Ex-ISIL detainees tell horror stories of captivity in Aleppo

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Horror stories have begun to emerge in the wake of the freeing of several hundred captives of the Al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Aleppo.

Other terrorist groups from the so-called Free Syrian Army, the extremist Islamic Front, and several independent groups have been locked in a campaign against the hardline Al-Qaeda militants of ISIL over the past week.

Wednesday’s rebel capture of a central detention facility used by ISIL in Aleppo – a children’s eye hospital in the neighborhood of Qadi Askar – led to freedom for several hundred people, who have begun to tell their stories of captivity.

Two eight-minute videos posted on YouTube by media activists from the city featured interviews with former captives of the militant group.

In one, Milad Shehabi, a prominent media activist who was himself detained last month, said he spent his first 13 days of captivity blindfolded, and…

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