` North Eastern Nigeria witnesses more violence with more explosions and authorities suspect `Islamic Group Boko Haram ‘

#AceWorldNews says that at least 51 people have been killed in twin terrorist explosions in North Eastern Nigeria, AP reported.

The first car bomb blast that took place on Saturday night at a marketplace in Maiduguri reportedly caused few casualties, but the follow-up bomb targeting people who were helping the injured killed dozens, according to witnesses.

The victims also included children who were dancing at a wedding celebration and people watching a soccer match on an outdoor TV screen, AP said.

A man who was seen jumping out of the first car before the explosion and trying to get away was captured and badly beaten by survivors, but it was not immediately clear if he himself survived.

While no one has claimed responsibility for the blasts, the authorities suspect local Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram of being behind the attacks.


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