` Mentally ill Veteran was `Baked to Death' in Rikers Island Jail ' as `Temperatures reached over 100 Degrees '

#AceWorldNews A mentally ill veteran was “basically baked to death” in his Rikers Island jail cell last month as temperatures reached more than 100 degrees, a New York City official told the Associated Press.

According to four unnamed city officials, 56-year-old James Murdough reportedly did not open a vent in his cell that would have allowed for cool air to flow in and lower the temperature, something most inmates did.

The officials also stated that no one checked on Murdough’s condition for hours, which constitutes a violation of standard procedure.

Originally placed on Rikers Island for observation purposes, Murdough reportedly took anti-psychotic and anti-seizure medicine. He was previously charged with trespassing, and was located in the prison unit responsible for handling those with mental illnesses.

Latest News: March 20 – 20.14 GMT – Investigation into Death under-way http://wp.me/p165ui-4pZ

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