New project – The Real Asian style

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My Hong Kong Husband

Some of you might noticed on my facebook that I prepared a new project called ‘The Real Asian style‘. I love so called image_8Asian/Korean/Japanese style clothes and their price is usually so ridiculously cheap that my PC screams ‘buy it’. But with great price can come great disappointment.

How many of you got fooled, cloth you got was totally different from what you’ve expected, zipper didn’t want to move or threads were coming out of your new shirt? I’ve been there, we all have been there. And to help you and other buyers (but also satisfy my need of new, cute clothes) I finally started The Real Asian style.

I’m at the very beginning of my ‘fashion-reviewer career’ but I can already tell you what you can expect:

  • both women’s and men’s fashion reviews
  • price, cost of shipping, time it took for a package to be…

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