Iain Duncan Smith questioned by work and pensions committee

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The lovely wibbly wobbly old lady

Here’s a little taster from Iain dungcan (no…not a spelling mistake) Smiths appearance at todays Work and Pension Committee. It started at 4.30pm ish so is still ongoing. Apparantly, IDS said “with respect” to the committee 5 times so far…. which as we all know, means he’s got NO RESPECT at all.

I can’t get my head round some of these stats …. Nick from iLegal, if you’re reading this can you take a look? I couldn’t find anything to support this comment by IDS;

“Since the coalition came to power, the level of in-work poverty has been relatively stable. But there was a 500,000 increase while Labour was in power”.

I think he’s starting to show himself in his true colours judging by some of these responses to questioning:-

  • Duncan Smith says he does not understand the difference between a pilot, which is what the DWP has been doing…

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