` Iraq’s Al-Qaida Militants now want to control `Fallujah ‘ by trying to Implement `Shariah ‘ to win support of Sunni’s’

#AceWorldNews – BAGHDAD – 23 March – Iraq’s Al-Qaeda-inspired militants who took over the city of Fallujah are now trying to show they can run it, providing social services, policing the streets and implementing Sharia rulings in a bid to win the support of its Sunni Muslim population.

Gunmen in ski masks and Afghan-style tunics patrol the streets, but also perform a sort of community outreach.

On a recent day, they were seen repairing damaged electricity poles and operating bulldozers to remove concrete blast walls and clear garbage.

Others planted flowers in a highway median, and some fighters approached residents in the street and apologized for gaps in services, promising to address them. AP


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