Oscar Pistorius Trial : ` Prosecutor `Suggested South African Athlete is Using his Emotions ' as an Escape '

#AceWorldNews – PRETORIA – SOUTH AFRICA – April 14 – (BBC) – The prosecutor at the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has suggested the South African athlete is using his emotions “as an escape”.

He broke down in tears four times on Monday and has also vomited in court.

“Now you trying to be emotional and it’s not working,” said prosecutor Gerrie Nel.

Mr Pistorius admits killing girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in February last year, but says he fired his gun after mistaking her for an intruder.

Mr Nel said the Olympic sprinter, 27, had deliberately shot Ms Steenkamp, a model, after the couple had had an argument.

As the prosecutor resumed his cross-examination on Monday, he accused Mr Pistorius of “tailoring his evidence” as he went along to suit the defence case, which had been “concocted”.

“Your version of events is untrue,” Mr Nel said.

The prosecutor said the fact that a pair of Ms Steenkamp’s jeans was lying on the floor showed that she was in the middle of getting dressed in order to leave Mr Pistorius’ house when she was shot after the couple had argued in the early hours of Valentine’s Day 2013.

This, too, was denied.

The sprinter also started sobbing as he recalled shouting at the burglars he thought were in his house.

When asked why he broke down, Mr Pistorius said: “I am traumatised” by the events of that night.

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