. He added that “several more people” were released along with Gubarev.
On March 1, Gubraev was proclaimed the “people’s governor” of Donetsk.
SBU in Donetsk filed criminal charges against Gubarev for encroaching on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and inviolability, attempting to overthrow the government and seizing government or administrative buildings and facilities. The people’s governor of Donetsk was arrested on March 6.

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – May 07 – Some 4,000 combatants supporting the Kiev authorities have been brought into Odessa, Georgy Fyodorov, deputy head of the Russian Civic Chamber’s Committee for Coordination of Aid to Residents of Ukraine said Wednesday.

“Very alarming reports are coming in from our friends in Odessa,” he said. “They suggest that control over the city has practically shifted to (tycoon Ihor) Kolomoisky because Igor Palitsya, the new governor of the Odessa region, is his henchman.”

“Unfortunately, we have reports that armed militants of the Right Sector, fighters of the Dnipr and Kyiv-1 special task force battalions, and ultras of the FC Dnipro have been brought into the city and the overall number of the combatants propping up the Kiev regime exceeds 4,000 there now,” Fyodorov said.

“The most dangerous thing is that local police have handed them the lists of the pro-federation movement activists,” he said. “In addition, we have the information the whole city is blocked by checkpoints and traffic inside is practically paralysed.”

Fyodorov said the reports coming from Odessa were “a cry for salvation”. “People are asking the Public Chamber and me personally to appeal to international organizations and to the authorities in Kiev to avert the planned actions of terror and to stop the city’s slide into genocide.”

“We’re working on this very scrupulously now and watching the situation inside and outside of the city,” he said.

Powerful Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky was appointed governor of Dnipropetrovsk region by the incumbent government in March 2014.

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21.05 GMT:
An ‘internal factor’ was behind of the tragic events in Odessa on May 2, says the new Kiev-appointed head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Igor Palitsa.
“I am convinced that the enemy is within,” Palitsa was quoted by Itar-Tass as saying.

Palitsa, who replaced the Vladimir Nemirovsky as the head of Odessa, promised to punish those involved in Friday’s tragedy, “regardless of political affiliation.” The new head also said that he is willing to meet with pro-federalization representatives.

“We must do everything to achieve peace in Odessa, and to prevent disruption of the elections. We need a legitimate president,” Palitsa said.

20.36 GMT:
UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said the Ukrainian crisis is “getting worse and worse and deteriorating day by day,” as he gave his assessment while visiting South Sudan.
He said that diplomacy is the way forward as he called on four parties of the April 17 Geneva agreement to take measures.

He said that Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the European Union should “review what had gone wrong” with Geneva Agreement and why this has not been implemented.

“This is their political responsibility before this situation would just develop into a stage where nobody can control – beyond control. This will have serious regional and global implications in peace, security and economy. It has become geo-political and geo-economic issues,” Ban added.

19.54 GMT:
Kharkov officials have canceled annual display of original World War II equipment and vehicles on May 9. The military parade to celebrate Victory Day takes place on Freedom Square. Speaking of the reasons behind the decision, Governor Igor Baluta cited safety issues as, he said, officials have received numerous “signals of possible provocations”.

Aside from that, the cancellation of military parade was a demanded by anti-Maidan protesters, who claimed that armed forces from Western Ukraine, which “are now shooting at peaceful people in Donbas” would take part in the event.

19:33 GMT:
A toxic agent was used in an attack on the Trade Unions House in Odessa on May 2, which saw 46 people dead and another 214 injured, Pyotr Poroshenko, MP and Ukraine presidential candidate, said.

Therefore the tragic events in Odessa may be classified as a terrorist attack, he told Interfax news agency after a closed session of the Ukrainian parliament at which the evidence was presented.

19:32 GMT:
Kharkov officials have canceled annual display of original World War II equipment and vehicles on May 9. The military parade to celebrate Victory Day takes place on Freedom Square. Speaking of the reasons behind the decision, Governor Igor Baluta cited safety issues as, he said, officials have received numerous “signals of possible provocations”.

Aside from that, the cancellation of military parade was a demanded by anti-Maidan protesters, who claimed that armed forces from Western Ukraine, which “are now shooting at peaceful people in Donbas” would take part in the event.

19:33 GMT:
A toxic agent was used in an attack on the Trade Unions House in Odessa on May 2, which saw 46 people dead and another 214 injured, Pyotr Poroshenko, MP and Ukraine presidential candidate, said.

Therefore the tragic events in Odessa may be classified as a terrorist attack, he told Interfax news agency after a closed session of the Ukrainian parliament at which the evidence was presented.

19:32 GMT:
An armed stand-off occurred outside a military building in Donetsk after anti-Kiev militia members arrived for negotiations with representative of the Ukrainian military, Tuesday. They had traveled to the building to hold negotiations with officials there regarding the protection of the building, as it contains weapons, Ruptly reports. The discussions were unsuccessful.

18.59 GMT:
There’ll be more sanctions put forward against Russia if its troops cross the border to “destabilize” the Ukrainian election on May 25, Victoria Nuland, US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, warned.
However, she stressed the doors for a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis aren’t yet shut, Interfax news agency reports.

18.33 GMT:
The self-defense forces in Donetsk Region’s Mariupol say Ukrainian forces might have started storming the city.

“Just now we began receiving reports of a massive attack on our checkpoints located in the west of the city. There’s no information on casualties yet. Apparently, the assault has begun,” Mikhail Krutko from self-defense forces staff told Interfax news agency.

“Our forces have accepted battle. The gun fight is underway,” he added.

16:50 GMT:
Russia said that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, agreed on Tuesday that it was important to promote dialogue to defuse the Ukraine crisis.

Lavrov and Steinmeier, meeting on the sidelines of a Council of Europe session in Vienna, underscored “the need to continue joint efforts by Russia, the United States, the EU and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe to foster the start of a Ukraine-wide national dialogue in the interests of resolving all existing problems,” the Foreign Ministry said. (Reuters)

16:41 GMT:
Days after Friday’s vicious street clashes and the fire, people in Odessa are living in fear the violence will return, RT’s Irina Galushko reports.

16.08 GMT:
A group of 20 people have set a radar station in Lugansk region on fire, the prosecutor general’s office says on its website. The radar station was located on a territory of one of military bases. According to the statement, at around 04:00 am unknown men attacked security, took away their weapons and set the station on fire.

16:08 GMT:
A group of 20 people have set a radar station in Lugansk region on fire, the prosecutor general’s office says on its website. The radar station was located on a territory of one of military bases. According to the statement, at around 04:00 am unknown men attacked security, took away their weapons and set the station on fire.

16:08 GMT:
Over 60 schools and 59 kindergartens have stopped work for one day in the city of Donbas in Donetsk region. It is still unclear if the halt will be prolonged.

16.08 GMT:
Footage posted online reveals that Ukrainian tanks and armoured vehicles have been stationed en masse around the Donetsk region city of Slavyansk.

15:42 GMT:
The Ukrainian parliament has passed a draft law during a closed session which would confer the status of war veterans on current members of the armed forces participating in special operations in the east of the country, RIA Novosti reports.

The draft law on the status of combatants, initiated by the Cabinet, would apply to the National Guard of Ukraine, the Security Service, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, the State Border Service, servicemen, and other military formations formed under the law.

15:41 GMT:
The cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are in desperate need of medical supplies to assist those wounded in ongoing military operations, David- Pierre Marquet, press secretary for the International Red Cross (ICRC) in Europe and Central Asia, told Itar-Tass news agency. According to Marquet, the ICRC distributed basic drugs and medical supplies throughout the cities.

14:13 GMT:
Eight people have been killed and 16 injured in a military operation in Slavyansk, RIA Novosti reports, citing the Donetsk region health department. Those with gunshot wounds were hospitalized in a critical and serious condition.

14:02 GMT:
Kiev’s district administrative court has ordered a comprehensive “linguistic” examination of Russian TV programs. Experts will check if the programs contain calls for the violent overthrow of power in Ukraine, propaganda in favor of war or aggressive actions, and methods used to psychologically influence viewers.

13:58 GMT:
The Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) will not hold a national referendum on federalization on May 25, after only 154 deputies voted for it, short of the required 226 majority required. Speaking to RBK-Ukraine, presidential administration representative Andrey Senchenko cited the military operation in eastern Ukraine and the “safety of members of electoral commissions” as one of the reasons behind the decision.

“We cannot guarantee that there will be impartial results under guns,” Senchenko said, adding that in such a situation it would be easy to manipulate the results of the referendum.

13:45 GMT:
Ukraine may agree to a new round of talks in Geneva if Russia supports Kiev holding presidential elections on May 25, Ukrainian Acting Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia said.
“If Russia is ready to commit itself to support these elections and to eliminate this threat and eliminate its support for the extremist elements in Ukraine, we are ready to have such a round of meetings,” he told a news conference after a Council of Europe meeting in Vienna on the crisis in Ukraine.

