` Suicide Bomber Killed 12 Soldiers in ` South Yemeni ‘ Army’s Headquarters ‘

#AceWorldNews – ADEN – April 02 – A suicide bomber tried to storm the main gate of the Yemeni army’s southern command headquarters in the port city of Aden on Wednesday, Reuters reported.

Militants in a separate vehicle also attacked the compound from another side in the al-Tawahi area of Aden, using rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons, according to witnesses.

At least three soldiers and one of the attackers were killed in the incident, local media reports said.

ABYAN – February 2014 – (DWN) Last month a gun battle in Abyan province left two suspected Al Qaeda militants and a pro-government militiaman dead, after a failed attack on the head of a militia that backs the government.

The militias, who recruit from the area’s heavily armed tribes, fought a fierce war alongside the army in mid-2012. They helped to drive Al Qaeda militants out of the main cities of Abyan, after the extremist network had held them for a year.


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