The Truth Will Set You Free

#AWS2014 says a really good post and you are right finding the #truth is harder than finding a needle in a haystack #mustread


Every time we open our mouths, we have two choices. We can tell the truth or we can lie. It seems like an easy choice, an obvious answer. Tell the truth. But the truth is getting harder and harder to find.

A story is posted on facebook. Your friend reads it, is outraged, and shares it. You read it, are equally outraged and share it. Soon the story is everywhere. People everywhere are outraged about this horrible thing that happened and the horrible person who did it. How could this happen? People united together against this horrible thing. Everyone is talking about it. Sounds great, right?

The only problem is the whole thing was a lie. The horrible thing didn’t happen (or if it did happen the “victim” was actually the perpetrator). The truth comes out a week or two later, but no one shares that story.

And this happens…

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