` Heavily Armed African and French Peacekeepers Escort Remaining Muslims Out of Central African Republic

#AceNewsServices – BANGUI – April 28 – Heavily armed African and French peacekeepers escorted some of the last remaining Muslims out of Central African Republic’s volatile capital on Sunday, trucking more than 1,300 people who for months had been trapped in their neighbourhood by violent Christian militants.

Within minutes of the convoy’s departure, an angry swarm of neighbours descended upon the mosque in a scene of total anarchy. Tools in hand, they swiftly dismantled and stole the loudspeaker once used for the call to prayer and soon stripped the house of worship of even its ceiling fan blades.

One man quickly scrawled “Youth Centre” in black marker across the front of the mosque.

Others mockingly swept the dirt from the ground in front of the building with brooms and shouted “We have cleaned Central African Republic of the Muslims!”

“We did not want the Muslims here and we don’t want their mosque here any-more either,” said Guy Richard, 36, who loads baggage onto trucks for a living, as he and his friends made off with pieces of the mosque.

Within minutes of their departure, Associated Press journalists witnessed a scene of total anarchy in PK12 as bystanders surged toward the mosque and immediately began desecrating it.

Crowds shouted “The Muslims are gone! The Muslims are gone!” as they stripped the mosque of its ceiling fans and the loudspeaker that had been used for the call to prayer.

AP – Fox News

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