` Libya Commences Drafting New Constitution to State Libya is a Muslim Country and Sharia is Primary Legislator '

#AceNewsServices – TRIPOLI – April 22 – The 47 elected committee members tasked with drafting Libya’s new constitution have convened in Bayda, east of Benghazi.

The multi-regional body now has 120 days to draft a constitution.

Last year Libya’s parliament passed a resolution declaring that Libya is a Muslim country and that Islamic Sharia is the primary source of its legislation.

The new constitution aims to secure order following the international military invasion and assassination of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

December 04 – TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libya’s national assembly voted on Wednesday to make Islamic law, or sharia, the source of all legislation, in an apparent bid by moderate Islamists to outflank ultra-conservative militants who have been gaining influence.

Two years after the NATO-backed uprising that ousted Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is still in messy transition, with no new constitution, a temporary government and nascent security forces struggling to contain militias and former rebels.

The immediate impact of the statement was not clear in the already overwhelmingly Muslim country, though it could affect criminal and financial legislation.

“The legislative system does not contain many laws that contradict Islamic law so it is easy to say sharia would be the sole source of legislation,” said Ibrahim al-Gharyani of the National Forces Alliance party.

But lawmakers suggested at least part of the reason for the statement from the General National Congress (GNC) was political.

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