European Council Meeting: Are Young People as Important as the Banks?

The need for any country, is they need to create jobs, that provide long-term employment, for people! The problem is that the US and UK to name but two, provide all their GDP in the country through financial services, and not directly through manufacturing goods! These countries rely on exporting goods and these are limited by design, so they outsource their services but in a limited way, given that these are based on supply and demand, in a very competitive `dog eat dog` environment! All profits for these businesses is held in the outsourced countries, and never reaches the shores of the country of origin! Thus when it comes to the Euro-zone, to make a decision to provide jobs for the young that provide long-term secure employment, firstly they need to look at manufacturing good quality, well made goods! Secondly they need an education system that is based less on making money and more on prosperity for their country! This way they would have less unemployment, less welfare burden and more prosperity for their future!
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