` Crimea has declared an ` Independent Sovereign State ‘ the `Republic of Crimea ‘

#AceWorldNews Crimea has been declared an independent sovereign state, the Republic of Crimea, the autonomous Ukrainian regional parliament’s website stated. The Crimea Supreme Council unanimously voted to integrate of the region into Russia.

It’s after the announcement of the official results of the referendum: 96.77 percent of the Crimean population has voted ‘for’ integration of the region into the Russian Federation. The turnout was 83.1 per cent.

The referendum saw a massive turnout, with 81.3 percent of the eligible voting population participating, the head of the Crimean parliament’s commission on the referendum, Mikhail Malyshev, said.

There were 1,233,002 votes ‘for’ integration, with the total number of those who voted standing at 1,274,096 people.

Final figures of #Crimea vote: 1,2 million (97%) for joining Russia, 32 thousand (2,5%) for staying with Ukraine pic.twitter.com/pLyp3vQ0IM
— Alexey Yaroshevsky (@Yaro_RT) March 17, 2014
The referendum commission has not received any complaints, Malyshev stressed.


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