` Polling Stations have opened in `Crimea ‘ and Tens of People started Voting ‘

#AceWorldNews – SIMFEROPOL, – All 1,205 polling stations in Crimea started working in routine mode, chairman of the committee for referendum in the Crimean Supreme Council Mikhail Malyshev told reporters on Sunday.

“Today our morning is good,” he said. “According to coming reports, all 1,205 polling stations opened and started working, all of them in routine mode,” he noted.

Meanwhile, he admitted that there were some difficulties related with weather.

“Telephone communications do not operate in Chernomorsky district, 54 from 55 polling stations are cut from electric power supplies in Belogorsk district, but all polling stations started working and possibly all technical difficulties have already been overcome,” Malyshev added.

“I note that the voting will last 12 hours without a break and will end at 8pm (10pm Moscow time),”the committee chairman said.

For his part, Crimean Minister of Information Dmitry Polonsky noted that “now no incidents were reported at polling stations.”

Meanwhile, little rain in the Crimean city of Simferopol did not hamper active voting among Crimean residents.

At polling stations number 08068 and 08069 agitation has been observed from the very first minutes of voting and even earlier, when people started lining up at the entrance to polling stations before eight hours in the morning, Itar-Tass reported.

From the start of voting tens of people have lined up for voting and people keep coming at polling stations.

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