Thousands March in ` Rome ‘ Against ` Austerity ‘ as ` Police and Protesters Clash ‘ in Pitched Battles ‘

#AceWorldNews – ROME – April 13 – At least 80 people – both police and protesters – have been injured as street battles broke out in Rome, with rocks being flung and police deploying pepper spray.

Thousands took to the street to march against austerity measures.

Blasts and sirens could be heard as a splinter group of masked protesters launched firecrackers, eggs and rocks at police, who defended themselves with shields.

One protester had his hand blown off by a firecracker he was yet to throw.

At least six people were arrested, police said.

RT reported – The march started at roughly 14:00 from Porta Pia, with the crowd stating they were protesting in favor of affordable housing and plans for new labour regulations which would make firing and hiring easier.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is in the process of making mass economic reforms.

Youth unemployment has risen to well over 40 percent.


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