` William Hague says ` Russia ‘ entitled to have troops and naval forces at bases in Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews says that British Foreign Secretary William Hague said that Russia is entitled to have troops and naval forces at its bases in the Crimea during his visit to Ukraine.

He also said that the crisis in Ukraine is “the biggest crisis in Europe in the 21 century.”

Hague said that Russia now had operational control of Ukraine’s Crimea region and that while Russia had the legal right to base troops in the region, the Kremlin should order them to return to their barracks.

He also urged Ukraine and Russia to hold talks.

“Clearly we are very concerned about any possibly of a further move by Russia in other parts of Ukraine but that does not mean the position in the Crimea is stable,” Hague told the BBC in an interview.

Voice of Russia, BBC


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