13:08 GMT:
Of 46 people who died in the May 2 violence in Odessa, five were killed by gunshots, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry in the region told RIA Novosti news agency. The prosecutor’s office has confirmed that 46 people died that day and 214 sustained injuries. In a fire in the city’s Trade Union building, 32 people died of asphyxiation by carbon monoxide, eight people died of traumas sustained by falling from windows and one died of burns, according to the latest official data.

11:43 GMT:
Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, will meet with his Swiss counterpart and OSCE chairman, Didier Burkhalter, on Wednesday in Moscow, the Kremlin informed.

“It is expected that the talks will focus on discussing the crisis in Ukraine,” the announcement said.

11:43 GMT:
Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, will meet with his Swiss counterpart and OSCE chairman, Didier Burkhalter, on Wednesday in Moscow, the Kremlin informed.

“It is expected that the talks will focus on discussing the crisis in Ukraine,” the announcement said.

11:31 GMT:
A shooting happened right in front of SBU HQ in Slavyansk, RT’s Paula Slier reported. A car drove towards militia guards securing the building and the driver didn’t stop when ordered to, she was told. The guard opened fire at the car.

It was not immediately clear whether the driver was killed or just injured in the shooting. He was taken on a stretcher away from the scene in a van, Slier said.

09:59 GMT:
UN human rights spokesman Rupert Colville told a press briefing that the current situation in Ukraine would make it very difficult to hold elections, RIA-Novosti reports. “If the situation continues as it has over the last several days, it will be very difficult. Serious violations are occurring, buildings are burning, people are being killed on the streets. It is very difficult to hold elections under these conditions,” he said. Presidential elections in Ukraine are scheduled to take place May 25.

Colville also implored the government of Ukraine to immediately investigate events in the Donetsk region and in Odessa, where dozens have been killed.

“It is principally important, that Ukrainian authorities carry out an immediate, full and transparent investigation into to the events in the Donetsk region, where dozens of people have been killed, and in Odessa, where at the same time a fire at a union hall last Friday killed over 40 people,” he said.

09:58 GMT:
The identities of 38 of the 46 people killed in the mass clashes in Odessa on May 2 have been established, a police spokesman told Interfaks-Ukraina.

Several missing-persons reports have also been filed. Two of the people on the list have since been declared dead.

09:55 GMT:
People in #Donetsk are saying they are ready for provocations that might take place on the day of the referendum.
— PaulaSlier_RT (@PaulaSlier_RT) May 6, 2014
07:44 GMT:
There were no reports of fresh clashes overnight in Slavyansk, the stronghold of anti-government militias opposing Kiev’s military crackdown in eastern Ukraine. The city saw four consecutive days of attacks by Ukrainian troops, with Monday being the bloodiest.

Tensions remain high in the blockaded city, where residents are fearful of food shortages and the continuation of hostilities.

07:40 GMT:
Anti-government protesters have seized the city hall in Debaltsevo, a city in the eastern part of the Donetsk region, local media reported. The city is a major Ukrainian railway hub, through which a large part of the rail traffic from Russia passes.

The protesters took the administrative building unopposed, and no violence was reported.

07:05 GMT:
More than 30 anti-government protesters were killed in fighting near Slaviansk in eastern Ukraine, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on Tuesday.

“We estimate that the terrorists lost more than 30 people,” Avakov wrote on Facebook.

The minister said four Ukrainian servicemen had been killed and 20 wounded.

The self-defense forces said on Monday four of their number had been killed in the fighting.

00:23 GMT:
Members of two Donetsk coal mines have gone on strike, assembling in the centre of the city to protest against the authorities in Kiev, Itar-tass reports.

South Donbass No. 1 and No. 3 mines in the city of Ugledar, Donetsk region have partially seized production and are now demanding that Kiev’s military units end assaults on people in the east of the country.

Some miners have expressed their desire to join the self-defence squads to help protect Ukraine’s industrial region. Others are volunteering to help organize this week’s referendum.


#AceNewsServices UKRAINE UPDATE May 05 2014 Monday May…

#AceNewsServices – UKRAINE – UPDATE – May 05 2014

Monday, May 5

#AceBreakingNews – SLAVYANSK – May 05 – Three activists have died in clashes between Ukrainian troops and pro-federalisation forces near the village of Semyonovka.

Another 30 were wounded and 10 are still missing, Itar-Tass reports, citing sources in the Slavyansk self-defence headquarters.

“We can confirm the deaths of two civilians as a result of Kiev’s retaliatory operation,” the source said, claiming that “mobile groups of Right Sector radicals” are operating in the city.

Ambassadors of the 28 member states of the EU have not agreed on the introduction of additional sanctions against Russia, Itar-Tass reports, citing an EU Council press service employee. “The work will continue,” the source said. It did not specify which sanctions were discussed – enlargement of the “black list” of Russian officials or sanctions targeting economic and trade relations. The ambassadors’ decision will be discussed at an EU foreign ministers meeting on May 12.

19:18 GMT:
Ordinary people delivering medicine, food, clothes to #Slavyansk hospital for injured patients pic.twitter.com/UkAvFibsrb
— PaulaSlier_RT (@PaulaSlier_RT) May 5, 2014
18:43 GMT:
In Kharkov, Ukrainian Railways has stopped selling tickets on trains traveling across the eastern part of the country, the company’s press service announced. The routes of 17 trains will be changed. Trains will also be bypassing the cities of Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, and Konstantinovka. Also, it will be impossible to travel from Kharkov to the Lugansk and Donetsk regions by bus. The central bus terminal canceled all trips due to the military operation in the region.

18:30 GMT:
Self-defense forces have detained and taken captive radical militants from the Right Sector, who tried to enter the city on an ambulance car. The men were armed with guns, Itar-Tass news agency reported, citing a self-defense forces representative.

17.11 GMT:
The people’s governor of the Lugansk region, Valery Bolotov, has ordered to hold a referendum on the region’s status on May 11.

“It will be an honest referendum, we will not take any other steps in addition to [giving people the chance to express their will],” he stressed.

According to Bolotov, there are already groups prepared to count the votes, and locations of polling stations have already been determined. Authorities confirmed that the list of voters and bulletins is currently being prepared.

16:12 GMT:
Close look at 2 shot-up vans to the east of Sloviansk, reports of Ukr army firing indiscriminately today – https://t.co/NzrnmuAzSl
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) May 5, 2014
15:40 GMT:
The city’s on the edge. Those who were willing to be interviewed are now leaving town. Rumors: #rightsector is being armed #odessa
— Irina Galushko (@IrinaGalushkoRT) May 5, 2014
15:33 GMT:
A humanitarian catastrophe is looming in the eastern Ukrainian cities blockaded in the ongoing military operation, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

There is an apparent lack of medicines, and shortages of food supplies are beginning, the ministry said.

“We once again call on those in Kiev, who are organizing terror against their own people, to come to their senses, to stop the bloodshed, to pull back troops and sit at once at the negotiating table,” the statement urged.

15:19 GMT:
43 people remain in hospitals in the Donetsk region, the regional administration’s press service said. These are people who sustained injuries “in violent clashes” and “military operations across Donetsk.” Since March 13, when clashes started spreading across the region, nearly 500 people have asked for medical attention.

14:44 GMT:
The US Department of the Treasury’s David Cohen, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, is set to visit Germany, France and Great Britain to discuss “further coordination” of existing and planned sanctions against Russia.

A Ukrainian army helicopter was downed by heavy machine gun fire and crashed into a river in the Slavyansk area, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry press service has said in a statement. The aircraft, identified as Mi-24 helicopter, was hit at 14:30 local time (11:30 GMT) while doing a target run during a combat mission, the statement said. The pilots survived the crash and have been evacuated.

14:10 GMT:
Attacked by Ukr army driver reported dead pic.twitter.com/DxHscsDhmW
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) May 5, 2014
14:07 GMT:
Lugansk regional council has supported the initiative of holding a referendum on the region’s status, the Council said in a statement on its website. It has called on the international community to assist in holding negotiations between Kiev and regional representatives.

13:40 GMT:
Russian internet giant Yandex has apologized for the remarks of the head of Yandex.Urkaine, Sergey Petrenko, who seemingly hailed the May-2 Odessa massacre by saying that “All is good [now]. The city has been practically cleansed of separatists,” in a discussion on his Facebook page.

According to Yandex’ press-service, Petrenko’s remarks, which have caused outrage online, “is not our official position, it is, certainly, his personal and emotional statement,” adding that the particular quote has also been taken out of discussion’s context.

“We would like to express our sincere condolences to all the relatives and loved ones of the people who died in Odessa, and once again apologize for the situation,” the press-service said.

Hate speech has been on the rise in Russian-Ukrainian discussions on social networks, and the tragic Friday events sparked both anti-Ukrainian and anti-Russian rhetoric online. To downplay the pro-Kiev radicals’ responsibility for the death of some 40 anti-government activists, many, including Petrenko, have blamed the deceased for “calls for unrest and violence,” “provocations” and “rallying under foreign flags,” claiming they caused the incident themselves.

