China to build South China Sea military base in waters claimed by Philippines and Vietnam

China News

Planned artificial island in South China Sea Planned artificial island in South China Sea

The following article was translated from Chinese media.

Sources say due to changes in the international situation and the need to resolve South China Sea issues, Chinese military have recently drawn up a plan to conduct reclamation at Mischief and Fiery Cross Reefs. The construction of the two artificial islands will serve the same purpose as a stationary aircraft carrier, but the strategic gains will be very big.

Mischief reef will be a fishery centre at the South China Sea to provide fishing and fish farming income enough to recover the construction costs so that the construction of the artificial islands will not be a financial burden on the state.

The artificial island at Fiery Cross Reef will be an unreplaceable military base with great strategic significance due to its location and size. Such a base will realise the value of the…

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