#AceBreakingNews says latest from `Kiev’ 13:39 GMT Around…

#AceBreakingNews says latest from `Kiev’ 13:39 GMT:
Around 10 people have been arrested on suspicion of “using weapons, baseball bats, curbstones and Molotov cocktails, thus putting the lives of many people in danger,” the local prosecutor’s office spokeswoman said. An arrest application for another 16 activists has been submitted.

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13:37 GMT:

Info from several sources that final police assault will commence at 16-00 local time (in half-hour). Special dispersal means to be used

— Alexey Yaroshevsky (@Yaro_RT) January 22, 2014

13:21 GMT:

Local law-enforcement bodies have received permission to restrict the movement of vehicles as well as temporarily prevent citizens’ access to particular areas in the city.

12:38 GMT:

Women and children were being discouraged from visiting the rally by its organizers. Aleksandr Turchninov, the coordinator of the opposition cabinet, has made a statement, RIA Novosti.

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