13:08 GMT:
The Poltava city unit of the former Ukrainian riot police, Berkut, has been ordered to the volatile eastern Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk for a “mop-up operation.” But they refuse to carry out the order, Russian senator Igor Morozov told RIA Novosti, citing “confirmed information” from Kramatorsk activists.

According to Morozov, a commission from Kiev has been dispatched to the central Ukrainian city to force the Berkut officers to join the military operation.

The situation must be immediately discussed with the OSCE and relayed to the international military tribunal at The Hague, he said.

12:17 GMT:
The European Commission (EC) will have a meeting on May 13 with a delegation of the coup-imposed Ukrainian government headed by Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, the EC’s press-service said in a statement cited by Itar-Tass.

The meeting will focus on “making sure that Ukraine has all the support it needs for carrying out political and economic reforms in the long term and in the short term,” the statement said.

The Commission’s President Jose Manuel Barroso, EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton, EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule, and EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht will reportedly take part in the meeting.

11:49 GMT:
Four Ukrainian troops have been killed and around 30 injured in fighting in Slavyansk since Monday morning, Ukrainian Interior Ministry reports. The number of people killed on the side of the city’s self-defence is unclear, but unconfirmed reports suggest at least 20 people in total have been killed in clashes.

Some 11 recently injured people are being treated in hospitals in Slavyansk, while a civilian woman was reportedly shot dead by a Ukrainian army sniper while on her balcony, RT’s Paula Slier reports.

Shops closed, streets deserted in central Sloviansk as fighting reported as waging on outside of city now. pic.twitter.com/lLyvy43RrP
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) May 5, 2014
#Slavyansk: Reports suggest at least 20 ppl are dead following the military operation this morning. Fatalities come from both sides.
— PaulaSlier_RT (@PaulaSlier_RT) May 5, 2014
11:41 GMT:
Germany will not send any military observers to Ukraine with the possible new OSCE mission, reports Itar-Tass, citing a German Defence Ministry spokesperson. German observers will not be going to Ukraine at least until after the May-25 elections, the spokesperson added.

10:32 GMT:
The pilot of a Ukrainian armed forces Mil Mi-24 helicopter downed near Slavyansk, has been released, the Defence Ministry reported. He is being treated in a military hospital, the ministry said in a statement.

Slavyansk militia shot down three Ukrainian helicopters taking part in an attack on the city last week. Only one of the six pilots manning the aircraft survived. Apparently, the militia handed over the sole survivor and the bodies of the dead pilots to Kiev loyalists.

05:18 GMT:
The Ukrainian army reportedly withdrew its forces to the outskirts of protester-held Kramatorsk, following an offensive that left seven activists dead. Local militia members are preparing to make a stand for the city, RT’s Paula Slier reports from the scene.

02:00 GMT:
Self-defence forces in the eastern city of Donetsk have told RIA Novosti that a shootout took place near the city council building. One of the self-defence commanders said the assailants were most likely radicals from the Right Sector.

02:00 GMT:
Self-defence forces in the eastern city of Donetsk have told RIA Novosti that a shootout took place near the city council building. One of the self-defence commanders said the assailants were most likely radicals from the Right Sector.

00:16 GMT:
The press service of Donetsk city council has denied earlier reports that Mayor Aleksandr Lukyanchenko has resigned and handed over power to the pro-autonomy forces. The press service of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk earlier told RIA Novosti that the mayor had peacefully handed over authority. In the wake of the reports, the city council’s press office stated that Lukyanchenko remains the incumbent mayor of Donetsk.





The United States announced new sanctions against Russia in relation to the events in Ukraine.

According to the announcement of the press secretary of the White House, the new measures will affect 7 officials, including two officials from the inner circle of Russian president, as well as 17 companies connected with the people of this circle.

In addition, the US Department of Commerce imposes “additional restrictions” on 13 people from these companies.

The US Department of treasury said that the list includes presidential envoy to the Crimean region Oleg Belaventsev.

CEO of Rostech Sergei Chemezov, Deputy prime-minister Dmitry Kozak, Federal Guard Service Eugene Murov,

Chairman of the State Duma lower house committee for international affairs Alexei Pushkov, head of Rosheft Igor Sechin,

The first deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin.


#AceNewsServices SEOUL April 25 North Korea on Friday…

#AceNewsServices – SEOUL – April 25 – North Korea on Friday denied accusations from Seoul that it sent small, unarmed drone aircraft over the border recently, AP reported.

The military in South said three of the drones that crashed recently near the border with the North were flown on possible surveillance missions. Rodong Sinmun, the official newspaper of the North Korean ruling party, described the claim as farce, adding that Seoul is trying to provoke a war.

SEOUL/DAEJEON, April 11 (Yonhap) — South Korea said Friday that three small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) discovered near the tensely guarded border were built and sent by North Korea for spying purposes, though a smoking gun has yet to be found.

The military has retrieved the three drones from separate areas near the inter-Korean border since late March, prompting serious concerns about holes in South Korea’s air defence as one of them had taken photos of Seoul’s presidential compound and important military installations.

While the three blue sky drones built with rudimentary UAV technology have widely been believed to be sent from the communist state, Seoul’s defence ministry officially announced an interim investigation result pointing to Pyongyang over the drone incursion 18 days after the first one was discovered.

One was found on March 24 in Paju, just south of the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, and the other was retrieved from the front-line island of Baengnyeong during the North’s live-fire drills near the western maritime border on March 31.

Most recently on Sunday, the military revealed a third drone similar to the other two drones, which a person searching for wild herbs found in the east coastal city of Sokcho in early October.



#AceNewsServices – PHONE CALL FROM MERKEL TO PUTIN – April 25 – 12.29 GMT

“In the phone call she expressed her great concern over the tense situation in eastern Ukraine and said she expects Russia’s government to express its commitment to the Geneva agreement and to cooperate in its implementation,” said spokesman Steffen Seibert.

Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and United States last week signed a deal in Geneva aimed at easing tensions in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian rebels have occupied government buildings.

Seibert said “Russia should publicly declare that it fully supports the Geneva declaration and it should publicly call on the armed pro-Russian groups in Ukraine to refrain from violence and lay down their arms”.

The spokesman stressed that so far Russia’s position since the Geneva deal had been “absolutely disappointing” and that “we can see no progress whatsoever”.

His comments echoed an earlier sharp rebuke to Moscow by US Secretary of State John Kerry and came as US President Barack Obama was to speak to European leaders including Merkel in a conference call.

Seibert, speaking at a Berlin press conference, said that “sanctions are already in place” against Russia and that “you have to face the facts – in case nothing changes, it is important to be prepared for more” sanctions.

Moscow confirmed the phone call but threw the blame for the crisis at the Ukrainian government, which it accused of “unwillingness to implement the Geneva agreements.”

“Vladimir Putin sharply condemned attempts by the Kiev regime to use armed forces against peaceful civilians in the southeast of the country,” the Kremlin said in a statement.

The Kremlin said Putin and Merkel had also discussed Russian gas shipments, a crucial source of energy for Ukraine and much of Europe.

“The leaders of both countries stressed it was important to conduct as soon as possible talks on issues relating to the security of supplies and transit of Russian gas involving representatives of Russia, the European Union and Ukraine,” it said.

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#AceWorldNews KIEV April 24 The people’s self defence…

#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 24 – The people’s self-defence fighters in Ukraine’s Sloviansk city together with a reinforcement that arrived from Krasny Liman, have rebuffed an attack of the Ukrainian military who are engaged in a special operation at the entrance to Sloviansk, local media reported on Thursday.

“The convoy of armoured vehicles has yielded ground.

The people’s police have got reinforcement from the city of Krasny Liman.

Volunteers – even unarmed – continue to arrive at the strategic post,” according to a local report.

According to the media, the people’s policemen are currently sweeping the nearby forest belt.

According to some information, the armoured vehicles of the Ukrainian special task force have been moved away, but the military themselves could have massed not far from the block post.

The Ukrainian Interior Ministry for its part claims that the law enforcers have taken under control three self-defence block posts in Sloviansk.

The ministry says on its official website that the ministry officers and Ukrainian Defence Ministry servicemen have killed five protesters during the operation.

One of the participants in the “active phase” of the operation has been wounded.


#AceWorldNews UKRAINE April 24 INTERFAX RU Ukrainian military…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 (INTERFAX.RU) – Ukrainian military carried out a military operation under the Slavonic in the Donetsk region. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the destruction of five fighters self-defence. Authorities called dead “terrorists.”

“In the course of the anti-terrorist operation units and the Defence Ministry of Internal Affairs released and destroyed three checkpoint illegal armed groups in the north-eastern part of Sloviansk. During combat engagement to five terrorists were killed. From the parties to the transaction, one fighter was injured,” – said the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs .

Security Service of Ukraine recognizes that the situation Slovyansk is uncontrolled . Head of the press centre of the SBU Marina Ostapenko, commenting on the event, said that everything that happens in the city – “the conscience of those who are terrorizing the local population.”

“And these shots, and these explosions – it all comes from saboteurs, separatists, people with weapons, and now they have no influence on,” – said Ostapenko.

