Opinion: Cameron and Osborne want growth – at any cost – Benedict Brogran Telegraph – John Gelmini

#AceNewsServices says you can fool some of the people some of the time, by giving them what seems to be enough, while you take the lions share for yourselves!
A simple example is from the sale of Lloyds and TSB Banks the people got £338.00 million back for supporting the bailout in 2008! The lions share of £3 billion still remains behind closed doors in toxic assets ,while they manipulate the housing market. Th intention being to push up prices { a housing bubble would do} and eventually take these properties out of no equity into profit and then sell them, for nice tidy profit for you know who!
#austerity for the poor and #profit for the rich.

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Cameron and Osborne do not want “growth at any cost” as Benedict Brogan asserts, what they want is the appearance of growth and enough “feelgood factor” from those who will vote for them.

They plan to achieve this, as Dr Alf has identified, by creating a mini-housing boom, and a consumer led recovery by those people at work, through increased credit card lending and secured lending.

Growth means exports, genuine new businesses starting up and expansion through organic growth of UK Mid Caps or what should be our “Mittelstand“.

It is all smoke and mirrors and too little too late, particularly on the part of the so called “Business SecretaryVince Cable who is so complacent he is horizontal enough to work as a bed tester for John Lewis.

Dr Alf’s description of whitewashing evidence for growth is accurate and as for growth potential it…

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