` China’s Politburo vows the severe punishment of the law for terrorist attack at `Kunming Railway Station’

#AceWorldNews says that China’s domestic security chief has vowed that authorities will spare no effort to bring to justice the “Xinjiang separatist forces” responsible for the terrorist attack at Kunming Railway Station in south-west China on Saturday evening that killed at least 29 people and left more than 130 wounded.

Meng Jianzhu, a member of China’s Politburo, said the “inhuman” attackers would face the “severe punishment of the law.”

Authorities said a group of knife-wielding terrorists went on the rampage in a “premeditated” attack at the railway station. Police shot four attackers dead and captured one,

Xinhua reported, adding that about five others were still at large. Beijing has faced simmering unrest from separatists in Xinjiang, a predominantly Muslim region in China’s far west, for several years.


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