However, she stressed that the military operation in the south-east of Ukraine continues, and more detailed information concerning the action until security forces can not articulate.

Meanwhile, defence forces Sloviansk stated that Ukrainian troops recaptured one of the checkpoints at the entrance to the city. They claim that they were able to deploy three APCs. According to the channel “Russia-24″, this checkpoint is a key: it can be to head directly to the centre of Slavic. Checkpoint is 3 km from the city.

Earlier in the Self-Defence Forces of Donbass reported that on Thursday afternoon were shot at checkpoints on the outskirts Sloviansk, mobile phones in the city is not working.

“Around 12:00 MSK on the outskirts of the battle began Sloviansk, verified information about one death and one injured. Bombard other checkpoints located at the exits of the city” – “Interfax” one of the leaders of Self-Defence Forces of Donbass Miroslav Rudenko.

As the channel “Russia 24″, Ukrainian troops are slow offensive in Slavic. They use armored vehicles that cover special forces. “Special Forces enter the city, supported by helicopters. Along the roadside mined roads, and special forces snipers cover. They are also here in the territory,” – says the correspondent channel.

Translation from Russian to English may contain error’s (Смотрите оригинал материала на) http://www.interfax.ru/world/373616


#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

Thursday 24

14.10 GMT:
#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 (INTERFAX.RU) – Ukrainian military carried out a military operation under the Slavonic in the Donetsk region. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the destruction of five fighters self-defence. Authorities called dead “terrorists.” http://wp.me/p165ui-4WL

11.35 GMT:
#AceWorldNews – KIEV – April 24 – The people’s self-defence fighters in Ukraine’s Sloviansk city together with a reinforcement that arrived from Krasny Liman, have rebuffed an attack of the Ukrainian military who are engaged in a special operation at the entrance to Sloviansk, local media reported on Thursday.

“The convoy of armoured vehicles has yielded ground. http://wp.me/p165ui-4WN

11.09 GMT:
#AceNewsServices – US/UKRAINE – April 24 – Following is an interview by English Radio correspondent Morteza Jabbari with Tighe Barry—co-director of Code Pink in the US about the latest developments regarding Ukraine and that the interim government in Kiev continues to blame Russia for the situation in the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. http://wp.me/p165ui-4X5

09.33 GMT:
Unknown gunmen have attacked a checkpoint near Slavyansk in eastern Ukraine. Two people were killed, local self-defence forces spokesperson Stella Horosheva told RT.

“Unfortunately, the reports of a shooting have been confirmed,” Horosheva said. “Every night some sort of an incident takes place at one of our checkpoints. This time suspicious armed people were passing by and the self-defense members approached them to check their IDs. But the gunmen opened fire.”

09.58 GMT:
#AceBreakingNews – SLAVYANSK – April 24 – “Around 40 minutes ago fighting started on the outskirts of Slavyansk,” one of the leaders of self-defense forces, Miroslav Rudenko , told Interfax. We are checking reports of one dead and one injured. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Wt

There are shootings at a number of checkpoints at some of Slavyansk exit-roads.”

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#AceNewsServices MOSCOW April 23 INTERFAX RU The State…

#AceNewsServices – MOSCOW – April 23 ( INTERFAX.RU ) – The State Duma on Wednesday passed in the second and third readings in the law on criminal responsibility for public rehabilitation of Nazism, setting a fine for it to 500 thousand rubles or imprisonment for up to five years.

Appropriate amendments are made to the Criminal Code and the Code. The Criminal Code is complemented by Article “Rehabilitation of Nazism.”

It reads: “The denial of the facts established by the verdict of the International Military Tribunal for the trial and punishment of the major war criminals of the European Axis countries, the approval of the offences established by the said judgement, as well as dissemination of false information on the activities of the Soviet Union during World War II, coupled with the accusation of committing offences established by the said judgement, committed publicly, punishable by a fine of up to 300 thousand rubles, or imprisonment for up to three years. ”

Tougher sanctions proposed to install for the same acts committed by a person using his official position or media, “as well as fabrication of prosecution evidence.” For this set a fine of 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles; as an alternative – imprisonment for up to five years with deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years.

Also makes it an offence to five years imprisonment for defiling days of glory and anniversaries Russia associated with the Great Patriotic War.

Corresponding norm provides for sanctions for “spreading expressing clear disrespect for society information about the days of glory and anniversaries Russia related to the protection of the Fatherland, as well as the desecration of symbols of military glory of Russia, committed in public.” For it shall be fined up to 300 thousand rubles; as an alternative – compulsory work for a period of up to 360 hours, or correctional labour up to one year.

RF Code of Administrative Offences with the norm, introducing penalties for “public dissemination of expressing clear disrespect for society information about the days of glory and anniversaries Russia related to the protection of the Fatherland, or the public desecration of the symbols of military glory of Russia, including those committed with the use of media and information and telecommunications networks, including the Internet. ”

These offences entail the imposition of an administrative fine on legal entities in the amount of 400 thousand to 1 million rubles.

The investigation of these crimes will be within the competence of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

The law was passed by the State Duma in the first reading on April 4. He was supported by all factions of Parliament.

The draft law on the responsibility for rehabilitation of Nazism was initiated by a group of deputies headed by Irina Spring.

Apologies for the Translation from Russian to English (Смотрите оригинал материала на) http://www.interfax.ru/russia/373414


#AceWorldNews MOSCOW April 23 Interfax Moscow will not…

#AceWorldNews – MOSCOW – April 23 (Interfax) – Moscow will not recognize the May 25 election in Ukraine, unless it is held on the basis of a nationwide, inclusive dialogue, said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“We will recognize something that would be based on the all-inclusive process,” he said in an interview with the Russia Today television channel, when asked whether Russia will consider the May 25 elections in Ukraine to be legitimate.

“To call an election without finding some common ground with the east and the south of Ukraine I think is very destructive for the country,” the minister said.

At the same time, initially it was expected that the country will not hold the presidential election before conducting its constitutional reform, and this understanding was reflected in the February 21 agreement between Viktor Yanukovych and the opposition, the minister recalled.

Lavrov drew parallels with the situation around the Syrian settlement process. The United States and its Western allies insist that the Syrians hold presidential election after conducting constitutional reform, and this is stipulated in the Geneva communique on Syria, the minister said.

The same is written in the Ukraine agreement signed on February 21, Lavrov said.

Meanwhile, Western countries will consider the May 25 elections in Ukraine legitimate without the prior constitutional reform, he said.

The same people who are saying that the presidential election in Syria will not be legitimate without a constitutional reform will recognize the legitimacy of the May 25 elections, Lavrov said.

The U.S. is trying to make Russia responsible for settling international crises, and not just the Ukrainian one, he said.

“The Iranian issue depends on Russia alone, Syria depends on Russia alone… Now Ukraine depends entirely on Russia. I would say it is an absolutely unrealistic approach and an attempt to hide your own responsibility,” said the Russian foreign minister.

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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

Wednesday 23

18.35 GMT:
DONBASS – April 23 – (Interfax) – Ukrainian presidential candidate, leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros announced the beginning of the formation of the representatives of the Donetsk region spetsbatalona “Donbass”. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Wa

15.08 GMT:
KIEV – Sergei Taruta, Chief of the Donetsk regional administration appointed by the Kiev authorities, has called to conduct a referendum on the status of the Russian language and decentralization of bodies of power in Ukraine, the press service of the Donetsk regional administration said on Wednesday.
“Once people want a referendum they should have an opportunity to hold the referendum,” Taruta said. He said that May 25 — the date of presidential election scheduled in Ukraine, is the right time for the referendum.
Questions for the referendum should be formulated as soon as possible to ensure that all the interested parties reach accord, Taruta said.
The heads of town administrations, regional councils and state administrations of the Donetsk region have backed Taruta’s initiative.http://wp.me/p165ui-4W0

14.10 GMT:
DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russian gunmen in eastern Ukraine admitted on Wednesday that they are holding an American journalist, saying he was suspected of unspecified “bad activities.”Simon Ostrovsky, a journalist for Vice News, has not been seen since early Tuesday. He has been covering the crisis in Ukraine for weeks and was reporting about groups of masked gunmen seizing government buildings in one eastern Ukrainian city after another. http://wp.me/p165ui-4VX

12.35 GMT:
Anti- and pro-government demonstrations have been held next to the City Council in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov.
Those who protest against the Kiev coup-appointed government were holding a large banner saying “No elections without a referendum.” The activists also demand the official status of the Russian language in the region.
Meanwhile, the pro-government supporters have gathered next to the WWII Eternal Flame memorial in the city, shouting slogans in favour of “united Ukraine.”
Kharkov City Council MPs have addressed the Ukrainian Parliament on Wednesday with a demand to pass a law on regional referendums in the country. http://wp.me/p165ui-4VN

12:35 GMT:
Several hundred anti-government activists continue to protest in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk next to the regional government building, which is still controlled by anti-Kiev protesters, RIA Novosti reports. Protesters say they rally in support of the federalization of the country.
The demonstration is being held peacefully, with the protesters playing football and handing out leaflets.

