‘Against the interest of mankind’: US abuses position of world power with mass surveillance — RT Op-Edge

#AceSecurityNews US Abuses Interest of Mankind #NSA


The abuse of surveillance power makes it clear the US should be stripped of its exclusive rights to control and monitor world information, and financial regulation, the former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin told RT.

RT:Let’s start with the fallout from the NSA scandal that effected France, French Ministers have called the revelations shocking, how surprised were you personally to find out the US government was snooping on millions of French citizens?

Dominique de Villepin: Well, we knew that some practices existed, but such an overall system – this came as a surprise for everybody. The importance of spying into private lives seems so big that it really looks something unacceptable between friends, between allies. And I think that it is very important now to find a way to change this system, because there is no argument, no reason that can be given to explain such a thing…

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