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#AceWorldNews – UKRAINE – April 24 (INTERFAX.RU) – Ukrainian military carried out a military operation under the Slavonic in the Donetsk region. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported on the destruction of five fighters self-defence. Authorities called dead “terrorists.”

“In the course of the anti-terrorist operation units and the Defence Ministry of Internal Affairs released and destroyed three checkpoint illegal armed groups in the north-eastern part of Sloviansk. During combat engagement to five terrorists were killed. From the parties to the transaction, one fighter was injured,” – said the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs .

Security Service of Ukraine recognizes that the situation Slovyansk is uncontrolled . Head of the press centre of the SBU Marina Ostapenko, commenting on the event, said that everything that happens in the city – “the conscience of those who are terrorizing the local population.”

“And these shots, and these explosions – it all comes from saboteurs, separatists, people with weapons, and now they have no influence on,” – said Ostapenko.

However, she stressed that the military operation in the south-east of Ukraine continues, and more detailed information concerning the action until security forces can not articulate.

Meanwhile, defence forces Sloviansk stated that Ukrainian troops recaptured one of the checkpoints at the entrance to the city. They claim that they were able to deploy three APCs. According to the channel “Russia-24”, this checkpoint is a key: it can be to head directly to the centre of Slavic. Checkpoint is 3 km from the city.

Earlier in the Self-Defence Forces of Donbass reported that on Thursday afternoon were shot at checkpoints on the outskirts Sloviansk, mobile phones in the city is not working.

“Around 12:00 MSK on the outskirts of the battle began Sloviansk, verified information about one death and one injured. Bombard other checkpoints located at the exits of the city” – “Interfax” one of the leaders of Self-Defence Forces of Donbass Miroslav Rudenko.

As the channel “Russia 24”, Ukrainian troops are slow offensive in Slavic. They use armored vehicles that cover special forces. “Special Forces enter the city, supported by helicopters. Along the roadside mined roads, and special forces snipers cover. They are also here in the territory,” – says the correspondent channel.

Translation from Russian to English may contain error’s (Смотрите оригинал материала на) http://www.interfax.ru/world/373616


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