Club Of Rome Founder Proposed “Global Matrix” Of Manufactured Consent

I obtained a video just recently relating to 1954 by coincidence date of my birth! It made very interesting listening and just stumbled on this article! An excellent read and well worth knowing who is behind the scenes, manipulating our world!




Jurriaan Maessen
June 19, 2013

Environmental think tank aspired to global matrix of manufactured consent

Recently unearthed documents from the private collection of former diplomat and Bilderberg regular George C. McGhee have revealed (among other things) that the Club of Rome in 1970 wanted to create a “global matrix approach”, or G-Matrix approach, as a means of bringing people into an enviro-eugenicist mindset globally.

The Club of Rome was an influential think tank, advocating among other things worldwide population reduction and global environmental governance.

The author of the uncovered manuscript from 1970 was Italian industrialist Aurelio Peccei, who founded the Club of Rome in 1968. Peccei wrote that any acceptance of the Club’s conclusions “relies heavily on a global matrix approach”. Furthermore he writes that these conclusions by the infamous Club (which includes advocacy of worldwide population reduction) can only be generally accepted “through (…) an iterative, global…

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