Venezuela; ` Intelligence Services `Sebin ‘ Arrest ` Daniel Ceballos ‘ in ` San Cristobel ‘ attending Opposition Summit ‘

#AceWorldNews – Daniel Ceballos, mayor of the western city of San Cristóbal, and one of the leading opposition figures throughout the protests against incumbent President Nicolas Maduro, has been arrested by the country’s intelligence service, Sebin.

“This is an act of justice for a mayor who not only failed to meet his obligations under the law, but also facilitated and supported all the irrational violence in this city,” said Sebin chief, Miguel Rodríguez Torres.

San Cristóbal has been one of the hotspots for clashes between pro and anti-government forces that have resulted in more than 30 deaths throughout the country.

Ceballos had been attending a summit for opposition-minded mayors in Caracas when he was detained.


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