US Power Degenerates as India Seals China Border Pact

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bloomberg.comIndia Seals China Border Pact as Singh Hails Li Handshake (1) – Businessweek.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh signed an agreement to resolve border disputes that have hampered ties between the world’s two most populous nations for the past five decades.

Under the agreement, India and China will avoid making threats to use force against each other and refrain from seeking “unilateral superiority” along their 3,500-kilometer (2,175-mile) border. Both sides agreed to exchange information on military exercises and show “maximum restraint” in the event border forces come into contact.

“When India and China shake hands, the world takes notice,” Singh said at a joint briefing with Li today during his three-day trip to Beijing. “My visit to China has put our relations on a path of stable and fast growth.”


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