Performance Rating Your Care Home

The Guardian reports that almost 50,000 care homes residents will be asked to complete a survey on their experiences within homes. The study, which is backed by the Care Quality Commission, will ask residents to rate aspects of their care including the staff, food, activities and privacy.


Having looked after my mother and many other people for the last 10 years and asked them many questions, either inside or outside care homes. I find this really difficult to get my head around,as a lot of these people when asked anything say yes.


For instance my mothers carers ask her would you like bacon and egg for tea? Her answer is yes, it is Monday! Ask the same question about the meal she said yes to on Tuesday, like did you enjoy that meal yesterday?Her answer 9 times out of ten is cannot remember or occasionally what was it!


So l do hope that the person providing the questionnaires is not going to ask like my mothers carers, or that the owners of the home or senior staff are going to ask the questions. As this will skew the answers in favour of the government department overseers and it will just become another paper exercise as is has so many times before.





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