` Oscar Pistorius has Told the Jury that his Girlfriend did not Scream or Shout as he was Grabbing the Gun and Fired Shots that Killed Her '

#AceWorldNews – PRETORIA – SOUTH AFRICA – April 11 – (BBC) – Oscar Pistorius has told his murder trial that girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp did not scream or shout as he grabbed a gun and fired shots that killed her.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel said it was “improbable” that she would stand in the bathroom saying nothing while Mr Pistorius was just 3m (10ft) away shouting at her to call the police.

Mr Pistorius said he could not explain why she had not shouted out.

The athlete, 27, denies murder saying the killing was a terrible accident.

He admits killing Ms Steenkamp but says he fired his gun after mistaking her for an intruder.

He believed she had been in bed when he grabbed his gun, made his way to the bathroom and fired shots through the door.

The prosecution says he deliberately killed her after an argument.

On the third day of his cross-examination, Mr Nel pressed the South African Olympic sprinter to explain the final moments leading up to the shooting.

He asked why he had not checked whether Ms Steenkamp had heard his calls for her to phone the police, or why he had not taken her to safety instead of going to confront the supposed intruder.

Mr Pistorius said it was his personality to confront what he believed was an intruder.

The trial has been adjourned until Monday morning.

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