` Jordanian Police were Injured in Clashes with ` Syrian Refugees ‘ Burning Six Tents and Attacking a Police Station ‘

#AceWorldNews – SYRIA – ZAATARI CAMP – (RT) – April 06 – At least 22 Jordanian police were injured in clashes with Syrian refugees at the Zaatari camp, authorities reported.

No verified report on the number of injured among the protesters was immediately available.

The camp is the second-largest in the world and houses some 106,000 refugees, who fled the violence in Syria across the border.

The rioting crowd burned down six tents and two caravans before trying to attack police stations, Jordanian police said.

There are conflicting reports on what triggered the unrest. Jordan said it was caused by the detention of three people trying to leave the camp illegally, while the refugees said the riot started after police ran over a Syrian child.


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