US: ” Emily’s List – ‘Abortion Restrictions’ Forbidding Healthcare in Certain States”

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Dear Friend,

Think the Republican War on Women is finally over? Think again.

Here’s a terrifying statistic: State legislatures have passed more abortion restrictions in the past two years than they had in the previous decade.

And it’s not just in the red states. We’re talking about states like Michigan, where the state legislature just passed a bill forbidding health insurance from covering abortions — with NO exemptions for rape or incest.

There’s one sure fire way that we can stop this calculated attack on women’s rights: By electing more pro-choice, Democratic women up and down the ballot. That’s what EMILY’s List has worked to do for nearly 30 years.

Sign up right now to join the more than three million members of EMILY’s List and help us fight back against the Republicans’ anti-women agenda in 2014.

If you think about the big, tough fights we have coming in the 2014 elections, you’ll realize in nearly every critical race, a pro-choice Democratic woman is leading the way.

We need your help to elect governors like Wendy Davis in Texas and Mary Burke in Wisconsin — women who are willing to step up and stand up to the radical GOP.

We need your help to re-elect Kay Hagan and Jeanne Shaheen in the United States Senate to fight back against a federal 20-week abortion ban.

And we need your help electing Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, Michelle Nunn in Georgia, and Natalie Tennant in West Virginia to protect the Democratic majority in the Senate and keep our firewall against the House Republicans.

EMILY’s List has an incredible slate of women candidates across the nation that is ready to fight back against the GOP. Join EMILY’s List now and help make 2014 the Year of the Woman.

We look forward to having you on the list in 2014!

Thanks so much,

Jess McIntosh,
Director of Communications, EMILY’s List

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