#AceNewsServices PRAGUE April 10 Reuters Rasmussen said some…

#AceNewsServices – PRAGUE – April 10 – (Reuters) – Rasmussen said some 40,000 Russian troops were massed along Ukraine’s borders “not training but ready for combat.”

He told a news conference during a visit to the Czech Republic,to a NATO member, that any further military action by Russia would lead to grave consequences and severe economic sanctions.

Russia and the West are locked in a Cold War-style stand-off over Ukraine after Russia’s annexation of Crimea and a build-up of unrest in mostly Russian-speaking eastern Ukraine.


“From Prague, I have this message to Russia: You have a choice to stop blaming others for your own actions, to stop massing your troops, to stop escalating this crisis and start engaging in a genuine dialogue,” Rasmussen said.

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