Is Your Boss Watching You? Hitachi’s Business Microscope Will Help Them Do It

#ANS2014 says `Big Brother is Watching you Work’


 Surveillance Device Tracks Employees’ Movements In The Office, Sends Details Of Conversations And Even Times Their Toilet Breaks




” The days of skiving behind your boss’s back may be numbered, following the announcement of a new product that can track your every movement in the workplace.

  Electronics manufacturer Hitachi has unveiled a high-tech ID badge that not only tracks an employee’s exact location within the office, it also keeps a record of all the other staff members they have spoken to, for how long and how energetically.

  Dubbed the Business Microscope, the device will also send an employer information on how much time each member of staff spends out of their seat – and even how long they have spent in the toilet.

  As well as being used to find out which employees spend their days aimlessly wandering around the office gossiping to friends…

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