The Problem with Idols Is They Eventually Fall From Grace

The achievements of Britain’s Olympic medallists are to be marked by streets named after them. Under plans being drawn up in Whitehall, town and parish councils will be advised to call roads after successful athletes. Separately, Olympic gold medallists have urged the government to invest in grass-roots sports clubs. 

A new book Britannia Unchained, Global Growth and Prosperity co-written by a number of Conservative MPs has called on the government to bring in tough new employment reforms to tackle “lazy” Britain. The book also claims that a “bloated public sector” is “dragging down” the UK’s economy. Commenting on the publication Labour’s business spokesman Chuka Umunna says: “People who work hard, play by the rules and pay their taxes shouldn’t have to put up with Tory MPs calling them lazy. David Cameron should immediately distance himself from this attack on hard-working British families”.

So now we are being shown how we should act in society and if we do not come up to certain standard, we are classed as idle and shiftless! It appears that unless we are world champions, celebrities or went to the right school, we are not stock!

Well Mr Cameron l came from a hard-working family and my dad worked 14 hours a day, my mother worked all her life! They paid their taxes and in 1984 my dad died of Leukemia.when l was 30 years of age! I made a promise to care for my mother and have kept that promise!

Meanwhile you give my mother £4.00 per week and take away £3.00 by changing the welfare rules! Her costs for her care for working all her life is now £59.22 it was £32.35 only 3 years ago! I can can claim £58.35 as long as l give 35 hours of my time, so l cannot work full-time! So l work in the community and help people in need by providing work for those that this government has managed to be made redundant!

When you leave school with little or no qualifications and cannot get a job, it is because under-graduates can! Then they sign on and are humiliated by the fact that service contract companies are set-up to make sure the government like       ” Pontius Pilate” can wash their hands of them!

These so-called Tories should be put in their place by our so-called Prime Minister, as he is supposed to be the leader of this country! Then instead of spending money on new street names for the recent crop of winners, he should spare a thought for the ones that are having their benefits cut!                    

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