Just having a chat there with a writer…

Just having a chat there with a writer friend about Anonymous, and he is a good person to chat with. I know the media will tell us “We are arresting the leaders” but there are no leaders, like there is with Wikileaks and Julian Assange. Watch this latest video. It could have been done by your next door neighbour, your teacher, your local policeman, anyone. Anonymous has no leader or lead, it is a collective of thinkers who want, well what I want. But I am not a part of Anon. I never claimed to be, I never say I am or will be. I act alone. But so does Anon.

Do you want to stop corporate greed where a banker gets £$5M Pay off? – If so you are Anonymous

Are you against War – if so, you are Anonymous.

Do you want Government to lead and tell the truth? – If so, you are also anonymous.

Give this video a watch, you can spare 2 minutes 15 seconds of your life yeah?

People ask me about Anonymous, this is the quickest way I can explain

If you want to love and see peace and equality? – You are Anonymous

This video explains how we all are part of this, be it we like it or not. The message we send is the same. We are one in our views, we are one in our finding the truth.


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