12.30 GMT:
Protesters demanded that the Ukrainian authorities grant Russian the status of an official language. Meanwhile, supporters of Kiev authorities gathered near the Eternal Flame, they chanted slogans in support of the “united and indivisible Ukraine”. http://wp.me/p165ui-4VN

Protesters carried a large banner “No elections without a referendum”

11.43 GMT:
Chiefs of UK’s intelligence agencies have warned British Prime Minister David Cameron against providing military assistance to Kiev by western states, Daily Mail on-line version reported on Tuesday. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Vt

11.08 GMT:

NATO’s navy presence in the Black Sea has increased to three units as the US has sent warship USS Taylor to the Black Sea, a source from the Russian Navy told ITAR-TASS. “The frigate USS Taylor has passed through the straits and entered the Black Sea yesterday evening,” the source said. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Vq

10.26 GMT:
Aleksandr Sapunov, who was proclaimed ‘People’s mayor’ of the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka by anti-government protesters there, has announced his resignation.
“Following an attack, of which my close circle and I became targets, taking into account a threat to my life, I am no longer going to fulfil duties of the ‘People’s mayor’ and also of the MP of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’,” he told RIA Novosti.
He said he will still be the leader of the local ‘City order’ movement and an active participant of the city’s self-defence.
Sapunov said unknown people blocked a car driven by his friend on April 16. When the assailants found out there was no ‘People’s mayor’ in the car, they drove away. http://wp.me/p165ui-4W5

10.10 GMT:
Security Service of Ukraine ( SBU) has put the former Chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev Valeriy Koryak and Deputy of Public Safety Petro Fedchuk on wanted list, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports.
It is alleged that the former policemen charged with unlawful resistance of the organization or holding meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations.http://wp.me/p165ui-4Vy

08.58 GMT:
Resumption of the military operation in eastern Ukraine is contrary to the Geneva agreement, a representative of the self-defence forces of the Donetsk Region, Sergey Tsyplakov, told RIA Novosti.
“The Kiev junta gets it the way they want. When it comes to vacating [government] buildings, only the east should do this… This is all cynicism and double standards,” Tsyplakov said.

08:46 GMT:
The military operation against protesters in eastern Ukraine, which the authorities in Kiev describe as an “anti-terrorist” one, has been resumed following its suspension during the Easter holidays , first vice-president Vitaly Yarema told journalists.
“Law enforcement agencies are working on the eradication of all groups currently active in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other cities of the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions,” Interfax reported him as saying.

Yarema said no military operations were carried out overnight.

08.39 GMT:

Turchynov demands to resume special raid in eastern Ukraine
Active phase of military operation has been resumed in the eastern regions of Ukraine, parliament-appointed First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema told reporters. According to him, it was done “in accordance with the order” by the Verkhovna Rada appointed Acting President and Speaker of Parliament Oleksandr Turchynov. Yarema added that law enforcement bodies are “working towards the elimination of all armed groups” in Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and other cities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

06.30 GMT:
(Reuters) – Ukraine’s government said on Wednesday the United States had promised to stand by it in the face of aggression, and announced that it would press ahead with a security operation to crack down on pro-Russian armed groups.
After a lull for the Easter religious holiday, officials in Kiev decided to renew what they call an “anti-terrorist operation” against separatist militias who have seized control of about a dozen public buildings in eastern Ukraine. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/23/us-ukraine-crisis-idUSBREA3L11A20140423

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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 21 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 21 – Timeline of Events and Latest from news sources.

Monday 21

18:11 GMT:
1/2 Am now in #Kramatorsk at occupied City building where they tell me senior members of ‘Donbass People’s Republic’ are now in building..
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014
2/2 They say outside that meeting is being held between groups, aimed at forming ‘Donbass Republic’. No media access. pic.twitter.com/HvfnJ7W2Kb
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014

17:09 GMT:
Anti-government activists have entered the local headquarters of the Ukraine Security Service in the town of Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region, RT’s RUPTLY stringer reports from the scene.

The activists are currently installed in the building, over which the flag of the People’s Republic of Donetsk has been raised.

15:44 GMT:
Names given of 3 activists killed in #Sloviansk shooting yesterday.#Ukraine #Russia pic.twitter.com/4kG8UDvFdK
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014

15.43 GMT:
Three foreign journalists were temporarily detained by pro-Russia insurgents in city in eastern Ukraine.
One Belarusian and two Italian journalists were stopped Monday by gunmen as they reported in the city of Slovyansk, which has been occupied by pro-Russia forces for more than a week.
Slovyansk is one of many cities in Ukraine’s Russian-speaking eastern region where insurgents are demanding greater ties with Russia. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Ud
By Philippa Stewart (ALJ)

14.17 GMT:
A monitoring mission of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has arrived in the town of Sloviansk in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region to investigate a shooting incident that took place there on the Easter night last weekend, the Deutsche Welle media corporation said on Monday. http://wp.me/p165ui-4U5

14.09 GMT:
In keeping with the Geneva agreement, Ukraine is working out measures to de-escalate tensions in the east of the country, acting Foreign Minister Andrii Deshchytsia said o Monday, April 21.
“We meet in the four-party format every day, with the participation of the leadership of the mission of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), to work out measures towards de-escalation of the situation in the eastern part of Ukraine,” he said.
However, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier in the day that the Ukrainian authorities were not complying with the Geneva agreement.http://wp.me/p165ui-4U7

14:01 GMT:
Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich demanded that the Kiev coup-appointed government withdraw National Guard troops from eastern Ukraine and start peaceful dialogue with the citizens of the eastern regions.
“You called millions of people terrorists. They have no other choice but to fight for their rights, their own life and lives of their children,” he said.
Yanukovich also spoke in favor of a referendum on Ukraine’s federalization, which should be followed by constitutional reform.

13:55 GMT:
People and protester enjoy the music at #Donetsk barricades Ruptly https://t.co/ocVDnfFz6k
— denise reese (@denice_ruptly) April 21, 2014

13.05 GMT:
Viktor Yanukovych has demanded to return Ukraine’s military forces to their permanent bases, to withdraw the National Guard units from the country’s east, and to start a dialogue with the people in the eastern regions of Ukraine. Yanukovych proposed to hold a referendum on the country’s federalization and the powers of the regions (Itar-tass) http://wp.me/p165ui-4TY

12.59 GMT:
Irma Krat, an activist of the Right Sector, and representative of the self-defence forces of Ukraine’s Donetsk region have held a joint briefing in Donetsk. Both parties stated that they agreed to release Irma Krat soon. The self-defense forces believe that she is one of the Maidan ‘centurions’, and have detained her on suspicion of subversion. http://wp.me/p165ui-4TS

“The conditions are normal, nobody bullies me, I’m fed properly,” Krat said at the briefing.

12:40 GMT:
Irma Krat, a prominent Maidan activist and journalist, who was detained on Sunday in protester-held Slavyansk, gave a media conference on Monday.
The protesters suspect the 29-year-old of having close links to the ultranationalist Right Sector movement, which they blamed for the deadly attack on one of the protesters checkpoints early on Sunday morning.
Krat is accused by Self-defence of, effectively, working as spy for the Maidan side. She disagrees to Self-defence. pic.twitter.com/UuxshhoJDm
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014
Krat denied having links with the radicals, and insisted that she had arrived in Slavyansk in her capacity as a journalist and said that the protest in Maidan, which she supported, and the protest movement in eastern Ukraine mirror each other.
At presser, Krat’s press pass is brought out, ‘self-defence’ draw attention to its being out of date. #Sloviansk pic.twitter.com/wcEU6qHRwr
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 21, 2014
She added that she was treated well by her detainers and that she feels fine.
Both Krat and the protest activists said she will soon be released.

11.28 GMT:
Protesters in Luhansk have announced the establishment of a joint headquarters of South-Western Ukraine which will coordinate efforts of protesters in all other regions, the local media reported Monday. The joint coordination centre will be based in Donetsk, the source said.

On Monday, people’s gatherings have been held in Luhansk and other settlements of the region to formulate questions which should be put to a referendum the protesters are planning to hold on May 11.
The establishment of a federal state, the status of a subject of a federal state and the status of the Russian language are among issues on the agenda of the planned referendum.
A large-scale meeting of supporters of a federal state was scheduled in Luhansk for 3.00 pm Moscow time Monday. http://wp.me/p165ui-4TI

10:31 GMT:
Protesters in Lugansk have announced the creation headquarters for the coordination their activities in the south-eastern region, Itar-Tass found out. The base will be set up in Donetsk. This is taking place in an atmosphere of public gatherings aimed at tackling the kind of issues that will make their way into the upcoming May 11 referendum, including the question of federalization.

