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Jewel Green Smitherman 28 October 19:30

At Historic Homes, Unearthing a Deeper View of Slavery

TUCKED into suburban Lawrence, N.Y., in the south-west corner of Long Island’s Nassau County, Rock Hall is a hard place to find. But despite its relative obscurity, this stately, 18th-century Georgian manor has a new and intriguing story to tell, thanks to evidence uncovered through recent archaeological work.

These findings challenge a long-held view. “The thinking was that slavery dehumanized and took everything, including cultural memories,” Professor Matthews said. The evidence of Rock Hall slaves still engaged in West African religious rituals “suggests that they still thought of themselves as Africans.”

Mark P. Leone, an archaeologist and professor in the anthropology department at the University of Maryland, College Park, called the Matthews-Rava findings “a significant discovery.” He also said archaeological work on slavery in the north was still a relatively new field and that such sites were uncommon.


At Historic Homes, Unearthing a Deeper View of Slavery

Sites like the Rock Hall manor on Long Island have discovered a more complex picture of slavery.