#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Timeline…

#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 23 – Timeline of Events and Latest from News Sources.

Wednesday 23

18.35 GMT:
DONBASS – April 23 – (Interfax) – Ukrainian presidential candidate, leader of the “right sector” Dmitry Jaros announced the beginning of the formation of the representatives of the Donetsk region spetsbatalona “Donbass”. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Wa

15.08 GMT:
KIEV – Sergei Taruta, Chief of the Donetsk regional administration appointed by the Kiev authorities, has called to conduct a referendum on the status of the Russian language and decentralization of bodies of power in Ukraine, the press service of the Donetsk regional administration said on Wednesday.
“Once people want a referendum they should have an opportunity to hold the referendum,” Taruta said. He said that May 25 — the date of presidential election scheduled in Ukraine, is the right time for the referendum.
Questions for the referendum should be formulated as soon as possible to ensure that all the interested parties reach accord, Taruta said.
The heads of town administrations, regional councils and state administrations of the Donetsk region have backed Taruta’s initiative.http://wp.me/p165ui-4W0

14.10 GMT:
DONETSK, Ukraine (AP) — Pro-Russian gunmen in eastern Ukraine admitted on Wednesday that they are holding an American journalist, saying he was suspected of unspecified “bad activities.”Simon Ostrovsky, a journalist for Vice News, has not been seen since early Tuesday. He has been covering the crisis in Ukraine for weeks and was reporting about groups of masked gunmen seizing government buildings in one eastern Ukrainian city after another. http://wp.me/p165ui-4VX

12.35 GMT:
Anti- and pro-government demonstrations have been held next to the City Council in the eastern Ukrainian city of Kharkov.
Those who protest against the Kiev coup-appointed government were holding a large banner saying “No elections without a referendum.” The activists also demand the official status of the Russian language in the region.
Meanwhile, the pro-government supporters have gathered next to the WWII Eternal Flame memorial in the city, shouting slogans in favour of “united Ukraine.”
Kharkov City Council MPs have addressed the Ukrainian Parliament on Wednesday with a demand to pass a law on regional referendums in the country. http://wp.me/p165ui-4VN

12:35 GMT:
Several hundred anti-government activists continue to protest in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk next to the regional government building, which is still controlled by anti-Kiev protesters, RIA Novosti reports. Protesters say they rally in support of the federalization of the country.
The demonstration is being held peacefully, with the protesters playing football and handing out leaflets.

12.30 GMT:
Protesters demanded that the Ukrainian authorities grant Russian the status of an official language. Meanwhile, supporters of Kiev authorities gathered near the Eternal Flame, they chanted slogans in support of the “united and indivisible Ukraine”. http://wp.me/p165ui-4VN

Protesters carried a large banner “No elections without a referendum”

11.43 GMT:
Chiefs of UK’s intelligence agencies have warned British Prime Minister David Cameron against providing military assistance to Kiev by western states, Daily Mail on-line version reported on Tuesday. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Vt

11.08 GMT:

NATO’s navy presence in the Black Sea has increased to three units as the US has sent warship USS Taylor to the Black Sea, a source from the Russian Navy told ITAR-TASS. “The frigate USS Taylor has passed through the straits and entered the Black Sea yesterday evening,” the source said. http://wp.me/p165ui-4Vq

10.26 GMT:
Aleksandr Sapunov, who was proclaimed ‘People’s mayor’ of the eastern Ukrainian city of Gorlovka by anti-government protesters there, has announced his resignation.
“Following an attack, of which my close circle and I became targets, taking into account a threat to my life, I am no longer going to fulfil duties of the ‘People’s mayor’ and also of the MP of the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’,” he told RIA Novosti.
He said he will still be the leader of the local ‘City order’ movement and an active participant of the city’s self-defence.
Sapunov said unknown people blocked a car driven by his friend on April 16. When the assailants found out there was no ‘People’s mayor’ in the car, they drove away. http://wp.me/p165ui-4W5

10.10 GMT:
Security Service of Ukraine ( SBU) has put the former Chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs in Kiev Valeriy Koryak and Deputy of Public Safety Petro Fedchuk on wanted list, Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports.
It is alleged that the former policemen charged with unlawful resistance of the organization or holding meetings, rallies, marches and demonstrations.http://wp.me/p165ui-4Vy

08.58 GMT:
Resumption of the military operation in eastern Ukraine is contrary to the Geneva agreement, a representative of the self-defence forces of the Donetsk Region, Sergey Tsyplakov, told RIA Novosti.
“The Kiev junta gets it the way they want. When it comes to vacating [government] buildings, only the east should do this… This is all cynicism and double standards,” Tsyplakov said.

08:46 GMT:
The military operation against protesters in eastern Ukraine, which the authorities in Kiev describe as an “anti-terrorist” one, has been resumed following its suspension during the Easter holidays , first vice-president Vitaly Yarema told journalists.
“Law enforcement agencies are working on the eradication of all groups currently active in Kramatorsk, Slavyansk and other cities of the Donetsk and the Lugansk regions,” Interfax reported him as saying.

Yarema said no military operations were carried out overnight.

08.39 GMT:

Turchynov demands to resume special raid in eastern Ukraine
Active phase of military operation has been resumed in the eastern regions of Ukraine, parliament-appointed First Deputy Prime Minister Vitaliy Yarema told reporters. According to him, it was done “in accordance with the order” by the Verkhovna Rada appointed Acting President and Speaker of Parliament Oleksandr Turchynov. Yarema added that law enforcement bodies are “working towards the elimination of all armed groups” in Kramatorsk, Sloviansk and other cities in Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

06.30 GMT:
(Reuters) – Ukraine’s government said on Wednesday the United States had promised to stand by it in the face of aggression, and announced that it would press ahead with a security operation to crack down on pro-Russian armed groups.
After a lull for the Easter religious holiday, officials in Kiev decided to renew what they call an “anti-terrorist operation” against separatist militias who have seized control of about a dozen public buildings in eastern Ukraine. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/23/us-ukraine-crisis-idUSBREA3L11A20140423

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