Yep, She’s Right. And Turth Shall Set You Free.

Chastisement 2014


Exclusive: Barbara Simpson asks, ‘Have you noticed the change?’
Published: 22 hours ago
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Have you noticed the change?

It’s not only what you say, but what you think – or what people think you think – that determines your worthiness to have a place in our society.

What do Cliven Bundy, Donald Sterling and Brendan Eich have in common?

More than you think, and it’s all about personal thoughts and words.

Say the “N” word, and you’re finished – unless, of course you’re a person of color who claims dibs on the use of that word, anytime, anywhere.

Say something that even smacks of criticism of people of any other color than white, or any other nationality than American, or any status other than legal American citizen – and you’re finished professionally and otherwise.

Say something that…

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