#Kabul : Child Member of `Kuchi Nomadic Tribe’ Diagnosed with Polio”

#AceWorldNews says `First case of polio Diagnosed in Afghan Capital Since 2001′

A three-year-old girl has been diagnosed with the first case of polio since 2001 in the Afghan capital, Kabul, the Health Ministry said Tuesday.

English: The nomadic Kuchi people migrate thro...

English: The nomadic Kuchi people migrate through the Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan, on Wednesday, May 17, 2006. Part of a Medical Civic Action Program, Provincial Reconstruction Team members provide treatment for Kuchi families as they move their sheep, goats, donkeys, camels and cattle to the high country for the summer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The child was a member of the Kuchi nomadic tribe that moves freely across most provinces in Afghanistan, and her family was living in the Kasaba district in eastern Kabul, Reuters said.

The ministry has launched a three-day campaign to vaccinate all children under five in the area.


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