UK: “Cameron Says Speak English or Lose Benefits Even if You Are Entitled”

#AceNewsServices says according to the Daily Mail today David Cameron plans to strip ,welfare handouts from immigrants, that refuse to speak English.
His reason’s for wanting to destroy any form of “Welfare Benefits” are clear that his party want to cut ,slash and burn people worse off ,we are at the beginning of that, with his latest raft of measures.
Well now he turns to the immigrants of this country, and wants to find a way to stop them claiming benefits, his idea is to stop printing welfare paperwork in foreign languages, and stop claimants from using tax-payer funded translators at benefit offices.
Of course this is the first step in changing a policy of what has become an open-door policy, to closing our borders to anyone who does not fit!
For many years we have allowed people from other countries to become resident’s and work in job’s that over the past 10 years, many British people would not do, reason being low wages. l know of at least 3 people local to me that earn a measly £2.50 per hour for shop work. One of the places that have many immigrants, including Polish, Romanian and Bulgarians have worked for years, is the hotel and restaurant trade, that would barely survive without them!

Well l say it is one step too far, when we use a language barrier as a way ,to stop people claiming what in many cases could be rightfully their’s.

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