08.51 GMT:
“Everything points to the fact that the Kiev authorities are not able to control extremists, or do not want to control them,” the foreign minister said. The main thing now is to prevent any kind of violence in Ukraine, Lavrov added. “It is the first clause of the Geneva agreements, the first requirement,” the minister stressed. “This part of the Geneva agreement is not fulfilled, but on the contrary, steps are taken by those who seized power (in Kiev) in violation of the Geneva agreements,” Lavrov said.
“We are concerned that instead of confirming the responsibility for the situation, Kiev and the West-European countries are trying to make Russia responsible,” he said. “There main proof is the Russian weapons in the conflict zones. It is ridiculous – no other weapons have ever been there,” Lavrov added.
“Those who intentionally aim at instigating a civil war obviously hope to spark off an enormous, serious and bloody conflict, are conducting a criminal policy,” Lavrov said. “We (Russia) will not be only condemning this policy, but thwarting any manifestations of such policy as well,” the diplomat said, adding that “shooting at unarmed people on the Easter night is beyond any reason.”
“Instead of giving ultimatums and threatening us with sanctions, Washington should realize in full measure its responsibility for those people they brought to power in Kiev,” Lavrov noted. “Attempts to isolate Russia are absolutely prospectless, as it is impossible,” the minister emphasized.

01:19 GMT:
The “people’s mayor” of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, has imposed a curfew from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 am, Ukraine’s Unian news agency reported.

00.35 GMT:
US Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to meet with Ukraine’s coup-installed President Aleksandr Turchinov and Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk during his visit to Ukraine’s capital, the White House announced. Biden’s visit to Kiev will begin on Monday afternoon and will last two days. He will also meet with members of Ukraine’s parliament from various regions and representatives of non-government organizations.
During the meetings, the two sides will “discuss the international community’s efforts to help stabilize and strengthen Ukraine’s economy and to assist Ukraine in moving forward on constitutional reform, decentralization, anti-corruption efforts, and free and fair presidential elections on May 25,” the White House statement said. “The vice president will also consult on the latest developments in eastern Ukraine and on steps to enhance Ukraine’s short- and long-term energy security.” http://wp.me/p165ui-4TV

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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 20 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 20 – Timeline of Events and Latest from news sources.

Sunday, April 20

19:06 GMT:
The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has announced the creation of a special units corps to maintain order in the south-eastern parts of the country.
The move is explained by the “externally inspired separatist terrorist attacks, creation of gangs financed from outside the country, and the threat to internal law and order” in those regions, the ministry’s website said.

18:40 GMT:
The self-defence forces in Ukraine’s Donetsk region are expecting assaults on checkpoints and administrative buildings they’re holding in the town of Slavyansk at 18:00 GMT, Itar-Tass reports.
The anti-government activists are on high alert, with preparations to repel the attack under-way, said Vyacheslav Ponomarev, the “people’s mayor” of Slavyansk.
According to Ponomarev, unidentified armed men were spotted gathering outside the town.
The self-defence forces failed to establish their belonging to any units of the Ukrainian military and say they are militants from the radical Right Sector movement.

18:09 GMT:
Machine gun fire has been heard in the centre of Slavyansk, a city in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region, a RIA Novosti correspondent reported from the scene.
Anti-government demonstrators in Odessa have demanded the resignation of the head of the regional administration, Vladimir Nemirovsky, Vesti.ru reports.
Hundreds marched the streets of Odessa on Sunday, with the demonstration concluding with a rally at the city’s Kulikovo Field.
Protesters also showed their support to the idea of referendum on the federalization of Ukraine and urged the coup-imposed authorities to end political repressions.
The self-defense forces in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region said that three of their checkpoint in the suburbs of the town of Slavyansk came under fire by unidentified gunmen, Interfax news agency reports. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Tl

12.36 GMT:
On Sunday, the Interior Ministry called on former members of the Berkut riot police, which had been branded as thugs and criminals by the new authorities, to return to service April 20 – 17.25 GMT: http://on.rt.com/xdnz8t

“We, the members of the board of Ukraine’s Interior Ministry, address the former members of Berkut. You always were the elite of the security forces,” said the statement of the ministry’s website. “On the eve of Orthodox Easter we urge everyone not indifferent to the fate of our country, to reconcile and unite, first of all by social consolidation and stopping the strife and mutual disrespect.”
The Berkut special forces units were dismissed on February 25 by the coup-installed Kiev regime http://wp.me/p165ui-4T0

11:14 GMT:
The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed outrage over the deadly gun battle on Saturday night in Slavyansk. It said Kiev must deliver on its commitment to de-escalate the violence.

10:02 GMT:
The OSCE mission in Donetsk does not possess evidence of any Russian troop presence in Ukraine. The mission’s head, Klaus Zillikens, told Ekho Moskvy radio that information appearing in the media regarding the number of victims of clashes in the Donetsk region is often unsubstantiated and not backed by evidence. This includes the Donbass region as well, Zillikens said.

09.30 GMT:
The division of Ukraine’s interior ministry in the Donetsk region has confirmed three people died in a skirmish in Slavyansk (northern Donetsk region).
The interior ministry’s version is “unidentified persons in four cars approached the block station and opened fire at the people guarding it.”
The source said three people had been killed in the skirmish /two local residents, the third is being identified/, and three more were wounded. An investigation is under-way. Earlier, Ukraine’s Interior Ministry confirmed a murder of one man in Slavyansk. http://wp.me/p165ui-4T2

09:26 GMT:
Anti-Maydan activist, Konstantin Dolgov, has been jailed for two months by Kharkov’s court for his role in coordinating the local protest movement, his lawyer told Interfax-Ukraine.
“We have five days to make an appeal,” Dmitry Tihonenkov, the lawyer, told the newspaper.
No details of the specifics of Dolgov’s crimes are being shared at present, but it is known that the charge is for the deliberate destruction of property.

08:01 GMT:
Mood here, some 6km outside #Sloviansk – shock, sadness. Working to find identities of those killed. pic.twitter.com/Yw0hmockuM
— GrahamWPhillips (@GrahamWP_UK) April 20, 2014

06:49 GMT:
The Ukrainian Interior Ministry has called on the former members of the Berkut riot police to stand up and fight against “intervention” and “save Ukraine.”
Berkut were involved in confrontation with radical activists during the Ukrainian protests in February, defending governmental buildings in Kiev from crowds, pelting them with Molotov cocktails and stones. Protesters accused the police officers of brutality, so after Ukraine’s coup all Berkut units were disbanded.
Former Berkut members must forget that they used to be on different sides of the barricades and remember that “they are children of a united Ukrainian land, forget grievances, and leave behind all personal ambitions,” the ministry leaders said in a statement.
The statement says that “in February there was enough human wisdom to stop just short of fratricide. The plot to discredit Ukraine’s national statehood failed.” It’s not clear whether the ministry chose to dismiss the killing of more than 100 people during the Kiev protest as irrelevant, or decided to go against the position of the General Prosecutor’s office, which charged several former Berkut members with mass murder.
The attitude towards Berkut troops is one of several undermining the split in Ukraine following the February coup. Many anti-Maidan protesters hail them as heroes, who fulfilled their duty and resisted the violence of the radical activists. Some former Berkut members are reportedly taking active part in the protest movement in eastern Ukraine, which is defying Kiev.

05:15 GMT:
Four people with gunshots have been taken to a hospital in Slavyansk overnight, RIA Novosti confirms.

04:53 GMT:
Five people have been reportedly killed in a shooting in Slavyansk, a city in eastern Ukraine held by anti-government protesters.
The fatalities came after a night attack on a protester checkpoint on the outskirts of the city, a Rossiya 24 news channel correspondent reported. Four cars drove by the checkpoint and opened fire at local residents holding it, killing three people and seriously injuring another one.
A group of protesters, who had firearms unlike those holding the checkpoint, was called from their camp in the city. They opened fire at the attackers, killing two of them, the report said.
The protesters in the confrontation reportedly captured the attackers’ two cars. Firearms, explosives and aerial photos of Slavyansk were discovered there. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Ti

01:34 GMT:
German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called on the West to focus on preventing “further escalation” in Ukraine rather than on sanctions to target Russia, according to Germany’s Bild am Sonntag newspaper, which is expected to publish the full interview on Sunday.
“I sometimes wish that the same engagement being used for the debate about sanctions would also exist when it comes to avoiding a further escalation,” Steinmeier told the newspaper. “We’ve already exhaustively discussed the sanctions issue.”
He also stressed that Germany supports the agreement reached in Geneva on the de-escalation of the conflict and vowed support to the OSCE mission in Ukraine.
“It was clear that peace in Ukraine would not be immediately restored after the agreement in Geneva. Now the most important is that the agreed measures are implemented,” he said. http://wp.me/p165ui-4SS

00.19 GMT:
In his Easter message, the head of Ukraine’s Orthodox Church condemned the “aggression” in Ukraine.
“Against our peace-loving nation, which voluntarily gave up nuclear weapons, there has been aggression, there has been injustice,” Patriarch Filaret said. “God cannot be on the side of evil, so the enemy of the Ukrainian people is condemned to defeat,” he added. “Lord, help us resurrect Ukraine.”

