Ukraine, Putin and the West – What you need to know

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Stephen Liddell

It’s not often I write political pieces, but the scenes on the television news coming out of Kiev are terrible.  Not so long ago, Kiev hosted international football tournaments and was fast becoming a city-break destination for western Europeans rather like Prague or Krakow.

Ukraine was moving along the path towards European Union membership which everyone hoped would lead to prosperity and safeguard individual freedoms.  Sadly Ukraine has been plagued by corruption and political problems all of which are quietly encouraged by Russia who have a tendency to use their gas and oil supplies to buy influence.  Last year, Ukraine was about to sign up to a process that would formally result in membership of the European Union when at the last moment and totally inexplicably President Viktor Yanukovich decided to shun Europe and sign up with Russia due to massive cash inducements and against the wishes of the Ukrainian…

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