#Ukraine : ” Crimea States Civil Position over EU and US in Internal Affairs of their Country”

#AceNewsServices says in their document, residents of Ukraine’s Crimea stated their civil position, based on “the inadmissibility of interference of EU countries and the United States in internal affairs” of the country.

World News Banner“In this note of protest, we demand from the US diplomatic mission in Ukraine, from diplomatic missions of the EU countries, from all their state and political activists to be maximally regard during their frequent and often importunate visits to our house, and not to bring along ultimatums, threats, blackmail or engage in empty rhetoric,” the statement said.

“The absolute majority of Crimean citizens are in sympathy with Russia in their foreign policy views, and want Ukraine’s entry into the Customs Union [of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan],” it said. “We see everything and know that the Russian Federation and its allies have assumed a diplomatically reasonable and restrained stance in their statements on the domestic political situation in Ukraine, and don’t add fuel to the fire,” it added.

“We expect the same from the US and the European Union, as well as from some other foreign states,” the note said. The Crimean residents said they did not support “either enslaving European integration processes or neo-Nazis shedding blood for that very integration.”


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