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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 19 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 19 – Timeline of Events and Latest from news sources.

Friday, April 18

21.25 GMT:
Ukraine’s parliament will vote for constitutional changes before May, the country’s coup-installed president, Aleksandr Turchinov, said on ‘Ukraine’ TV channel.The changes will include more power transferred to local regions. “I hope that before the end of May the parliament will be able to vote on constitutional changes regarding expanding powers of local governments in its first reading,” Turchinov said.

17.19 GMT:
NATO’s further enlargement and “one more step towards the Russian border” will cause “the entire European security architecture to be overhauled”, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on the TVC television channel’s “Pravo Znat” (The Right to Know) programme to be aired on Saturday evening, April 19. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Sw

16:35 GMT:
All of the Ukrainian Navy’s vessels have left Crimea, the press service of Ukraine’s coup-imposed president, Aleksandr Turchinov, said.
“All the vessels of the Ukrainian Navy have departed from Sevastopol Bay and Donuzlav Bay [in Crimea], including the Kirovograd landing ship, Vinnitsa corvette, Zolotonosha base ship, and others,” the press service told Itar-Tass news agency.
The ships are on their way to the port of Odessa where the Ukrainian Navy’s bases are situated.
The withdrawal of other Ukrainian military equipment from Crimea, including warplanes, is also underway, the press service added http://wp.me/p165ui-4St

15:55 GMT:
88.2 percent of voters in south-eastern Ukraine are eager to participate in the country’s presidential elections on May 25, a survey by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) reveals.

Only 39.1 percent of the people are undecided about which candidate they will vote for, ZN.ua weekly reports.

According to the research, businessman Pyotr Poroshenko is currently leading the presidential race in southeastern Ukraine with 21.6 percent.

MP Sergey Tigipko follows him on 10.6 percent, and then former head of Kharkov regional state administration, Mikhail Dobkin, who has the support of 8.4 percent.

The survey took place April 10-15 and questioned 3,232 respondents in eight regions in southeastern Ukraine.

Petro Poroshenko, independent member of Ukrainian parliament (left) and Ukrainian presidential candidate Sergiy Tigipko (AFP Photo / Volodymyr Shuvayev / Andrei Smirnov)

14:42 GMT:
Negotiations between the police and anti-government protesters in the town of Gorlovka in Ukraine’s Donetsk Region “brought no result,” the local police told RIA-Novosti news agency.

The demonstrators in Gorlovka remain in control of the town’s administration building and the police headquarters.

14:08 GMT:
Russia says it is prepared to help Ukraine resolve its political crisis in conjunction with the OSCE.
“The Russian side notes that Ukrainians must decide for themselves how to extricate themselves from the current political impasse, with the help of an OSCE monitoring mission. Russia is prepared to offer the broadest support in this venture,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin in a meeting with pro-Russian presidential candidate Oleg Tsarev.

13.18 GMT:
Three thousand Crimean citizens have refused to receive Russian passports and become citizens, head of the Federal Migration Service, Konstantin Romodanovskiy, told Interfax.

According to the agreement that accompanied the absorption of Crimea into Russia, people were given a deadline until April 18, but the “small number” could either grow or diminish, Romodanovskiy continued, explaining that people are prone to changing their minds in situations like these. In this case, he said, it was possible to extend the deadline further http://wp.me/p165ui-4S7

10.41 GMT:
Ukraine’s foreign minister has said that operations against pro-Russian militants in the east of the country have been suspended over Easter. Andriy Deshchytsia told the BBC the security services would resume military action if the separatists continued to occupy government offices

They are refusing to leave buildings in several cities, defying an agreement reached on Thursday to ease the crisis http://eeas.europa.eu/statements/docs/2014/140417_01_en.pdf

10:18 GMT:

Anti-Kiev protesters in Kramatorsk have once again captured the TV tower, as those who identify with Russia continue to face off against the Ukrainian military in the city. They have blocked the Ukrainian channels from being broadcast and switched over to Russian ones instead, RIA Novosti reports, citing the commander of the popular uprising. The pro-Russian group is dissatisfied with the way the country is being portrayed in the local programming, it claims http://wp.me/p165ui-4RQ

09:54 GMT:
More than 1.7 thousand tons in humanitarian aid from Russia’s regions have made their way to the Crimea, Emergencies Ministry representative, Aleksandr Drobyshenskiy told the press, according to Itar-Tass. The deliveries, which had started on March 14, came in the form of 32 convoys. Two more are being planned, according to Drobyshenskiy http://wp.me/p165ui-4RU

09:29 GMT:
If Kiev does not settle its gas debts with Moscow within a month, Gazprom will be forced to switch to a system of advance payments, President Putin has said, adding that the measure has nothing to do with May’s upcoming presidential election in Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports.
“Moscow is willing to tolerate” the continuing absence of payments for another month, Putin said during a live Q&A session on Thursday, adding that this is stipulated in the existing contracts.
“We don’t mix economics with the political process in Ukraine,” the President continued. “We were simply awaiting the receipt on April 7 of the money owed for the March for gas in March… this was $525 million. Not a cent… by the way, it was being transported at the lowest price, with all possible discounts.” http://wp.me/pzTwj-2VV

08:24 GMT:
President Putin has appealed to all European nations interested in bolstering Ukraine’s economy to come up with feasible programs for the country’s budget, RIA Novosti reports. The President sent communications to European leaders last week regarding Ukraine’s gas debt, which Russia had eased by reducing prices and subsidizing it with $35.4 million as a result http://wp.me/p165ui-4Sb

03:28 GMT:
Unidentified men tried to break through a barricade at Kramatorsk’s city administration building in eastern Ukraine, RIA Novosti reported, quoting the ‘People’s mayor’ of the neighbouring town of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev. Witnesses said up to 40 individuals approached the barricades and tried to dismantle them. Pro-federalization supporters called Slavyansk’s supporters for help and were able to maintain control of the city’s administration building http://wp.me/p165ui-4RZ

Witnesses also stated that the men trying to dismantle the barricade said they were promised a reward from Ukraine’s oligarchs for every barricade and building they recaptured from pro-federalization supporters in eastern Ukraine.

03:15 GMT:
Sanctions that the EU is preparing to introduce against Russia will likely negatively impact some EU countries, Budget and Financial Programming Commissioner of the European Commission, Janusz Lewandowski, told Poland’s TOK FM. Lewandowski stated that there are countries that depend on Russia entirely for their gas consumption – including Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland. Other EU countries will feel the effect through the banking sector or through a negative impact on trade.

02:04 GMT:
Two Norwegian warships are now part of NATO’s defense force, the country’s Defense Ministry told NRK. The two vessels are responsible for patrolling the Baltic and North Sea and have been stationed there indefinitely. The move has been identified as a response to the latest developments in Ukraine http://wp.me/p165ui-4RW

01:12 GMT:
The US administration wants to help Ukraine in its fight against corruption and repatriation of stolen assets, Itar-Tass reported, quoting National Security Council spokesperson Caitlin Hayden. To that end, the US sent a group of experts from the Treasury Department and the FBI to Ukraine. Their role is to consult the Ukrainian government on how to conduct an investigation and collect evidence. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Sy

00:51 GMT:
Poland’s defence minister, Tomasz Siemoniak, said that an announcement will be made next week regarding sending US ground forces to Poland as part of a NATO expansion mission in eastern Europe, in response to the ongoing situation in Ukraine, The Washington Post reported.

The minister’s statement was denied by Pentagon spokesman Rear Admiral John Kirby, the BBC reported. Kirby said the US is continuing to look at various available options to ensure that NATO allies are certain of US commitment to collective security.

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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 18 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 18 – Timeline of Events and Latest from news sources.

Friday, April 18

22:49 GMT:
Former Ukrainian prime minister and presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko said it is important to implement the agreements from the Geneva talks and start a direct dialogue with people in the eastern part of the country. Tymoshenko made her comments while appearing on ‘Ukraine’ TV channel, adding that she visited the Donetsk region and talked to people there.

22:49 GMT:
Three Ukrainian national parties have reportedly been banned from the eastern town of Slavyansk, Ukraine’s Unian news agency reported, citing the town’s leader of the People’s Militia, Vyacheslav Ponomare. The three parties consist of the Udar, Rodina, and Svoboda parties.

19.58 GMT:
Russia’s State Duma, the lower house of parliament, has passed a statement “’On an Anti-Russian Resolution of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe’ where it puts forward a tough condition for a continued dialogue with Russia in the form of a full lifting of sanctions against the Russian delegation.

19:51 GMT:
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry have held a phone conversation and agreed to continue talks on the settlement of the Ukraine crisis.

The diplomats discussed possibilities for international assistance in the normalization of the situation in the country following yesterday’s four-party talks in Geneva, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

Ukrainian authorities must implement the Geneva deal immediately and in full, including putting an end to violent actions and the launching of a national dialogue on constitutional reform, which is to include key regions and major political forces.

18:48 GMT:
Russia’s “entire society may mobilize” in response to the West’s attempts to “corner” it over the country’s position on Ukraine, Kremlin press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, has said.

