` Vietnamese Army Officer overseeing ` Search and Rescue Operation said `South China Sea’ most likely crash site’

#AceWorldNews says latest March 08 that the oil slick detected by rescuers in the South China Sea is most likely the place where the Boeing-777-200 crashed on Saturday, March 8, a Vietnamese Army senior officer who is overseeing the search and rescue operation said ITAR-TASS

RF embassy in Malaysia confirms one Russian was on board of missing Boeing

Earlier in the day, a Vietnamese rescue plane detected what looked like an oil slick, purportedly caused by a fuel leak from the plane. In the meantime, the search operation has been suspended until morning, Malaysian Airlines, which owns the plane, told ITAR-TASS.

The plane disappeared from radars about two hours after the take off from the Malaysian capital at 02:40 local time, when the plane was over the South China Sea some 120 nautical miles from the city of Kota Bharu.

According to the airline, there were 227 passengers and 12 crew-members aboard the plane. The passengers were citizens of 14 countries. One was from Russia.

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