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​4 Egyptian diplomats kidnapped in Libya

Four Egyptian Embassy staff have been kidnapped in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, the Libyan Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. Among the kidnapped was a cultural attaché from the embassy. It comes after an Egyptian administrative attaché was abducted on Friday by unknown gunmen, following the arrest of Shaban Hadia, the leader of a large militia group, the Operations Room of Libya’s Revolutionaries. The group has denied responsibility for the incident.

Identité visuelle de la Ville de Genève

Identité visuelle de la Ville de Genève (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


​Syria ‘face-to-face’ peace talks begin in Geneva – UN

The Syrian government and opposition delegations started a face-to-face meeting within the framework of the Geneva 2 peace conference on Saturday, a UN spokeswoman said. UN-Arab League peace envoy, Lakhdar Brahimi, is mediating the talks. The conference, which is aimed at putting an end to the Syrian crisis that has gone on for nearly three years, suffered a delay on Friday as the delegations refused to talk directly.

Al-Fayhaa Stadium in Damascus, Syria as seen f...

Al-Fayhaa Stadium in Damascus, Syria as seen from Mount Qasioun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Damascus has ‘real reservations’ against transitional govt

The Syrian government says it opposes creating a transnational ruling body, a proposed solution to the domestic conflict that has plagued the country for nearly three years. “We have real reservations regarding it,”said Information Minister Omran Zoabi, as peace talks with an opposition delegation have reportedly started in Geneva. Zoabi said that the reasoning behind this decision lay in the fact that Syria has its own institutions, and the need to create a transitional governing body arises only when a state is in disintegration, or has no institutions.

Palace Square in Saint Petersburg.

Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


10 Russian border guards die in marine incident

A border patrol squad was in icy waters near the island of Kunashir (South Kurils) attempting to inspect a ship just 500 meters from the shore. The rubber boat with 10 border guards onboard was overturned by a high wave and nobody was able to get to the shore. Patrol ships and a helicopter are engaged in search operation and four bodies have already been found. The area is known for strong underwater currents and other bodies could have been dragged far from the scene of the incident. According to one version of events, the incident happened because the guards didn’t observe the rules and wore no life vests.

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​Cyberattack takes down US federal court system websites

US federal court system websites were hacked Friday, blocking public access and preventing the filing of legal documents online. The intrusion impacted uscourts.gov, the main federal court website, as well as the government’s electronic filing system and its access page, PACER, a spokesman for the Administrative Office of the US Courts said Friday. The federal court system, which manages its own cybersecurity, is investigating what occurred, the spokesman said, adding that the incident was a denial-of-service attack. It is not yet known who was responsible.


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