“Thank God, it’s impossible to corner Russia,” he said in an interview with Rossiya-1 channel, which followed Thursday’s annual Q&A with President Vladimir Putin.

Peskov is confident that Russia will not get isolated over the events in the former Soviet republic since “not all countries” support sanctions against Russia. “Not all states are ready to step back from the principles of pragmatism in foreign affairs and sustain economic losses,” he said.

Russia does have troops on the border with Ukraine – a country “which has just had a coup” – to provide for its security, Peskov said.

“Some of the troops are deployed on a permanent basis, others were sent as reinforcements,” he said. “It’s worth mentioning that Russia is a sovereign state and entitled to deploy its forces without any limitations at any spot on its territory.”

18:38 GMT:
Europe understands there is no and will be no backtracking on Crimea, Vladimir Chizhov, Russian Ambassador to the EU has told the Rossiya-24 TV channel.

“Therefore, discussing the Crimea problem with us is rather a blind alley, and [Europeans] understand this,” he said. “At the same time, Crimea will certainly remain some kind of a thorn, a reason for those information wars to continue.”

The Russian diplomat also believes that a referendum on the federalization of Ukraine is “inevitable” and the first step towards it has already been taken.

“As of today, everyone including the signees of the Geneva document agree on the necessity of regionalization. The major point is not what the decision will called, but what it stands for,” Chizhov added.

18:34 GMT:
The White House warned Russia on Friday that Moscow would face tougher sanctions if it failed to abide by a new international deal on Ukraine or moved to send Russian forces into eastern Ukraine.

“Those costs and sanctions could include targeting very significant sectors of the Russian economy,” Susan Rice, President Barack Obama’s national security adviser, told reporters. (Reuters)

15:02 GMT:
Coup-imposed Ukrainian acting President Aleskandr Turchinov and Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk appeared in a televised address on Friday, calling for “national unity” and urging all to “refrain from violence.”

“The Ukrainian government is ready to carry out thorough constitutional reform, which will define the authority of the regions,” Yatsenuk said.

Local authorities in Ukrainian regions “will decide on their own” about whether to grant the Russian language or any other languages official status in the regions, Turchinov added.

14:26 GMT:
Moscow doubts a free and fair presidential election campaign is possible in Ukraine while the presidential candidates are being attacked by armed thugs, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. On Monday, two opposition candidates, Mikhail Dobkin and Oleg Tsarev of the Party of Regions, were attacked by groups of aggressive men. Tsarev was beaten and treated for injuries but refused to withdraw from the May-25 election.

12:43 GMT:
Ukrainian border guards have denied entry to approximately 600 Russian citizens who were traveling to the country. A day earlier Aeroflot warned its passengers that the company had received notification from Kiev that Ukraine will bar entry to Russian male citizens aged between 16 and 60. The same restrictions apply to all Ukrainian citizens registered in the Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, which both recently seceded from Ukraine and joined the Russian Federation.” The State Border Service of Ukraine confirmed to RIA Novosti that about 600 Russian citizens have been denied entry to Ukraine over the last 24 hours. This number includes all violators, including those who fit to the previously announced restrictions, yet the service has not specified the exact statistics.

12:39 GMT:
Anti-government protesters in Ukraine’s Kramatorsk in the Donetsk region have recaptured the television tower and turned off Ukrainian TV channels, replacing them with Russian ones, such as Rossiya-24, Rossiya-1 and LifeNews, the local broadcasting company confirmed. Sometime earlier the regional office of the Security Service of Ukraine ordered all Russian TV channels to be taken off air.

11:48 GMT:
Ukraine’s security service has put son of the ousted President Viktor Yanukovich on its ‘wanted’ list for alleged forgery and document falsification. The penalty for such crimes varies from two to five years in prison. Aleksandr Yanukovich is Ukrainian billionaire who reportedly attained his wealth during the years of his father’s presidency.

11:44 GMT:
Ukraine’s prosecutor general has launched a criminal case against ousted President Viktor Yanukovich, who is charged with ‘creation of a terrorist organization’. Among other people named as members of this organization are former Interior Minister Aleksandr Yakimenko and former chief of the Security Service of Ukraine Vitaly Zakharchenko.

The prosecutor general maintains that the trio were in charge of terrorist organization consisting of security and law enforcement officers that is responsible for mass murder of protesters and police officers in down-town Kiev in February.

Charges have already been brought against Yanukovich. On February 25, the coup-imposed authorities in Kiev declared they would address international tribunal in The Hague to bring the former president to justice.

Later, the prosecutor general issued a criminal case against Yanukovich “for an attempt to overthrow constitutional order in Ukraine” after the former president held a press conference in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don on March 3.

10:12 GMT:
Ukraine’s interim President Aleksandr Turchinov ordered round-the-clock bodyguards for six of the most prominent presidential candidates: Sergey Tigipko, Yulia Timoshenko, Pyotr Poroshenko, Oleg Lyashko, Mikhail Dobkin and Olga Bogomolets. Overall there are 23 presidential candidates and among them is Oleg Tsarev, a candidate who is extremely popular in eastern Ukraine and who was brutally beaten just three days ago by militants from the nationalist Right Sector group. However, Tsarev has not been put on the protection list. The presidential elections are set to take place on May 25.

09.27 GMT:
Ukrainian parliament-appointed Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has said a draft law on amnesty for protesters in eastern Ukraine is ready.

“The cabinet has prepared a draft law on amnesty,” he told the Verkhovna Rada on Friday. “If the whole parliament expresses its will, the law will be registered, and let us vote for it,” Yatsenyuk said.

08.58 GMT:
Ukraine’s Security Service and the Radiobroadcast, Radio Communication and Television Broadcast Concern have stopped broadcast of Russian television channels in Kramatorsk (north of unrest Donetsk oblast).

The Concern’s press service said the broadcast had been resumed as the local radio and television station was seized by local people, who blocked broadcast of the Ukrainian television.
“At that time, electricity at the transmitting station was cut off,” the press service said http://wp.me/p165ui-4QT

07.40 GMT:
A checkpoint of protesters was destroyed in the village of Sergeyevka near Sloviansk, the Donetsk oblast, Ukraine’s 112.ua news agency reported.

A woman in the village said shooting was heard “in the area of the road”.

“Local residents say that people in military uniform have appeared in the village.

Supposedly those are paratroopers participating in the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ anti-terrorist operation,” the agency reported http://wp.me/p165ui-4QK

06:35 GMT:
More than 80 Russians have been refused entry to Ukraine over the last 24 hours, Interfax says, citing airlines with flights to Ukraine.

Ukrainian authorities announced unprecedented travel restrictions on Russian citizens on Thursday. All men aged between 16 and 60 travelling without families are now being denied entry to the country.

Many of those in eastern Ukraine are concerned at the decision, which might cut them off from relatives and friends in Russia, RT’s Maria Finoshina reports from the Donetsk International Airport.
06:14 GMT:
A journalist of Russian Gazeta.ru news website was taken off a train from Moscow to Mariupol on the grounds that “the goal of her visit was not confirmed.” The online media outlet reports that the correspondent was also informed by the border patrol that they received an order not to allow journalists into Ukraine.

03:08 GMT:
Several Russian companies are withdrawing their business from Ukrainian TV ads due to the unstable political situation and looming economic crisis, Russian newspaper Izvestiya reported, citing Media First Ukraine director Roman Shihutsko. Some of the companies that will no longer be investing into Ukrainian ads include Yandex, MTS, Alfa-Bank, and VTB.
01:34 GMT:
Ukraine’s ban against the entrance of Russian males into Ukraine does not violate the principles of the OSCE, said OSCE’s director of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, Janez Lenarcic. Travel limitations can be used if they are “proportionate and badly needed,” the OSCE press office quoted him as saying.

00:12 GMT:
British Prime Minister David Cameron promised to provide an extra $1.7 million for the OSCE’s special monitoring mission in Ukraine, following his conversations with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and later US President Barack Obama. Cameron added that in the meantime, the EU should not stop its preparations for potential additional sanctions against Russia.

Obama and Cameron “agreed that the outcome of the Geneva meeting represented a positive step forward, but that it was essential that the agreements reached were rapidly implemented in order to reduce tensions and create space for political dialogue in Ukraine,” said Cameron’s press office.

“They agreed that the United States and European Union should do all they could to help implement these agreements, in particular through providing additional support to the OSCE special monitoring mission.”

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#AceBreakingNews GENEVA April 17 14.40 GMT The foreign…

#AceBreakingNews – GENEVA – April 17 – 14.40 GMT – The foreign ministers of Russia, the United States and the European Union are working on a document that should provide a way for resolving the current crisis in Ukraine, a source in the western delegation told ITAR-TASS on Thursday, April 17.

The meeting is continuing without the representative of Ukraine. The sides are discussing a concrete document on the resolution of the crisis in Ukraine, the source said.

The document may be adopted if the sides come to agreement on all of its points, he said, adding that because of this the consultations will continue longer than was initially announced.