Pay For Your Care After You Die

History behind the Welfare State

History behind the Welfare State (Photo credit: Victor O’)

Fees On Death

Ministers will today unveil a “pay as you die” solution to England’s care crisis – allowing pensioners to defer care home fees until after their deaths. The elderly will be encouraged to apply for Government-backed loans from councils to fund care fees. Additional proposals set to be announced in the Government’s White Paper include: an aim to abolish the postcode care lottery, new rules to make it harder for councils to commission home help visits of 15 minutes and more funding to allow people to stay in their own homes. The Government will also announce that the NHS will transfer £300mn to local councils to help “integrate” social care and health services. A further £200mn will be made available for housing projects to adapt houses for the elderly. The Daily Mail argues that the Government should axe foreign aid to help fund long-term care. Jeremy Warner, in the Daily Telegraph, says that more funding needs to be found – but not by robbing the elderly.

Our Take On The Story So Far – 

This is a story very close to my heart and the reason l built the organisation that will not take NO for an answer! The above statement hides a multitude of sins that will only become clearer to many people in the near future.

The story of ” Care In Our Community ” so far is that in 1990 an act was passed called simply ” The Care In The Community Act ” it was to provide simply a way to allocate or as it was called ” Ring Fence ” funding simply for care provisions. but it actually went right back to the 1950’s when l was born. Although the real changes took place on the above date with this happening.

The Basis of the Act  

Sir Roy Griffiths had already been invited by Margaret Thatcher to produce a report on the problems of the NHS. This report was influenced by the ideology of managerialism. That is it was influenced by the idea that problems could be solved by ‘management’. Griffiths firmly believed that many of the problems facing the Welfare State were caused by the lack of strong effective leadership and management. Because of this previous work, which was greatly admired by the Prime Minister, Griffiths was asked to examine the whole system of community care. In 1988 he produced a report or a Green Paper called ‘Community Care: Agenda for Action’, also known as The Griffiths Report.

My Comment On The Above 

This report changed everything as the person put in charge was an ex-supermarket manager and he saw everyone needing care in the NHS and Care Homes as a ” Tins Of  Baked Beans ” on the shelf of life, waiting for care! Based only on people being ill to order,but as we all know that is not how it happens and neither is it the way it happens! So we took no account of the future and the fact our food companies ply us with ever more hydrogenous, fatty and salty foods that have less nutrition than the cardboard box, in which they are sold! For example –Pot Noodle to name but one.

Then we add in the drug companies part in this debacle and we have what can only be described as the ” Side Effect Syndrome ” whereby we take a tablet to cure a problem caused by X and the side effect is Y and so we take another tablet to counteract this one. This builds and builds until we rattle like pill boxes ourselves.

So to the upshot and why we cannot find the answer to our problems firstly too many people needing too much care in our community, eating a poor diet and taking copious amounts of  pills and potions, but most of all why should any government care, when drug, food and care companies together with everyone who wanted this system, are making loads of money out of our elderly, sick, infirm and disabled!

The best part of this sorry saga is that as we will all age and need more care they have an ever-increasing NEED for health care and best of all their profits will increase in stock market shares, care provisions and in the end we will not be able to say NO! W e will be hooked!

All but the few and l for one will not be a sheep to be shorn as l am a lamb, are you?

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