` National Democratic Opposition Parties March in Bahrain under the Banner `Stop the Enslavement ‘ in Bahrain ‘

#AceWorldNews – BAHRAIN – April 04 – According to the National Islamic Society the Bahraini opposition parties announced a massive pro-democracy march to take place on day of the race.

“The campaign is mainly organised by human rights activists who are calling for not just a boycott but a cancellation of the event as there are links between the race and the escalation of human rights violations,” Maryam al-Khawaja, the centre’s exiled acting president, told Al Jazeera on Friday.

The march is entitled ”Stop the Enslavement”. The opposition called on all fragments of the Bahraini society to participate and peacefully express the non-stop popular rightful struggle.

The National Democratic Opposition Parties invited journalists to cover the protest that will start from Shakhura heading to Sar roundabout.

Al Wefaq Secretary General Shaikh Ali Salman called on the citizens to actively take part in the April 4 march.

“The presence of journalists to cover the F1 race will be a chance for the people of Bahrain to highlight their grievances and legitimate demands to the international media”, he said.

The march is planned to start at 16:00 (Bahrain Time) at the west of the capital, Manama. It demands the establishment of a democratic state of justice and equality.

Despite the forcibly imposed media cordon, many peaceful marches were organised by the opposition since February 14 2011.

The pro-democracy people broke the historical records in Bahrain in term of numbers and non-violence.

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