#AceBreakingNews says latest `Kiev’ 17:48 GMT Local traffic…

#AceBreakingNews says latest `Kiev’ 17:48 GMT:
Local traffic police are blocking major streets in downtown Kiev, saying this is to clear them of snow. However, protesters believe police are preparing to storm the rioters.

17:47 GMT: Opposition leaders have called on President Yanukovich to hold an emergency meeting of the Ukrainian parliament – the Verkhovna Rada – to cancel the laws imposed on January 16, the opposition Fatherland party leader said. Yanukovich offered to “continue talks regarding the laws tomorrow,” stated Arseny Yatsenuk, a deputy in Ukraine’s parliament.

Klitschko: “no agreement on early ballot, no agreement on government stepping down, no agreement on abolishing the anti-riot laws”

— Alexey Yaroshevsky (@Yaro_RT) January 22, 2014

17:36 GMT:

Police are withholding information about five alleged deaths in the rioting in central Kiev.“There are two cases we confirm,” the press-office confirmed to RIA Novosti. The investigation of those deaths is now ongoing, police stressed.

17:12 GMT:

Police are using water cannons to extinguish burning tires as protesters continue to throw debris and inflammable projectiles.

17:01 GMT:

A medical services coordinator in the protests, Oleg Musiy, has told local media the number of killed in the riots has reached five people. He has blamed the deaths on Berkut special police forces, who, Musiy claims, did not allow emergency medical services to reach the wounded. He says the number of injured is 300 people.

16:18 GMT:

President Yanukovych and opposition leaders have held the “first stage” of negotiations amid violent clashes between protesters and riot police. The meeting lasted for more than three hours. Yanukovych’s office declined to provide additional details.

16:18 GMT:

Activists also remain encamped at Independence Square, Maidan, where protests seem to be peaceful for now. According to journalists’ estimate there are between 8,000 or 10, 000 people there.

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