Tory MP Kris Hopkins says disabled people hit by bedroom tax need to change their ways

#ANS2014 says if he was disabled himself he might change his ways!

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To be honest, I have read so many appalling things about what the Tories have said and done, I always think that they can’t sink any lower; but they can and here is the proof…

Astonishing claim: Kris Hopkins MP

A Tory MP sparked outrage today after accusing disabled victims of the bedroom tax of being “set in their ways”.

Housing Minister Kris Hopkins said some disabled people were having difficulty adjusting to the “cultural change” of how they spend their money.

His comments to the Work and Pensions Select Committee were branded “shocking” by Labour MPs.

In the Commons, MPs voted by 226 to 1 to back a ten minute rule Bill by Labour MP Ian Lavery calling for the bedroom tax to be abolished.

Tory MP David Nuttall was the sole person to vote against the legislation with the rest of the Coalition abstaining.

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