` Police in Denver Arrest Six Protesters believed from the ` Occupy Movement Protests ‘ in New Mexico ‘

#AceWorldNews – DENVER – April 06 – (CBS4) – Police in Denver arrested six protesters on Saturday night. Just before 20.00 GMT officers and police speciality units rushed to down-town Denver near the 16th Street Mall where the protesters had gathered.

It is unknown exactly why the group was protesting, however the demonstrators seemed to express solidarity with recent Occupy movement protests in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Last Sunday, what started as seemingly peaceful protests over 37 police shootings- 23 of them fatal- since 2010, ended up with police firing tear gas into the crowds and a handful of arrests. One Albuquerque police officer was injured.

Police in Denver did use pepper spray on the protesters to stop those who were attempting to interfere with police activity and on-going arrests. Police have not said what behaviour led to the arrests.

The protesters were originally thought to be with the Occupy movement however Occupy Denver tweeted that it was not an Occupy event, instead that it was an Anonymous Every 5th event.

No property damage has been reported. No officers were injured.


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